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For those of you who have already read Six of Crows.... (slight spoilers?)

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Sravya In the epilogue of this book, is it Kaz Brekker who visits Alina and Mal at the orphanage or is it one of the Grisha Trilogy characters I just couldn't place?

Belle Where did you get that idea?

Belle OMG could it be???

I just re-read the end of Ruin and Rising and found that it said

"Once a man arrived with a fleet of toy boats that the children launched on the creek in a miniature regatta. The teachers noted that the stranger was young and hansome, with golden hair and hazel eyes, but most definitely odd. He stayed late to dinner and never once removed his gloves.

But I read a description of him and it said he had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.


Sravya Right?? I just couldn't think of who else that could be, but I might have just forgotten about a character so I wanted to double check

Belle The description of him only half adds up
Like him being young, handsome and never takes his gloves off

Sabina I think it was just Nikolai, the description fits him and he doesn't take the gloves off to hide his scars.

Belle Makes sense, but why wouldn't she just say that it was him

Sabina Well, neither Alina's and Mal's names are mentioned in the epilogue. Also they are seen as somewhat odd and mysterious by the teachers in Keramzin. And when Nikolai visits they don't even realize that it's the king himself. So I think it is done to maintain that air of mystery that covers Alina and Mal, their history and the other people related to it.

Sravya Oh that makes sense as well!

Belle I don't think it's Kaz it was Nickoli after all.
Would be cool if it was Kaz

Katherine I also just reread the epilogue, and it is definitely not Kaz, it is Nikolai. In Six of Crows, it is mentioned that the events that happened in Ruin and Rising happened, I think, seven or eight years before the events in Six of Crows. Kaz would then be around ten or eleven in Ruin and Rising. The description of Kaz also describes him to have darker hair, and different looks than Nikolai overall. Nikolai does have golden hair and hazel eyes, as described in Siege and Storm and he wears the gloves to hide the scars.

Goshgirl I thought that it was Nikolai as well, only disguised as Sturmhond for the sake of anonymity. It made sense with the whole "fleet of toy boats", since Sturmhond was a pirate/privateer.

prag ♻ It was definitely Nikolai, though it would have been way cooler if it was Kaz:/

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