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message 1: by Safa (new)

Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 54 comments Editing is a painful process, especially when you see the red marks. I received my edited draft from the editor and started to check for mistakes or plotholes. I just realized that i had to make major plot corrections and filling alot of plotholes. I felt quiet frustrated and got a bit discouraged, but i kept reminding my self that it was a necessary process and that other writers face the same issue.

Does anyone else have this issue?

message 2: by April (new)

April Wilson (aprilwilson) I love the editing and proofreading process, because that's where the magic happens. Once all those sharp edges are smoothed out, and all the typos and word mistakes are eliminated, and any plot holes are fixed, the text flows like honey. I can't enjoy reading my own work until after that process is completed.

Think of editing and proofreading as putting the icing on the cake. It's those final polishing touches that turn a good story into a great one.

message 3: by Angel (new)

Angel | 216 comments Yes, I'm facing that issue right now. My novel is finally completed and I still have areas that need only subtle changes and some that will need a major overhaul.

I felt frustrated and discouraged like you. I've had twelve beta readers read my manuscript from it's early stages to the finally completed stage and still they find things that need to be fixed. But, the last beta reader I recently used pointed out a lot less changes I needed to make, so the corrections I've made so far have helped. So that's a positive I don't have much more to fix and can probably, finally have the book released ( after the final edit and formatting of course) by this Spring 2016.

Hang in there, it's just part of the grueling process but, it'll be worth it in the end.

message 4: by Charles (last edited Mar 07, 2016 10:21AM) (new)

Charles | 148 comments I am fortunate enough to have a writers group with very sharp teeth. And I find myself going back and doing rewrites for plot holes and other minor or major issues.
If you think seeing an editor's red marks hurts, just try reading a one-or-two-star review of your "finished product" that points out errors you didn't correct in the editing process.
So, my advice is, embrace the editing process, be thankful for the apparent good work your editor did, pour yourself your favorite writing beverage (mine is coffee) , roll up your sleeves and tackle the changes --it's hard work, and it is where you will polish your gem until it shines. IMO, the original writing is the art, and the editing is where the real craft of writing happens.

message 5: by Joe (new)

Joe Jackson (shoelessauthor) My first novel went through almost 6 years of edits and revisions before I thought it was ready to release. A very long, tedious process for sure, but you know what? It made me a "pro." Now, editing my newer books (and even just writing them) comes a lot easier, because as I'm writing, I know what to watch for.

Don't get frustrated, get stoked. You are taking a "graduate level" course in writing now. Your future works will be better for it, and you'll probably find they have a lot fewer red marks when they come back.

Don't get discouraged, you're almost at the finish line. Good luck!

message 6: by Morris (new)

Morris Graham (morris_g) Editing is where you get to see your ugly mistakes and plot holes before the public gets to see them. It can be a magical time where whole new chapters and plots can emerge. Editing truly is where the magic happens.

message 7: by Mimi (new)

Mimi Marten | 54 comments EDITING is a grueling process.

I had no clue, until I went through it the first time. It took me months, almost a year to edit my first book. The final revision of my manuscript was not fun at all, I was so sick of it, it was an agony...:-))

I have to say, it does get better and easier. I guess the writing and the editing. :-)

message 8: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Moved to author help. Please read the pinned posts at the top of each folder before posting.

message 9: by L.W. (new)

L.W. Tichy (lwtichy) | 19 comments I love the process of going through and editing, like April said above it's like putting the icing on the cake, and because there is a lot of changing, adding, removing, fixing, etc. it still feels like it's just an extension of the creative process. For me, the part that I hate is inputting those edits. I work/ think better with pen and paper and I go through a printed copy to make all my notes, so I find it tedious to then have to go through line by line and input all the little and big changes I made note of. It's not as bad when my editor sends her copy back because she does all her notes in the word file.
At the end of the day, editing your book is like decorating your house to make it a home, and frustrations aside it's those details, small or big, that make it complete.

message 10: by Martin (new)

Martin Wilsey | 447 comments For me, writing is the pure pleasure part of being an author.

Editing is work, necessary work.

message 11: by Denae (new)

Denae Christine (denaechristine) | 167 comments April wrote: "I love the editing and proofreading process, because that's where the magic happens. Once all those sharp edges are smoothed out, and all the typos and word mistakes are eliminated, and any plot ho..."

I also love editing! So few authors seem to like this part. I also see it as easier, because you have material to work with, scenes to move and fix, rather than having a blank page to write on.

message 12: by Owen (last edited Mar 07, 2016 04:56PM) (new)

Owen O'Neill (owen_r_oneill) | 1509 comments I personally don't make a much distinction between writing and editing. We don't write and then edit. We write, which involves fussing and fiddling. Things change in consequence. The closest thing to editing we do is considering the feedback from our beta readers.

What I don't much like is proofreading. We fob as much of that off on others as we can.

We did engage an editor once. She quite good and the whole thing was painless. We'd do it again if we could afford it.

message 13: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
If you need to use explosives to edit with a boom...
Then... uh... joke...?

Yeah. I still don't get it.
What is boom editing?

message 14: by K.P. (new)

K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 266 comments seems like auto correct was hating. I think they meant book editing

message 15: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
K.P. wrote: "seems like auto correct was hating. I think they meant book editing"

Well, someone needs to edit that title! :D

message 16: by W. (new)

W. Boutwell | 157 comments first comes denial
then anger

message 17: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 2491 comments The original poster is able to change it if she meant book. If she can't find how to do it, she can ask one of us. :)

message 18: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
Honestly, sometimes I want to boom edit.
Just start over.

message 19: by Marie Silk (new)

Marie Silk | 606 comments I am pretty much losing sleep over the fact that I don't have a professional editor. It's a one-woman show over here.

message 20: by Safa (new)

Safa Shaqsy (safashaqsy) | 54 comments I meant book editing
damn you auto correct :D

message 21: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Safa wrote: "I meant book editing
damn you auto correct :D"

I kind of like boom. And it fits so well, given the topic. ;)

message 22: by Gaines (new)

Gaines Post (gainespost) | 16 comments "Boom" in the title is the whole reason I clicked on this thread, and read it. I'm glad I did. Thanks for the insights, folks :-)

message 23: by Tyler (new)

Tyler Woods Safa wrote: "I meant book editing
damn you auto correct :D"

"BOOM" editing is what drew me to this discussion. I think auto correct did us a favor.

message 24: by Ken (new)

Ken Doggett (kendoggett) Well I read it as broom editing, and was gonna ask if vacuum cleaners qualify.

message 25: by K.P. (new)

K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 266 comments lolz

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