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Other books with characters like Elphaba?

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Erik Berg Love tragic heroes and characters that mess with what is good what is evil? What are some other ones you've run into? These are my favorite sort of characters, the one where there's times you're on their side, times you're not. Terra from Teen Titans also I think fits in this category well. The Captain from the Sea Wolf by Jack London, etc... Any particular books and or characters you've found have these sort of characteristics? Would love to find more books with this type of character in it.

Jeannette I sincerely wish people actually responded. The only thing I found that was somewhat similar was Fiona Loomis from the book Riverman.

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Charlotte I would suggest Raistlin from the Dragonlance series, Roland from The Dark Tower, and Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files (I guess...) and several characters from A Song of Ice and Fire definitely fit the "messing with good and evil" criterion...
There is also Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Christo

Kundry The Spook's Apprentice series: Grimalkin.

Mary E. Hastings Have you read the other books by Gregory Maguire? I actually liked "Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister" even better than "Wicked", and I LOVED "Wicked." Also, I love that Charlotte brought up Raistlin. He is a wonderful example of this type of character. Also, you might want to check out "The Child Thief" by Brom. It's a dark, modern-day retelling of Peter Pan, and it is FANTASTIC.

Michael Barnett Try Maguire's "Egg & Spoon". Strange and colorful with witches and children both.

Emmy Hmm....I'd suggest the Johannes Cabal series by Jonathan L. Howard. While he's always sort of in the morally grey area, there is a ton of character development as the series progresses, so I think you might enjoy that :)

Book 1 is The Necromancer

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