Lady Be Good (Wynette, Texas, #2) Lady Be Good question

Jorie Jorie Apr 26, 2014 03:23PM
Has anyone read books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. If so which one(s) would you recommend.

Match me if you can is my favorite. Its light hearted, funny and everyone is likeable.

My favorites are: "MATCH ME IF YOU CAN", "LADY BE GOOD" and "KISS AN ANGEL".

for me its Kiss an Angel

Jorie From the reviews, I am guessing this will be my SEP book....
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Love her books. Always feel good at the end.

I've read many by SEP. I'd suggest the Chicago Stars series. I'd further suggest reading them in order to get the background on the reoccurring characters.

Anyone know any SEP book that has the same humor/romance as Lady Be Good? I am currently reading First Star I See Tonight and it's just not as good.

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Melissa Have you looked into Heaven, Texas? It's probably my favorite of her books ...more
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