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Hiding part of a review for spoilers?

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Susan Hello,

I noticed on some of the reviews people have hidden parts of their text in order to refrain from giving away spoilers. I have found the button to hide the entire review because of spoilers but do not know how to hide just parts.

Please, could someone tell me how to hide just part (e.g. a point that is a spoiler within a review that is more general)?

Thank you!

OK - it is a general question but I chose B is for Burglar because that is the one where I wanted to do this and Goodreads won't post without a book attached :)

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sublimosa Here is a link another goodreads member was kind enough to share his/her info on codes:
for a partial spoiler, you would do this, minus the spaces:
< spoiler >text you want hidden< /spoiler >

Hope this makes sense.

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Thanks for posting this, especially the spoiler code!

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sublimosa You're welcome. I know how frustrated I was trying to figure it out myself and I never could find an official goodreads page for the info.

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Breasa (view spoiler)

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Jennifer Oslowski Ok, I am trying the above for hiding a portion of my review

I enter <*spoiler> my spoiler <*/spoiler> - 1) When I hit enter, should it show the "view spoiler" ?? 2) Do I leave a space in between the code and the spoiler text or no spaces, i tried both?
I enter the code and hit enter and it looks just like above, doesn't format into "view spoiler" ugh, help!

message 23: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Oslowski Here is an example

<*spoiler>she dies in the end.<*/spoiler>

Where am I going wrong?

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Jennifer Oslowski I got it! Thank you!

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Haley E. whoops, that one didn't work

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Haley E. (view spoiler)

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Haley E. (view spoiler)

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Laura (view spoiler)

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Jenn Marie < spoiler > does it work?

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Jenn Marie (view spoiler)

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