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Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
Discuss chapters 22-31.

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Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I know it's all still absurd situations, told satirically to make a point, but my heart still broke for Yossarian when he's having to go back and fly even MORE missions after he's told he's crazy.... I'm pretty sure Hawkeye had something similar going on in M*A*S*H at one point, didn't he? Actually the whole story reminds me so much of M*A*S*H that I'm wondering how much influence one had on the other. The beauty of M*A*S*H was that it dealt with such serious subjects but in a lighthearted way that still cut to the bone of the issues (no pun intended). I feel Catch-22 is doing the same: taking absolute ridiculousness to make a point about complete lack of logic and wars in general.

I have to say, while he's just about completely immoral, I love Milo! You want so badly to believe him that everyone has a share... but his marketing is so wild!

And what about the poor "dead" doctor and his wife? Talk about the absurd!

Pallavi (bookfetisher) Milo is sure a lovable character, but I just hated him in the final chapters. But in chapters 22-31, he runs a business where money is just going from one country to another with a profit and everyone has a share. That logic was just awesome.

Chapter 30 Dunbar which tells us the story of Kid Sampson's death was horrible. A man on a motor bike had died in a similar way by a truck near my home few weeks back and I just cant put that picture from my head. (Even though I never saw it).

Dead doctor and his wife was funny too. Only few in this army had some real sense in them. And Yossarian was the sanest one I guess.

Britany Doc Deneeka being dead was completely ABSURD! I finally let go of any and all logic and just took this one for what it was...

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
Britany wrote: "Doc Deneeka being dead was completely ABSURD! I finally let go of any and all logic and just took this one for what it was..."

I think that's the key to this one. You have to just accept that it's all absurd and isn't supposed to make any sense, then it's entirely enjoyable.

And unfortunately there are literally things in the military that are just that ridiculous.

Britany Completely agree!

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