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Jonathan Brown | 962 comments In the year 2007, I read 79 books.
In the year 2008, I read 100 books.
In the year 2009, I read 165 books.
In the year 2010, I read 145 books.
In the year 2011, as I began to start taking notes on a portion of my reading, I read 82 books.
In the year 2012, I read 62 books
In the year 2013, I read 90 books.
In the year 2014, I read 87 books.
Last year, in 2015, (having largely given up note-taking as I've returned to buying the majority of my reading), I read 126 books.

For this year, my official goal is to read 75 books. So far, I've completed one book:

1) Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom

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Jonathan Brown | 962 comments 16) With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man by Paisios of Mount Athos - finished while returning to Ouranoupoli from Mount Athos!

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message 30: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Brown | 962 comments So, I've realized that I missed one back in February! I don't know how I neglected this, but the actual thirteenth book I read was Christian Criticisms, Islamic Proofs: Rashid Rida’s Modernist Defence of Islam, edited and translated by Simon A. Wood.

From February 8 onward, all other entries should have their numbers increased by one.

Thus, I've completed 30 books so far.

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