Into the Wild (Warriors, #1) Into the Wild question

Why did Rusty join ThunderClan?
The Moon Rider The Moon Rider Dec 08, 2015 04:42AM
I think because 1)it was his destiny and 2) it had always been his dream to explore the wild.

His paws have always been itching to explore the forest beyond his fence. He also wanted to share his adventures with ThunderClan and taste his first mouse.

he always felt an urge to explore and be a part of something more.

Coalpelt (last edited Oct 03, 2016 10:51AM ) Jan 08, 2016 10:01AM   0 votes
he always wanted to chase his preys,
I agree, but, as leefpool sais: destiny is not a path that you follow blindly

He always wanted to go into the forest, catch a mouse. And then he met Graypaw, and felt something. And then he saw Bluestar, strong and wise, and Lionheart. He knew he belonged in the forest immediately.

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