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Drop something on the person below!!!!

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Chloe So I've done the Drop game for HP, and decided to make my own for PJ! If you don't know how to play, heres how.
Im going to start with *drops a blob of Celestial Bronze* Notice how i surrounded it with *&* so please do that. You have to do something with the bronze i dropped, example: *catches the bronze and melts it into a sword*
and after that you could drop the sword or just something else. KEEP IT HUMOROUS! :) That just adds to the fun :)

I'll start :)

*drops a blob of Celestial Bronze*

Neha Hides it so that Leo Valdez could come to me searching for it XD

*drops a golden drachma*

Rachel Jackson *uses it to send an iris message to her hot demigod boyfriend :P* ( you know to check on him, make sure no monsters have eaten him up)

* drops Grover's reed pipes*

Chloe *happens to be at the Battle of New York. Plays them and Poison Ivy grows around the monsters*
*drops Pandora's Jar. Notice Jar and not Box XD*

Kelly Brigid ♡ *Catches Pandora's Jar and releases Hope (cause I'm so freaking curious); then the Titans don't accept the accidental surrender, but charge forward anyways*

*drops Celestial Bronze sword as I coward from the battle* XD

Chloe *runs into the battle with a pile of swords (including the one Kelly just dropped) and hands them out to weaponless half bloods*
*drops a bow (as in bow and arrow :) )*

Shadowhunter Clary *Catches the bow*
*Drops the arrows by accident*

Lauren *catches the arrow and gives it to ShadowHunter*

*drops medusa's head*

(no questions asked about where it came from)

Raeda Sarwar *catches medusa's head*
*drops a Diet Coke Can*

Raeda Sarwar *gives medusa's head to Lauren*
*catches the big, huge rock*
*drops Zeus's master bolt* (lol)

Chloe *Catches it, not knowing what it is. Gives it back to Zeus. Zeus finds the person who stole it and drops them OTPB*

Stevie *Catches OTPB*
*Drops a book*

Kelly Brigid ♡ *Catches book and reads it (due to my freaking curiousness again xD) and learns everything regarding Greek mythology.*

*drops book cause I don't need it anymore*

message 14: by AC (new) - added it

AC *catches book and throws it in bonfire*

*flames leap up so high that one of Apollo's musicians drops lyre*

Chloe *Catches it and becomes a master at it*
*drops a Apollo Cabin Shirt*

Stevie *Acquires the Apollo Cabin Shirt*
*Drops a shen pendant*

Kristi Krumnow *catches the shen pendant*

*drops one of Medusa's statues*

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus *Catches one of Medusa's statues and bring 'im back to life*

*Drops Riptide*

Kristi Krumnow *catches Riptide and buffs it with her spit*

*drops Grover's cans*

Rachel Jackson * returns the cams to Grover *

* drops Percy's watch *

Georgia *catches Percy's watch a worships it until Annabeth gets pissed of at me*

*drops Mrs O'Leary's poo bag(don't ask why I had it)*

Paulina *throws Mrs. O' Leary's poo bag*

*drops Athena's cabin*

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

catches athena's cabin.
throws aphrodite's hair brush

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus *catches Aphrodite's hair brush and uses it*

*drop Chirons bow*

Martin *blocks with shield*

*drops grover on*

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus *the top of a building*

*drops Annabeth's yankees cap*

Chloe Hey guys, I've read the recent comments and wanted to ask that when you catch something, please don't just say *catches it* cuz that is no fun at all. Try and do something creative with it. And I would prefer to keep this thread G. (No cussing, etc. ;) ) Thanks!
*catches Annabeth's Yankee cap. Puts it on, goes in the Hermes Cabin and steals all their stuff* MWHAHAHA!!!!!!!
*drops a 6-pack of Coke Cans* Oops!!! Umm... I wouldn't open those!

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus *catches the 6 pack of Coke Cans and gives it to Clarisse*

*drops a bomb*

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*Throws moldy bread on*

Thalia, The Daughter Of Zeus *Jason's face*

*drops Hippocampi onto*

Chloe *me. Ooowwwww... Returns the Hippocampus to the ocean.*
*drops enchanted seaweed*

Souma *feeds seaweed to the Hippocampus*
*drops a laptop*

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

*catches and logs on and plays on Goodreads*
*Drops a bouncy ball*

message 34: by AC (new) - added it

AC *catches ball and gives it to Mrs. O'Leary*
*Drops Jason's gold coin*

Rachel Jackson * flips and it turns into a sword , frenzyly attacks a bunch of monsters *

*drops the shield I was using*

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

*trips on a shield that was lying on the ground*

*drops several swear words*

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

*blocks ears*

*drops Luke's scorpion*

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

*Stand it with Percy's pen*
*drops medusas head*

Chloe *turns Drew(Daughter of Aphrodite) to stone so no more people get distracted by her pink eyeliner*
*drops her pink eyeliner while trying to burn it* oopss...

Souma *continues burning it*
*drops winged shoes*

Kristi Krumnow *catches winged shoes and then sniffs in side them to see if they smell like Smelly Gabe's shoes, but they smell different...

*drops smelly Gabe's shoes in disgust

Souma *mails it to the gods*
*drops duct tape*

Youna *ties up Medusa's hair with it*
*drops blue candy from Sally's candy store*

Souma *eats it and asks Sally for more*
*drops a blanket*

Chloe *snuggles under it while watching a Percy Jackson movie and yelling at it*
*drops the stupid movie*

Youna *feeds it to Ms. O Leary*

Youna *drops Kronos's tomb*

Chloe *takes it to Olympus*
*drops the sack of Drachmas that Zeus gave me as a reward*

Souma *uses them to take a ride with the gray sisters to camp half blood*
*drops camp half blood t-shirt*

Chloe *Puts it on. It happens to have to words 'Athena Cabin' on them. Hm! That's convenient!
*drops Travis Stoll. Look out below!!!*

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