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Olive awesomeness! team maxon for me!!!! :)

Rachael Team MAXON!!!! he is so sweet and kind <3

Kate Maxon has virtually no personality, Aspen is a jerk. I vote Single & Ready to Mingle.

Gianna Summer Team Maxon. All the way!!!

Libby Definitely Team Maxon!

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Natalie Stratton MAXON!!!!! she is not allowed to go back with aspen!

Anna Duff Definitely Team MAXON!!!!

Anahi TEAM MAXON! ❤️

Karen Ahumada Totally maxon !!!!!

Libby I think that almost all of us can agree that nobody beats Maxon.

Avery Maxon all the way!!! Aspen is so annoying!

Tanisha Christie Team Maxon! I think he deserves to win America's heart!

Kayla team Maxon all the way !

Sydney Maxon, of course! I just hope Kiera gives Maxon & America their happily ever after in the one. Asdfghjkl

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Abbi Absolutely Team Maxon.

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M Who isn't team Maxon?

Veronica maxon i guess

Lenny De MAXON!! he's much of a gentleman and kind. who couldnt resist him

Isatu Barry Team maxone. He's so sweettttt!

Autumn On word:

Ha An [‘ᴥ’] It doesn't matter what we choose. Kiera told us (the media) that she thought she had the right guy at the end but then she changed it to the other guy. I think she'll make America go back with Aspen because it's like, tradition. In other books it's always rags to riches. That's what I think anyway.

Caitlin Team Aspen!!!!!

Hallie Team MAXON was my first choice from the beginning, but I read The One, so I know the outcome! Might I say, I was SURPRISED!!!!

Kaleigh Team MAXON! Come on who wouldn't be!!!!

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Chloe S. I was Team Maxon, (SPOILER OF THE ONE) but I feel like putting Aspen and America would have been so much more unexpected than the actual ending.

Sheridan There would be no real point to the story if she ended up with aspen...

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Sheridan wrote: "There would be no real point to the story if she ended up with aspen..."

If America doesn't go for Maxon, then the whole trilogy would be a waste of my time

Kaleigh It would probably be a waste of my time. I have been waiting for her to choose Maxon.

Nymeria Maxon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Nymeria Claire wrote: "Sheridan wrote: "There would be no real point to the story if she ended up with aspen..."

If America doesn't go for Maxon, then the whole trilogy would be a waste of my time"

I think the same!

Isabelle MAXON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt.

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Neha Maxon!!!

Linsey MAXON!


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Jenna MAXTON!!! no doubt about it!

Brenda Lane Maxon all the way!!!!

message 37: by Emma (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emma Maxon! 100%

Ashley Maxon totally!

This is off topic, but check this out!

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Titi Team Maxon all the way

Jennifer Team Maxon all the way.

And guys please no spoilers. It's mean to those of us who haven't finished the series.

Luisa Team Maxon

Anesis Team Maxon!

Fiona Pelkie TEAM MAXON!!!! All though America is strong enough to be by herself.

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Dara Maxon, but I've only read the first book and you only get to read about Aspen for a small fraction of the book in comparison to Maxon.

Makaela I am TEAM MAXON all the way!!!!! Regretfully, I haven't read The One yet, but OMG I love MAXON

Barbara Rosas Both!

Anastasia715 Team Maxon! Obviously

Nikki Stevenson Maxon from the start. I really never liked Aspen!

Sarah Friend Maxon, Aspen lost his chance and Maxon is more of a man...

Audrey at first, aspen was perfect, but he shouldnt have a second chance

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