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Should there be a book after this?
Aleena  A. Aleena Feb 24, 2016 02:55PM
I think so because there was a cliffhanger at the end and I want to know what happens next. What do you think?

there were times when i would have been totally down for another book, but the points that you made Aida were totally valid. in my eyes, there's a completely different ending to the story that i was hoping for - one that gave the love a real chance together, but i think that the epilogue that we got, it really put a sense of reality onto things. it shows us that what you want and what you get aren't necessarily the same thing and you have to make do and still hope

that's not to say that i wouldn't fan girl another book in the series and read it at soon as it came out - but i don't know that it's necessary.

I agree with Giulia! The ending was great, they both get to start anew this time falling for each other on different terms then when they initially met before. I really do not think it needed another ending or another book for that matter. Lu really tied it up nicely in a still open ended yet closed way.

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I do not think that there should be one. I love the cliffhanger. I feel like it was obvious from start to finish that Day and June were meant for one another. The way Lu left us hanging showed us that they had that connection even after Day lost his memory. Plus, I can't imagine reading how they fall in love again,

I don't think it should be a another book. i liked things were they ended it was a cliffhanger but it was also a new beginning. the trilogy was about Day and June's teenage adventures but at the end of the book they've all grown up and changed into new people and Day is not Day anymore...he's Daniel.
plus the war is over and Day and June aren't the most wanted criminals anymore, and Marie Lu can't write a new book just about Day and June's love life, she'll need a whole new story for that. and I think it got the best ending it could without turning to some cliché happily-ever-after story. It ended as real as it could and i really liked that...

I don't think so. I think that the writer wanted her readers to imagine what would happen next. She set up the story for our imaginations to take over, and i think we all know where the story will go. I think another book would be redundant because the story is already set up and predictable because of how she set it up and ended it

True... I am looking forward though to read the little epilogue "life after legend" that Is coming with Warcross... Just to have Day's perspective on that moment! Just wondering when it will available in the UK though...

Delaney I definitely felt like there was more June in Champion than Day so I'm happy this is coming! Although I'm excited about Warcross than Day XD . ...more
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no need. ending is good.

Ending is perfect in my opinion. Whatever she might add would ruin it.
Day and June were just meant to be and it is just up to us to imagine their happily ever after

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