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Ivy Ok guys so I'm half way done with Allegiant and I need some clarification from some fellow readers.

So readers. . . What is up with the GP (Genetically pure) and GD (Genetically damaged) I'm confused why Tobias isn't Divergent or GP but he CAN resist the serums? If you have a clearer understanding than I do, I would LOVE your thoughts.

But, please don't spoil the end of Allegiant. I've already heard some things that I'm not too happy about. Maybe the GP GD stuff will become more clearer as I read on but I feel like I missed something.

Hunter Law GP: Has pure DNA and can resist most serums.
GD: Has messed up DNA (same with Tobias), however, some can still resist some serums, not as good as GPs.

There was once a war over purity. People thought people were messed up, with problems like murder, no intellegence, so they tried to clean that stuff out. However, they found some problems with there genes, not they want them to heal. They put them into experiments. Most fail, but some work better with factions, even though a few more memory resets might be needed. GPs think they are superior with healed genes, so they have higher social status than GDs. You'll understand better as you read.

Kristen Since this is supposed to take place way in the future, you can think of it all beginning present day. Or even a few years from now.

People got the idea to fix all that was wrong with humanity by messing with their genes.
The idea backfired and produced the Genetically Damaged people.

Genetically Pure people would not have had their genes tampered with.

So, in order to try and fix the problems they created by messing with the genes in the first place, they decided to do experiments, attempting to isolate and breed Divergent people - those who's genes have been healed.

That's the basics of it anyway. It's hard to give a totally clear explanation because Veronica Roth screwed up big time in the theory itself.

But as far as Tobias, he isn't technically considered Divergent. He's a step away, if you will. He exhibits characteristics of Divergence without actually being Divergent.

Tris, on the other hand, had much stronger genes because of her mom. And so she's like the pinnacle of what they are trying to achieve with the experiments.

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