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What are types of internal or external conflict, in Into the Wild

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Aaron One example of internal conflict in Into the Wild is,when Rusty has to choose if he wants to go into the forest. This is showed, when Bluestar states, "'I have often seen you sitting on your boundary, staring out into the forest. And now, at last, you have dared to place your paws here"'. This shows that Rusty has been struggling in his head with the choice of entering the forest, or staying in his home.

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Aaron Firepaw also had to face conflict in joining Thunderclan, or staying a kittypet. This is internal conflict because, it presents a choice for Firepaw, and he is conflicted about the answer.

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Aaron The external conflict is between thunderclan, and Brokenstar. Bronkenstar wants thunderclan to give up their territory, but thuderclan does not want to give up territory.

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Aaron Firepaw faces internal conflict, when he goes to tell yellowfang, about what Brokensatr had said. This is internal conflict, because he has to choose between his clan and Yellowfang.

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