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I've been published for a month!

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message 1: by V.M. (new)

V.M. Jaskiernia (vmjaskiernia) On one hand it's been just a little bit of time, and on the other- wow. I've had 38 sales in this time, and over 1000 free downloads with promo days. I'm also getting good reviews overall. It's really fun being an indie author.

message 2: by Quanah (new)

Quanah Edwards | 65 comments Congratulations!


message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Congratulations! Nothing feels better than seeing your book published, except of course, knowing that people are reading and enjoying it. Keep on writing!
Victoria Farnsworth

message 4: by Luke (new)

Luke Ahearn | 28 comments Congrats and keep going.

message 5: by Shaun (new)

Shaun Dowdall | 7 comments Nice one! I'm in an almost identical boat as yourself. It's a great feeling.

message 6: by Michiko (new)

Michiko Katsu (Michiko_Katsu) | 2 comments What a wonderful accomplishment and with early success! Keep writing!

message 7: by Jay (new)

Jay Naen (Jay214) | 5 comments Getting solid reviews is wonderful. Writing a book is one thing, writing one people feel motivated to supportively comment on is another. Congrats!

message 8: by Maggie (new)

Maggie James (maggiejamesfiction) | 11 comments Wonderful to read this post! Congratulations, and long may it continue.

message 9: by Overton (new)

Overton Scott | 3 comments Those are great numbers for the first month. I hope you're enjoying this (while you're hard at work on your next book). Congratulations.

message 10: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 7 comments Congratulations! You should be very pleased with sales like that.

message 11: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo Suastegui (esuastegui) Congrats. Your sales sort of match mine (over a similar period), but you're rocking it on the free downloads. I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. 270 or so downloads over two free days for one novel, barely eeking over 100 on day 2 of a 3 day promo for the second. Anyway, it's great to be out there, with some reviews (few as they are). It is exciting for sure!

Eduardo Suastegui
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