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hating the false community online

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Xio (xioj)
I hate when you send these messages back and forth and you have these odd responses, these triggers that you oddly respond to: they are feelings, emotions, and here you are having them about supposed other people

but could just as easily be your neighbor or that unfortunate by the convenience store but not even the library will let him use the computer so it isn't him and you look around in spite of their geographical entry listed them as being miles away.

But you're getting along and things make sense the usual way until suddenly they don't and you suspect your you're the wrong character in this Jim Thompson novel....

Sometimes these forums leave me lonely. Which is odd, as I have an overly rich "IRL" life.

Or it it's like when you started a new school and the cliques settled in and you thought ,oh shit.

Not that I find any of this 'here' so to speak. Just um, hating?

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the community shuns you


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