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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hello and thank you for stopping by! I'm really excited you're here!
If you'd like to start with questions, connect with me at
twitter @charlenejones18

Let's get right to it

First please check out and sign on to
a free and fab way to spread word about your books while helping other writers spread word about theirs. Please mention where you came across this great site, here at my booth and may this generous plan work wonders for your books!

Linda Stitt's funny, witty poetry will make you smile. Just read this sample:

Talking to Myself used to be just fine
but now the voices in my head number eight or nine.
To get a word in edgewise I have to stand in line.
And there's nowhere left to sit, and they taken all the wine
but they haven't washed the glasses
and I'd like to kick some
but I can't certain which of them are mine!

For more Linda Stitt check out this video.
I promise you'll smile!

Check out Linda Stitt's witty, warm and wise notions of life and living in her EBook published by my press, Heartongue Press (
Talking to Myself: Linda Stitt Poetry on Life, Love and Laughter Talking to Myself Linda Stitt Poetry on Life, Love and Laughter by Linda Stitt

That's the inimitable Linda Stitt whose poetry and mine appear in Bliss Pig. (
Bliss Pig And Other Poems by Charlene Diane Jones

The Stain, metaphysical/historic story reveals secrets about Karma, Reincarnation and the Release from Suffering:
(Warning: the material in this book may trigger some readers)
The Stain by Charlene Diane Jones

My latest book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind really is easy to read.
Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind by Charlene Diane Jones
Have a look at this excerpt:
"An Elementary Understanding of Neuroscience:
To navigate the exciting, perplexing world of neuroscience, we need a simple understanding of neurons, the cells that comprise our brains. According to Rita Carter, author of Mapping the Mind, neurons are, “The cells that actually create brain activity…cells which are adapted to carry an electrical signal from one to another…Each neuron connects with up to ten thousand neighbours.”1
Comprised of billions of neurons, or brains cells, our brains light up with tiny electrical charges when the neurons connect.

This REVIEW states it best:
"I have been meditating for over 5 years and have always wondered how it really worked. As a "left-brained" Computer professional I am inherently skeptical and look for real scientific explanations. This book was just what I was looking for...
the author does a good job of introducing this subject and providing some great links for more details.
I enjoyed reading this book. It is an easy read and I read the book twice (the second time to dive into all the links as I read). I hope that Ms. Jones publishes a "sequel" to dive into the topics in more detail."

Check in below for games, quizzes and free copies of these books!

twitter #memoir #nonfiction #poetry #women's fiction #Historical

Connect with me



Go to the fabulous map by C.C. Rogers and have a clear sense of direction around the Fairgrounds here

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Quizz: Which of the following historic figures are you reincarnated from?
Catherine d'Medici
Mahatma Ghandi
Dale Evans

Choose one and leave a line or two below in the reply section describing why this figure was you in the past. Please also leave your email so I can contact the winner, after Sunday's close of the Fairgrounds.
The randomly chosen winner receives a free paperback of The Stain.

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Quizz: A Neuron is which of the following?

1./ A European race car

2./ The name of the cells in our brain

3./ An exotic resort with spa

Please enter your anwer in the reply section. Remember to include your email, so I know how to contact you!
The winner will be chosen randomly on Sunday evening and the prize is half an hour meditation session with me to answer their questions and set them on the path to exploring meditation.

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Describe in two sentences who Merle Haggard, or David Bowie, or Robin Williams will be when they reincarnate.

Please put your short answer in the reply box below, and remember to include your email so I can contact the winner.

The winner, to be announced Sunday evening or Monday morning, will have a choice of a half hour interview on my podcast, or a copy of each of my books.

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Listen in here as Heidi Angell, our first interviewee on Soulsciences podcasting for B2BCyberCon describes her writing and her life!
or find her here

Check out Heidi's booth at our CyberCon here:

for great giveaways, great books and great games!

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) All the way from Australia or perhaps it's all the way from Canada! Listen as Tracy Joyce describes her joy in writing, her fans, and more

find the great booth for Tracy Joyce with her books at

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) This is Mary McGuire's lovely lilt describing her books and experiences as a writer of fiction. She is so much fun you won't want to miss this!
then go to her booth where her books are on display at

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) He's a delight to interview, a rare man to hear. Listen in at
for M. J. Kobernus and his views on Orwell, Hemingway and more!

then check out his booth with his books at

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hello Y'all: Have a listen in with Tabitha Barret as she describes her 12 Book read that right! Twelve books!
Then stroll on over to her booth for a look at her great book covers here

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hi Everyone: It's another fab interview this time with Annjea
Llewor, writer of steamy romance...listen in here:
and here's the link to her booth and her books:

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hello Fairgrounders! Here's Marie Johnston Paranormal Romance Writer talking about her writing, reading and much more:
and here's the link to her booth where you'll find her books and much more..

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hello Readers and Writers: Here Lil Surgeson describes her joy in role play, and how that led to her writing a series called The Black River Chronicles. Listen in here:

then browse her books at

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) I agree Lil! That was great fun...

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Today's interviewee is Kori D. Miller, author of mystery thrillers and more. Kori also hosts her own podcasts so it's time to turn the tables and get the host to speak out here:

Now to visit Kori's books or her podcasts for writers go to her booth here

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Hello Everyone:
look up go to podcasts and scroll to hear Angela B Chrysler's interview about this event, this one right here...go now and spread the word!

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) For a great map of the whole fairgrounds, complete with genre tags in the top left hand corner go to

you'll be glad you did!

#Women's Fiction

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Interview Questions from Mod Angela B Chrysler for Authors Describe your favorite scene in your book and tell us why its your favorite.

I wrote a scene describing how a Native Shaman fulfills his promise of a ransom to release a human from her illness. The ransom involves a wolf, a fire, the frozen winter night and what the wolf most longs for…
It’s my favourite because it appeared so clearly to me and wrote itself so simply, yet has been a marked scene for many who read the book.

2. Which of your characters, do you relate to the most (or) who is your favorite character and why?
The character I most relate to is Diana, the contemporary woman of the three female protagonists. Her wild, stubborn intelligence made her so difficult to write (she wouldn’t settle down, at all, not once) but is the source of her strength.

3. “Story” has always been the center of all human cultures. We need it. We seek it out. When we lack it, we invent it. What does “story” mean to you?
Story means. It unravels its meaning as each sentence fulfills its place within Story, but Story as a whole means. Because it means it centers my heart.

3 - What did story mean to you as a child?

Story meant a few minutes when life was safe, dependable. It meant the world rebirthed itself someplace with continuity, making sense against the torrent of chaos that was my mother’s fractured psyche. Story meant the healing of all wounds.

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) Shane Wilson contributes to our panel discussion on the Heroine's Journey.
Check out Shane's website and his booth at the Fairgrounds, here

My website:

My booth:

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Debbie (drpjoyce) | 9 comments I would be proud to have been Mahatma Ghandi. I prefer a peaceful life and wish that people could either get along or just be respectful.

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) What a lovely wish Debbie! Happy to meet you and thank you for dropping by...and for friending me!

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Charlene (goodreadscomuser_amarama) David thank you so much for your kind words! I am so pleased you have enjoyed my books.

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