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Reading to fast, running out of authors

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Brett Basen Recently my laptop died on me and all the massive amount of time wasting it consumed was left available. As an avid reader i turned to my kindle fire and decided to start up some new stuff.

Like many of these posts im looking for suggestions but instead of books I'm looking for authors hopefully with a stable of books. Im putting three book or more down in a week, every week. So far I've burned through these authors entire catalogs(including others i read on deployment)

GRRM, sanderson, weeks, hobb,Abercrombie, routhfuss, abraham, Lawrence, gaimen

If i ask for a book or two I'll be back here in a couple days asking for more. Now i know malalalazan(heh) is going to be suggested, i know it's a deep series, i just had trouble getting into book one. Also i enjoyed lies of Locke lamora but not really a heist fan.

So unless Sanderson has snuck another past me im currently waiting on the spiders war

Throw some authors like these I've somehow missed please:)

message 2: by Dale (new)

Dale Pearl Glen Cook Black Company Series 10 books
Jim Butcher Harry Dresden Series 15 books
Roger Zelazny Amber Series 10 books
Benedict Jacka Alex Verus 6 books

message 3: by Beverly (last edited Dec 08, 2015 05:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Beverly Peter V Brett - Demon Cycle series
Kevin Hearn - Iron Druid Chronicles series
David Dalglish - Shadowdance and Half Orcs series
Larry Correia - Monster Hunter series
Ben Aaronovitch - Peter Grant series
Michael J Sullivan - Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles series
Burk Fitzpatrick - The Shedim Conspiracy
Django Wexler - Shadow Campaigns series
Richard Kadrey - Sandman Slim series
Stephen Lawhead - (several) Fav- Song of Albion & King Raven trilogies
Simon R Green - (several) Fav- The Nightside Series
Michael G Manning - Mageborn series
Carol Berg - (several) Fav- Rai-Kirah trilogy
Jonathan Moeller - (several self published ebooks) Fav- Demonsouled series

Brett Basen Exactly what i was looking for. Actually got impatient and half way through gentleman bastards 2. Thank you both!

Alex Davidson Brian Staveley (2 books) - awesome fantasy
Dennis Lehane - awesome crime books, Gennaro and Kenzie series which includes gone baby gone, prolly my fav author
Jonathan Tropper - awesome humour/contemporary/family books, he is co creator of Banshee
Terry Pratchett - awesome fantasy writer who wrote about a thousand books or something.
Definitely check out warded man series by Peter V Brett, the harry dresden books are an excellent series

Gandalfgrijs Raymond E. Feist should also keep you busy for some weeks and I second Sullivan. Futher more...

(I actually stood up and checked out my bookcase, everything for bookrecomdations. Even if that everything is motion :D)

Weis and Hickman wrote a lot of books together and of course Tolkien exist, but my guess is that you already knew of that one :)

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