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Awesome. So, characters?

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Oh I don't mind, I can do whatever. What do you think?

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Sounds good ^.^

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What age range would you say?

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Awesome :)

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Name: Hanna Linn
Age: 16

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Um, I'm thinking at least a couple of paragraphs.

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Yeah sure, okay. Is there anywhere you wanna start?

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Hmm, maybe one likes the other and then the other starts to develop feelings. Maybe Alex does? Since it seems like the girl always likes the guy first, or at least from what I've come across.

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Is that cool with you? That he likes her first I mean. We could do it the other way around if you want.

And if we're going with this so we start with Hanna in her house right?

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Oooh, I like it :) Okay so I'll start then.

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There was nothing that Hanna loved more than a free house. Maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration but there was still something great about knowing that you could do whatever you wanted and there was no one around to tell you off for it. She just loved it. So Hanna was sliding around the house in her socks and singing at the top of her lungs to the music she had blaring from the speakers. She tossed her head around to the rhythm, her hair flicking into her face. Alex was staying the night so she wanted to have a bit of fun before her brother, Jason, decided to ruin everything.

Running her fingers through her hair, she brushed it out of her face with a laugh, barely hearing the doorbell ring over the music. Slipping across the floor, she turned the music down and raced back to the door, giving herself a quick glance over in the mirror. Hanna hadn't had anything to do earlier so she'd just done her makeup for the fun of it but the worn cotton shorts and tank top she was wearing made it look a bit out of place. Patting her hair down so it wasn't all over the place and straightening her clothes, she pulled open the door. "Uh, Alex?" she asked, wondering why he was here so early as Jason was still at work. Still, she opened the door wider for him so he could come inside, closing it behind him and leaning against the door. "Not meaning to sound rude but, why are you here?"

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((Haha, just saw your message. I had her home alone already :P ))

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Hanna nodded slowly, her eyebrows furrowing slightly at his words. Jason and Alex were best friends, it would have just made sense that Jason would have told him that he was at work at that time which would mean there was something weird with Alex showing up early. Or Jason could have just been stupid again and told him the wrong time even though he knew that he would be in work. That one made sense too, a lot more sense actually. Why would Alex voluntarily come around to her house early? To see her? He wouldn't want to see 'Jason's little sister'.

"No he did, I just thought you'd be coming later," Hanna answered, pushing away from the door and flopping down on the couch. Tipping her head back against the chair, she looked upside down at Alex. "Did he not tell you that he's in work for like another hour and a half? So you're just slightly early," she explained, turning around so she was kneeling as she kept her eyes on him instead. Having no one home gave her an excuse to eat a bit more sugar than usual so she was slightly antsy, wanting to continue jumping around but not wanting to embarrass herself in front of Alex either.

"So I guess that means that you're stuck with me," she added with a shrug, grinning at him as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Sorry about that," she told him with a light laugh, leaning back so she was sitting on her heels. Even though Alex was Jason's friend and the two of them were only a year older than her, she'd never actually really talked to Alex.

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Hanna turned where she was sitting when he sat down next to her, folding her legs underneath her and brushing her hair to one side of her neck. She listened to him speak with her eyes slightly widened, nearing hanging on every word as she listened to him ramble on just a bit. Her lips curled into a smile as he awkwardly trailed off when he must have realised that he was rambling. Laughing lightly, Hanna tilted her head to the side just a bit. "Well thank you do thinking that I'm 'not that bad'. That's always what a girl wants to hear," she teased, fixing her back to where it had been.

Shaking her head, she waved her hand in the air. "Of course I don'y mind you staying Alex. It gives me a chance to get to know you. I mean, I've known you for how many years? And I'm pretty sure this is the longest we've ever talked which is really sad," she answered, a frown tilting her lips before she shrugged it off with another smile. She scolded herself internally for having that second ice cream sundae but she couldn't really stop the words spilling out of her mouth, just wanting to move around.

Her eyes dropped to Alex's lips when he started to fiddle with the ring in his lip. She hadn't thought he'd had that the last time that she'd seen him and couldn't help but bite her own lip lightly as she the thought of how hot it was popped into her mind. Leaning forward, her thumb brushed lightly against his lip, not going to near the ring as she inspected it. She quickly realised what she was doing and pulled back with a faint blush on her cheeks. "Sorry," she apologised, not believing what she'd just done. "When did you get that?" she asked, trying to direct the conversation away from that embarrassing moment.

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Hanna laughed lightly once more when he told her that it wasn't what he'd meant. She'd known he hadn't meant it like that. While Jason had some pretty rude friends, she knew Alex wasn't one of them, he was a lot nicer. It was something she liked about him though. She felt like a lot of guys acted idiotic and stupid on purpose just because they thought it made them fit in. She always wondered how girls found that attractive in a guy. She liked them more mature than that, like Alex or at least what she'd put together of what he was like considering they hadn't spoken very much at all. "I know, I was just teasing," she replied with a grin, shifting on the seat again to get more comfortable.

Her eyes widened slightly at his answer and she kind of felt bad that she hadn't noticed it before. Though, it wasn't like Hanna spent a lot of time looking at Alex to notice changes like that. They did have a class together but they at nowhere near each other so she had an excuse there. Still, she found it strange that she hadn't noticed. "It hurts but you still do it?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him, finding his sheepish smile kind of cute.

Once again, Hanna shifted on the couch, bringing her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and leaning her chin on the tops of her knees. She looked at him intently for a few moments, never actually looking at him before, just seeing him in passing. "So what do you do?" she asked randomly, her blue eyes shining with curiosity. "I mean, what do you do for fun besides hang out with Jason? Though I really don't see how that's fun," she rephrased, keeping a straight face for a moment before smiling. It was just a pity that her brother wasn't there to listen, that would have made it more fun. But she pushed that thought aside and focused on Alex.

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Hanna noticed him watching her shift around on the chair and realised he was probably wondering what the heck was wrong with her. It was kind of embarrassing to admit that she'd binged on sugar enough to give her a sugar high but that was what had happened. "Sorry, the second ice cream sundae kinda got me buzzing. I was dancing around the house before you came," she admitted with a sheepish smile, a slight blush dusting her cheeks as she was kind of embarrassed to be telling him but she knew he deserved an explanation for her acting kind of weird.

When he mentioned playing guitar, Hanna nodded. She'd known that he played and that he sang and when he came around with his guitar, she almost always crept to her brother's door and listened in. That was something she'd never tell him though because it made her sound like a stalker. He played guitar, he sang, he had a lip ring. Hanna hadn't realised just how much Alex ticked off on her 'list'. It wasn't that she actually had anything written down but there was so many things about him that she was attracted to, she'd just never realised that he actually had them.

Her eyes widened when he told her that he liked to bake. Hanna couldn't cook for her life and she hated it but somehow she managed to set microwaves on fire. That was why she stuck to whatever she could scavenge from the presses and left the cooking up to everyone else. "You bake?" she asked, actually finding it pretty hot that he did and that he told her. Most guys would never admit to that which she found stupid because she thought that it was amazing. "So you're telling me that you bake but you've never made me cupcakes? I'm so disappointed in you Alex. And here I thought you liked me," she said teasingly, shaking her head in mock sadness.

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A grin spread it's way across her face when he agreed to bake her something, her eyes lighting up with an excited joy. It was official. Alex was the best guy that she knew. She reminded herself to thank Jason for choosing such an awesome person to hang around and share with her. Leaning forward, she resting her hands on his leg. "Jason will never know. You're awesome," she replied seriously before leaning back in her seat and moving her hands back to her lap.

Hanna's hand immediately shot to her mouth to stop herself from saying something stupid. Honestly, ask a question like that and all that pushed to the front of her mind was a bunch of dirty thoughts. When someone makes a comment about doing anything you want with all of your extra energy then you were going to think dirty thoughts. A small giggle burst past her lips but she stopped herself before she could start laughing properly. She couldn't say something like that to Alex, he would think she was a creep with a crush on him and while he was great, she didn't have those butterflies whenever she was around him. Or at least not all the time.

"Will you make me cookies?" she asked, biting her lip as she waited for his answer. She wasn't expecting him to make her cookies but it was always worth a shot. Then again, she probably didn't need any more sugar but she didn't know anyone who could pass up cookie dough. Plus, she wanted to do something with Alex since their conversation felt somewhat awkward and she didn't want to be awkward around Alex.

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((Hi ^.^))

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Her face burst into a grin once more when he agreed. There was only one thing that Hanna loved more than melting, soft, chocolate chip cookies it was if there was a bit of mint in them. Mint chip ice cream was her favourite so putting it in cookie form just made life a whole lot better for her. She was more than excited to have Alex bake her cookies, mostly because she really wanted cookies but also because Alex was making them. It was an interesting development, one that she was looking forward to. "Definitely," she replied ecstatically.

Hanna was shocked for a moment when he took her hand and led her to the kitchen. Even more so when she caught him blushing. Sure him holding her hand was cute but it didn't mean anything, it couldn't. He would never think of her that way, she was a little sister figure for him. Or at least that was what she thought. Despite everything, she was still completely oblivious to Alex's feelings towards her. Deciding to ignore his blush for the moment, Hanna took out the carton of eggs and brought them over to him as carefully as she could.

"Hey, is there any chance that we could put this in it?" Hanna asked, biting her bottom lip lightly as she tried to gauge his reaction as she handed him the eggs along with some mint essence. "If you don't want to use that then I think there's some fresh mint in the fridge. And obviously we don't have to put it in, it was just a suggestion so if you want to we can but we don't have to if you don't want to because I mean, they're your cookies and I don't want you to make something that you-I'm rambling like an idiot. I'm sorry," Hanna apologised, a light blush dusting her cheeks as she ran her hand through her hair.

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Hanna noticed that Alex wasn't really listening to her and was about to turn away in relief that he hadn't been paying attention to her embarrassing ramble when he turned around and smiled at her. She blamed the sugar for the strange little flip that her heart did when he looked in her eyes and smiled down at her. Ignoring that strange sensation, she nodded and turned back to the fridge, pulling out the mint and sliding it across the counter to him. She had no idea how he was going to turn that mess out ingredients into delicious cookies but she believed that he would.

Pulling her bottom lip into her mouth, she looked through the cabinets for the mixer. Her family never let her into the kitchen when they were around in fear of her setting it on fire so she really had no idea where it was kept. She found it strange that it felt so easy to be around Alex when she'd never really gotten the chance to spend any time with him before. While she was a relatively friendly person, there was still that awkwardness that surrounded new relationships so she'd expected it to be the same with Alex. But it wasn't. Grinning, she pulled the mixer and set it down on the counter next to him as carefully as she could. Honestly, she was just glad she hadn't broken anything yet.

Turning around, she hopped up onto the counter next to Alex and watched as he put everything together. She didn't know how he made it look so easy but for some reason, it was just so fluid. "You're really good at this," she told him with a nod, waiting till it looked mixed enough to swipe a drop from the side of the bowl and lick it off her finger. She moaned softly at the taste, shaking her head and debating whether or not to just take a spoon to the bowl and eat it like that. It was definitely good enough. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she gave him a serious look.

"Alex. Will you marry me?" she asked, sounding completely serious about it. "Because I haven't even eaten a cookie yet and it's divine."

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Hanna felt her stomach drop when he replied to her joke but covered it up with a smile back at him. She hadn't even thought of that, she'd just acted like he was single. She didn't know if he actually had a girlfriend or not because she didn't pay that much attention to his conversations with her brother so she didn't know whether or not he actually had a girlfriend. She wasn't sure why that news unsettled her but she didn't like it. And to top it off, she'd just asked him to marry her. Sure it was a joke but still. "Do you..? Uh, have a girlfriend I mean?"

While she waited for his answer, she dipped her finger in the edge of the mixture again. As she ate the bit of cookie dough off her finger, she reconsidered her question. Maybe marrying him was a good idea. At least if it meant him cooking for her because it tasted divine. Hopping off the counter, she bit her lip as she surveyed the cabinets once more. She opened a couple of them before she found the cutting board and leaned down to get it for Alex. Straightening up, she brushed a piece of hair behind her ear and set the board down next to him.

Hopping back up onto the counter, she stopped herself from taking another bit of cookie dough on her finger and instead watched Alex. He seemed at home in a kitchen and she found it quite cute. He'd seemed kind of self conscious when he told her that he liked to bake but she found it amazing. Who wouldn't want a guy who could bake them brownies? It was just brilliant. That thought make her stomach do a free fall once more. She was right. Who wouldn't want a guy like Alex? He probably had lines of throngs of girl vying for his affection, girls much better than her.

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Hanna tried to keep the frown off her face but she couldn't help the way they tilted down at the corners as he spoke about his girlfriend. She didn't know why it annoyed her, why she didn't like the fact that he had a girlfriend but she really didn't. She felt a rush of relief when he told her that it was Jason and not an actual girl. Nodding, she continued to watch him shop, not minding that he didn't have time to get a girlfriend. She much preferred that to the alternative for reasons that she still wasn't sure of and really didn't want to explore further.

She bit her lip, trying to hide the dreamy sigh as he talked about the kind of boyfriend that he'd be. She'd only had one boyfriend before and he hadn't been half as good as Alex when they weren't even together. "Wow," she said, her voice slightly hushed as she watched him go back to chopping the mint. "Sounds like you'd be an amazing boyfriend. And you'd bake all the time which would be amazing and horrible at the same time because it means a lot more exercise would need to be done," she said, laughing slightly at the end.

Hanna hopped off the counter again and walked over to the oven, setting it to 350 just like he'd asked. Unlike everything else, she actually knew how to do that part. Walking back over to him, she leaned against the counter and popped out the whisk before starting to lick the batter from it. "You know, I love the cookies and watching you bake is hot but licking the whisk is the best part," she said, wiping a bit of batter off her lip. That was when she realised what she'd just said and a blush burned her cheeks. "I...uh...because it's hot in the kitchen because the oven's on," she tried to correct herself.

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Hanna's blush deepened when he called her out on her mistake and she looked away from him, brushing her hand through her hair and trying to get her roaring red cheeks to calm down. She couldn't believe that she'd actually said that. She hadn't meant to, it just kind of slipped out. It wasn't a lie though, he looked hotter when he was baking. Hotter? She shook her head, trying to clear the thoughts but then his leg brushed against hers and she froze for a moment when butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

"And do you have any girl in mind that you'd like to give you minty stuff?" Hanna asked, avoiding looking at him as she kept her eyes trained on the whisk in her hand. She didn't know why that was the first thing that came to mind and she definitely didn't know why she actually said it but it was out there and she couldn't take it back. She was actually extremely curious to know whether he had someone in mind or not but she didn't know whether she actually wanted to hear it. The whole situation was terribly confusing and she couldn't remember a time where she'd acted as indecisive.

She shook her head at his question, already in love with the brownies even though that was her first time ever hearing about them. "We totally have to get some one day. Like seriously. I'm not kidding. We have to go," she told him, narrowing her eyes just slightly at the light blush on his cheeks when his shoulder brushed against hers. Maybe it was the sugar left from the ice cream she'd had or the batter that she'd just finished licking off the whisk but for some reason, she couldn't stop her hand from moving to brush against his and gently slip her hand into his, not looking at him because she didn't want to see his reaction.

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Hanna always hated when people jumped to conclusions, especially when she did it. All it seemed to do was cause problems that could be avoided. And yet when Alex told her that he had someone in mind, someone that he wanted to be with, she couldn't help but assume that it wasn't her. She started to regret her decision to hold him hand immediately. She didn't know how she could be so stupid, thinking that maybe there was some chance that he may like her. She was just about to pull her hand away from him in embarrassment when he threaded his fingers with hers.

Her jaw dropped just a bit when he said it was her and she turned her head to look at him, eyes wide in surprise. She just didn't know what to say. As much as she actually wanted to hear that, she honestly hadn't thought that he'd say it to her. She bit her lip when she saw him blushing, finding it quite adorable that he was blushing. She felt a strange urge to kiss his cheek but stopped herself, not sure how he would react. He had just said that he liked her but she still wasn't sure. She knew he was a good guy but she had made a few mistakes with guys who didn't actually like who she was and liked what she looked like.

As he took the cookies out of the oven, Hanna took the chance to silently freak out. She ran her hands over her face as he took it out of the oven. Throwing her hands around, she watched as he set the tray down on top of the stove and returned back to how she'd been sitting when he went to get the cookies right before he turned around. When he sat back next to her and took her hand, she had to stop herself from grinning like an idiot. When he told her that he wanted to date her, she leaned in and quickly pressed her lips to his. "I like you too," she admitted, not sure when she actually started but knowing that she definitely did.

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Hanna had been looking at him nervously, waiting to gauge his reaction to her kiss and confession, when he kissed her. She had thought that she may freeze up if that happened but she kissed him back immediately, her hands moving around his neck as she pressed closer to him. The way he kissed her was perfect, exactly like him. Sweet and sincere but still enticing and hot. Part of her had been afraid that she'd regret it but when he pulled back and rested his forehead against her, she definitely didn't.

She bit her lip at his question, thinking about it for a second before pulling away from him, feeling awkward about it now. "Uh, we can't tell Jason. We can't tell him anything. He'll kill you and then he'll kill me for making him kill you," she told him, not looking at him but keeping her eyes on the cooling cookies instead. She felt bad telling him not to tell his best friend but it was just a kiss. She would never ask him to date her in secret, she wouldn't do that to him. He deserved a relationship that he could talk about.

Hanna didn't turn to look at him when he told her that he broke up with his girlfriend for her. That just made her feel even worse. Not only did she kiss him and tell him that she liked him when she couldn't even be with him but she'd ruined his relationship too. She felt absolutely horrible. With a frown, she picked up a still relatively hot cookie and ate it, wanting to disappear now that he'd told her that. "Uh, thanks for the cookie," she said softly, walking towards the door but not walking out. She didn't know whether she was supposed to leave or face the awkwardness she was feeling.

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Hanna had just made up her mind to leave the awkwardness behind and let Alex wait for Jason to come home in peace but then he took her hand and pulled her to him, making her gasp softly. She listened in silence, her eyes wide and timid as she looked up at him. Everything he said made her feel so much better. She was more than glad that he had clarified that and that it hadn't been her fault. If there was anything that Hanna never wanted to do it was break up a relationship.

She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and rolled it between her teeth as he spoke. Everything he was saying made her want to pull him down and kiss him again but she let him finish, her grip on his hand tightening gradually as he told her that he was going to tell Jason. She still wasn't sure whether she was okay with that but she knew that she wanted to be with him and it wasn't fair to ask him to keep it a secret from his best friend ever though she doubted that he'd be talking about his relationship to Jason very much. Furrowing her eyebrows, she thought about his question, wondering whether it was a good idea for them to date.

Cons jumped to the front of her mind, especially Jason's reaction but then she looked back up at Alex and she knew her answer. "Yeah. Yeah, I will," she answered, her voice soft and a smile tilting at edges of her lips. Hanna lifted her other hand, placing it on the back of his neck and stretching up on her toes to press her lips to his. She didn't kiss him for long, it was soft and short. Leaning back, she smiled up at him, biting her lip and hoping that he was okay it.

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((I'll be gone off then but I'll reply in the morning.))

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Hanna's eyes widened slightly as he wrinkled his nose when she pulled away. For a moment, she was worried that she'd completely misread the situation and had made a fool of herself even though he had literally just asked her out. It was irrational but she couldn't help the doubt. "Well you should probably get used to that. I've been told I'm a bit of a tease," she said between his sentences, smiling into the kiss when he pressed his lips to hers.

She moved her arms up around his, winding her hands around his neck as he pulled her tighter to him. When he'd arrived, she'd thought that he only saw her as Jason's little sister. When he arrived she didn't think she had feelings for him. Sure she thought he was cute and that lip ring that he got definitely made him hot but she didn't realise that she actually enjoyed spending time with him. And now that she was kissing him, she knew that she'd made the right choice when he asked her out. As her lips brushed against his ring, she hoped that she wasn't hurting him and contemplated breaking away but she couldn't do that, she was enjoying to too much.

Her jaw dropped at his confession, her lips still tilting upwards in a gobsmacked grin. "That has to be the cutest thing that anyone has ever done for you. You're adorable," she replied, choosing her words on purpose. Seeing the blush on his cheeks, she couldn't help leaning back in and giving him a short, soft kiss before pulling away and walking over to get another cookie, leaning against the counter as she ate it. She just had to tease him, especially since he's brought it up earlier and told her not to do that. "I can't believe you did that just so you could see me," she laughed before taking a bite. "You are amazing," she told him seriously as soon as she'd swallowed:

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Hanna grinned up at him, her eyes sparkling with amusement and her stomach filled with butterflies. "You are totally adorable," she repeated, nudging his arm with her shoulder. She really did find him cute. Cute and sweet and adorable. She found herself loving spending time with him so when she was reminded that Jason was coming home soon, she was actually really disappointed. She'd only just got the chance to be with him and now she had to give him back to Jason.

Her lips were tilted in a frown as she finished the cookie that Alex had given her, trying to think of what they could do. She didn't really want to do anything crazy, strange or really active. The antsy feeling that she'd had earlier was gone and she kind of just wanted to get to know Alex a bit better than she did. Walking up behind him, she wrapped her arms around him, her face against his back as she hugged him from behind. "How about we go upstairs?" She suggested, not realising how that sounded.

"I mean, to talk," she corrected, a light laugh in her voice. "My rooms just more comfortable," she told him, pulling away from him and looking up at him to judge his reaction. She didn't know whether she was being too forward or not. She wasn't sure what he thought about that kind of thing but she was only looking to talk to him, she didn't want to do anything else. She wasn't opposed to anything else but that wasn't what she was looking to do.

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Hanna was surprised to feel the blush dusting her cheeks at his comment. She didn't really mind any sort of talk like that and she didn't really mind doing it either but for some reason having Alex say it to her made her heart start to race in her chest. The idea of it kind of excited her and she bit her lip to stop an embarrassing grin from stretching over her face. "Well I wouldn't be opposed to that either," she agreed, glancing up at him shyly before he took her hand and started to lead her to his her room.

It felt strange having Alex going into her room. Her room was the most private place about her, she rarely let anyone go into her room and here she was happily inviting Alex in. It felt like a step for them and while it was weird, she kind of liked it. She closed the door behind them, not wanting Jason to accidentally see them if he came home before Alex got a chance to say something to them.
That and it made it feel more private. She sat down next to him on her bed but quickly adjusted the pillows and stretched out beside him, turning on her side.

"Okay...before I get into trivial questions about you, I really just have to ask this. Why me?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrows slightly as she looked up at him. While it felt kind of strange to have him there, she was actually quite comfortable there next to him. At that moment, she really didn't care whether or not Jason approved of their relationship. She wanted to be with Alex and she didn't care what her brother thought of their relationship, she just liked Alex.

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Hanna swallowed the lump in her throat that had formed as Alex spoke. Her heart was pattering wildly in her chest. She couldn't believe that he had said those things to her. Heck, she couldn't believe that he thought those things about her. He almost seemed too good to be true. She didn't see what was so great about her that Alex, cute and adorable with a hot lip ring that could bake, would actually be interested in her but after that answer, she definitely knew that he was.

She moved closer to him when he draped his arm over her waist, feeling kind of giddy having him so close to her. "I didn't. Not until a while ago actually," she answered honestly, tracing random patterns on his chest with her finger. "You've always been cute. You've always been hot and that lip ring is seriously to die for. But you've always been Jason's best friend. I never thought that you thought of me that way so I threw all of the thoughts I had of you to the furthest recesses of my mind and told myself that I didn't care because you were Alex. But I don't know. Today something was different. Probably because it was just you and me. But something clicked and I am very happy that it did," she answered with a grin.

She leaned in and pressed her lips to his, kissing him soft and slow but it was still a pretty short kiss. She knew that he told her not to do that but she felt strange starting an actual kiss. She was fine doing it with anyone else but it felt different with Alex. A good different. "What if Jason says no?" She asked him softly when she pulled away, biting her lip nervously. She knew that she was fine with still going out with him but she didn't want him to risk his friendship for her.

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Hanna grinned at him, leaning closer and barely brushing her lips against his. "'Cuz it's kinda fun," she answered, leaning into his hand when he touched her cheek. Her stomach was fluttering wildly with butterflies and her heart jumping in her chest. It had been too long since she'd felt like that and she'd forgotten how much she actually liked it. The last boyfriend she'd had only lasted a month and she hadn't felt anything near like how she was feeling lying there next to Alex. It was strange and different and she absolutely loved it.

When he sighed, Hanna wanted to kiss him again but she stopped herself and moved closer to him instead, pressing her lips softly against his neck as she listened to him. She feathered kisses up and down his neck as she listened to him. She was more than worried that Jason would say no. It seemed like the kind of spur of the moment decision that he would make in an attempt to be a good, over protective brother. She knew that Jason was going to be home soon so she decided that she was going to take the opportunity to kiss Alex now before he was chivalrous when Jason didn't give his permission.

She slowly kissed down his jaw, running her hand down his chest and up his back as she moved closer to him. Her lips were just a breath away from his, barely brushing against his when she spoke. "Okay fine, you can have a 'real kiss'," she muttered before pressing her lips against his, moving her hand up his back and running her fingers through the back of his hair. "I think I prefer real kisses," she told him when she pulled back to catch her breath. As soon as she did, she moved back to kiss him, smiling against his lips.

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Hanna couldn't think, she was too caught up in Alex to even want to think. It just felt too good to want to think about it. She tightened her leg around him, pressing herself closer to him when she felt his hand against her back. She blushed deeply when he ran his tongue along her lip and a soft moan broke past her lips. Happily opening her mouth wider, she brushed her tongue against his. Being with Alex was different than anyone she'd ever been with. It felt natural, normal, perfect and she didn't want it to stop. She knew that it had to but she never wanted it to be over.

When he pulled her on top of him, she moved her legs so she was straddling him. While he had his hands on her cheeks, she ran hers down his chest and under his shirt. She found herself loving it a lot more than she thought she would. It almost felt addictive and that was definitely an addiction she was willing to entertain. She was shocked when she felt herself wanting to do more with him, wanting to go further than just kissing with him. She knew she needed to stop but she really didn't want to. Before she could do something she may have regretted, she pulled away.

"If Jason says no, I am seriously going to kill him," she breathed, a smile on her swollen lips. After that, there was no way that she was going to let Jason stop her. She'd convince Alex to keep their relationship a secret it she had to, she just wanted to kiss him like that whenever she wanted. When the door opened downstairs, Hanna bit her lip and looked over at the closed door. "Why couldn't he just stay gone," she groaned, moving off Alex and sitting next to him on the bed instead.

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Hanna bit her lip, already missing kissing Alex. He raised an important question. They could always just pretend that Alex wasn't there and do whatever they wanted as they waited for Jason to do whatever it was that he did when he waited for Alex to arrive. They didn't have to tell him straight away. It could be amazing for a while, especially if Jason decided to say no and Alex wouldn't date her without his permission. No matter what Jason said though, Hanna knew that she was going to get with Alex. She was determined.

Moving over to him, she knelt behind him and kissed along his neck again. "Maybe we could wait just a little bit," she answered, running her hands over his shoulders as she kissed down his jaw. She really didn't want him to leave but started to feel guilty as she heard Jason moving around downstairs. He was waiting for Alex and here she was hiding with him upstairs and stealing him away from his best friend. With a sigh, she pulled away from him and ran her hand through her hair. "But we probably shouldn't wait. That would be kind of mean on Jason and as annoying as my brother is, I do care about him," she finally said, standing up from the bed.

"And as much as I love to keep you to myself up here, you came here for Jason and so you should probably go down. You don't have to tell him straight away and ruin your time with him but you should probably go to him," she told him with a smile, brushing her hair to one side of her neck. She definitely didn't want him to leave but she knew that he had to. "Now you just have to explain why you're coming from upstairs and not from outside," she said with a laugh, winking at him as she walked to her bedroom door and opened it for him.

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Hanna was ready for Alex to leave her to go down to Jason but then he closed the door and her eyes widened as she looked up at him. Jason was his best friend so she assumed that he'd be more than happy to go down and spend time with him like he'd planned. But she really hadn't realised what she'd done when she'd kissed him and she hadn't thought that it would make it harder for him to leave. She was just having a bit of fun, she hadn't meant to make him stay. She was about to say all that, to tell him that going to Jason was for the best and then he kissed her neck.

After that, she definitely understood why it was more difficult for him to leave. She happily let him pushed her against the wall, tilting her head to the side to give him better access as he kissed his way across her collarbone and up her neck. She bit her lip, her hands grabbing his shirt and her eyes closing as she pulled him closer to her. When he nibbled her earlobe, she moaned softly, loving how it felt, how he felt. "Yeah," she breathed, pulling him right up against her. "Jason can totally wait."

She moved her hand against the door until she could click the lock into place and moved her arms around his neck, running a hand up into his hair as she moved her lips against his. She was kissing him harder than she had been before, feeling more confident kissing him than she had before. He had to be one of the best kissers that she'd ever kissed and she wanted more. She ran a hand down his back and up under the his shirt.

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Hanna's eyes widened slightly when he pulled his shirt off. She wasn't expecting that but she wasn't complaining about it either. She was surprised at the muscles that she got a glimpse of, not knowing that he looked like that under his shirt. She would have liked to just stare at him longer but he was kissing her again, pulling her against him. She ran her hands over his back, feeling every ridge and loving how his lips felt against hers. She wanted to go further with him but she also knew that he had literally just asked her out that day so it probably wasn't a good idea.

She opened her mouth when she felt his tongue run along her lip and nearly moaned when his tongue met hers. She felt her knees go weak when he pulled her away from the wall and was thankful that he pulled her down onto the bed. Breaking the kiss, she lifted her shirt over her head and let it drop to the floor as she wrapped her arms around him again and pressed her lips to his once more. For some reason, it felt normal to be with him like that and she loved it.

Shifting where she straddling him, she moved her lips away from his and kissed along his jaw as she caught her breath. She had actually forgotten about Jason being downstairs, she was too caught up in Alex and she didn't want to be thinking about her brother while she was kissing Alex. She didn't want to be thinking of anything while she was kissing Alex. She couldn't think of anything. She was just moving on instinct, hoping that he was enjoying it as much as she was.

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Making out with Alex on her bed with their tops off was not what Hanna was expecting to do that day but she wasn't complaining. Alex was hot and he always had been so she had to admit that she may have thought about doing this with him once or twice but she never thought that it would actually happen. But with his hands all over her, she was more than glad that it was happening. It felt better than she imagined, better than it had with any other guy that she'd been with before him.

She hesitated when she felt him touch the clasp of her bra. She'd gone further with other guys but it was going really fast and she wanted to make sure that she was ready for that. But as she kissed him, she knew that wanted this. She wasn't going to sleep with him but she nodded quickly before kissing him again. "Do it," she muttered against his lips as her fingers traced the ridges of his muscles. She was quite impressed with his muscles as she really hadn't known that he was built like that under his clothes.

Rubbing one of her legs against his, she rolled her hips against his just once to see how he'd respond. She was curious to see how far he wanted to go but she was pretty sure that he wouldn't have minded sleeping with her, he was a seventeen year old guy after all, even if he was Jason's best friend. Gently tugging his bottom lip with her teeth, she quickly wondered whether they were moving too quickly. Then she wondered whether she cared or not.

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Hanna couldn't begin to describe how it felt to be there pressed against him. If Jason decided to say no then Hanna decided that she was going to convince Alex to be with her in secret because there was no way that she was giving that feeling up. She couldn't stop the moan when he moved his hips against hers and kissed down her neck. It was getting harder to keep quiet as he moved down her chest and she wanted him to keep going but he moved back up to her lips instead.

When he moved his hips against hers again, Hanna pulled back and bit her lip as she looked at him. She knew that she wanted this and she knew that he did to but she knew that Jason was still downstairs so without saying anything, she pushed him off her and stood up from the bed. She was hoping to freak him out just a little bit and make him think that she didn't want to sleep with him when she was really planning to. Picking up her phone, she pulled up some music and plugged it into her docking station, turning it up loud enough to drown them out. Turning around, she smirked at Alex and shrugged. "Jason's still downstairs," she explained as she walked back over to the bed.

She straddled him and started kissing along his jaw as she took his hands and placed them on her hips. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked, pulling back so she could look in his eyes. She knew that she wanted to but she assumed that it was different for him with her being his best friend's little sister. There were butterflies in her stomach as the thought of doing this with him but her heart was still racing at the thought of him saying that he didn't want to and rejecting her.

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Hanna couldn't stop herself from grinning against his lips as he kissed her, finding it adorable that he thought she was just going to tell him to get out. She didn't think that it was physically possible for her to turn him down at that point, she didn't think that he body would let her if she didn't want to sleep with him. When he reached for the button of her pants, she lifted her hips and pulled them off, tossing them on the floor.

Breaking the kiss, she looked up at him with a grin as she moved her hands down his chest and undid the button of his pants. "You totally thought I was going to tell you to stop or get out didn't you?" she asked, a light laugh in her voice as she remembered the cute blush of embarrassment he'd had when she turned around from putting music on. She was forcing herself not to kiss him as she looked down at him with a bright grin. He looked so handsome and his hands felt so good, she didn't know how she was managing.

She tugged his pants down as much as she could as she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his chest. She continued to kissed up his chest before she pressed her lips to his and kissed him deeply. Moving her hips against his, she felt her body start to heat up. It made her feel desperate knowing that she was getting impatient but she was. She felt horrible that there was a jolt of excitement running through her stomach knowing that Jason could knock on the door at any moment and find out what they were doing but there was.

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Hanna slipped her underwear on again and threw the clothes she had been wearing into her laundry basket. She was ready for a shower and was waiting for Alex to leave because she knew that he was going to go down to Jason in a minute. She didn't know if he knew how he was getting down there. They hadn't been thinking about how he was going to get down because they didn't even know they were going to end up in that situation.

She couldn't help but start dancing to the music as she tidied up her bed and let Alex sort himself out. She bit her lip and sat down on the bed. Jason knew or at least had some sort of idea what went on in her room when her music was loud. He never disturbed her when the music was on and he turned a blind eye when the guy slipped out of her room and out of the house. With the music on, she knew he would be expecting a guy to come out of her room and that couldn't happen.

She waved him off when he told her that Jason couldn't know, a smile on her lips. "Don't worry about it Alex. My sex life isn't usually a topic that comes up when I'm talking to Jason," she replied with a light laugh, turning so she was sitting on her bed with her legs stretched out in front of her. When he kissed her forehead, her smile got even wider at the cuteness of the gesture. She really didn't want him to have to go but it wasn't fair on Jason. "When? Oh I don't know. I'm free on Friday?" She suggested with a shrug, tossing his shoes towards him.

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Hanna nodded with a smile, crossing her legs at her ankles but then she furrowed her eyebrows. "But only after six," she told him quickly and then thought about it again. "Six twenty. I'm free on Friday after six twenty," she said with a nod, her stomach beginning to fill with butterflies at the thought of going on a date with him. She knew that Alex was cute so she wondered what he was going to plan but she wasn't going to ask him since she loved surprises. She didn't know if she was going to be able to wait till Friday to see him again though, not after what had just happened.

Twirling a piece of hair around her finger, she started to think about excuses she could make to see him. She didn't know when else she could see him but she did know that he was planning on going down to hang out with Jason so she just needed an excuse to go down and get close enough to Alex to tease him a little bit. That was going be fun to try and having Jason there was just going to make it even more fun. If she got caught, she didn't even need to make something up. She could always just say that she was trying to flirt with him because she had a crush.

She let him pull her to her feet and placed her hands on his cheeks before pressing her lips to his and kissing him long and slow. It made her want to convince him to ditch Jason and just stay in bed with her but she knew that would be a bad thing to do on her brother. She let the kiss break off naturally and grinned up at him. "Yeah, I'll see you later," she answered before pulling away from him completely and grabbing a towel from the press. "I'm going to shower but I'll see you soon," she told him before walking into the bathroom.

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Jason had been waiting for Alex to arrive when he heard the music on in Hanna's room. He knew that he should have been more worried about his baby sister but it happened a bit too often for him to care anymore. That was unless he met the guy. If he did then he made sure that they knew he was ready to protect his little sister and they usually went scurrying, something Jason always enjoyed to watch. So when the doorbell rang after he got a text from Alex, he was more than delighted to have a little company to scare off the guy that was going to be coming out of Hanna's room pretty soon.

Opening the door, he grinned at his friend only to catch the look of pain in his eyes. "Hey, you okay?" he asked as he held the door open for him to walk in. He hadn't said anything about being injured so Jason didn't know if he was or if he was just seeing things where there was nothing. Leaving the door open, he walked inside and continued eating the cookies on the plate sitting on the coffee table in the living room. "You have to try one of these cookies Alex. My mom must have made them before my parents left. They're amazing," he told him as he sat down.

Hanna showered as quickly as she could, wanting to get downstairs to crash Alex and Jason's play date. She hesitated as she picked out something to wear, wanting to come off as casual but still impress Alex. She pulled on a pair of shorts and a fitted top, drying her hair quickly and then running downstairs, nearly slipping but managing to catch herself from falling just in time. Strolling into the living room, she picked up one of Alex's cookies off the plate and tried not to snicker when she heard Jason say that their mom made it.

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Jason narrowed his eyes at Alex, still feeling that there was something wrong with him but if Alex said that he was good then he trusted him. He was his best friend after all. If he didn't trust Alex then their friendship would mean nothing and all those years of friendship would be tainted. Shaking off his bit of worry for him, Jason turned to his sister with a raised eyebrow. "So Han, who was the music for and do I need to get Alex to help me teach him a lesson about messing with my little sister?" he asked him, nudging Alex with his elbow.

Hanna's eyes caught on Alex's and she saw the pain he was trying to hide so she improvised. "You can go up if you want but he wasn't impressive enough to need the two of you. He's just alright," she told Jason who grinned at her, took a cookie and pushed up off the seat. Walking out of the room, he jogged up the stairs and towards Hanna's room while Hanna followed him out but walked into the kitchen, wrapped a bag of frozen peas in a towel and returned to Alex with a grin.

"You look like you're in pain," she told him as she sat down next to him and handed him the makeshift ice pack. "Jumped out the window and hurt your ankle?" she guessed, placing her hand on his knee and inching it up his thigh. She kept her eyes on his as she did this, pretending that she wasn't doing it on purpose when she definitely was. She just wanted to tease him while she waited for Jason to come back down from checking her room for the guy who had been sitting right next to him.

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Hanna nodded, a smirk on her lips, especially when he stopped her hand moving up his thigh. "Oh I know," she replied, leaning in and kissing his cheek. "Maybe that was the point," she told him with a shrug. "It's pretty fun to tease you with Jason confused upstairs as he looks for the guy who was in my room with me when you're sitting right next to me," she elaborated with a teasing grin as she moved closer to Alex so she could rest her head on his shoulder. She liked that even that felt great, just being next to him felt amazing.

"How do we explain your ankle to Jason?" she mused, tracing circles on the top of his back with her index finger. She looked around the room as she tried to find a solution to their problem. Reaching forward, she took the last cookie from the plate, split it in half, handed one side to Alex and ate the other. She knew exactly what she was going to do but she had to made it believable so she didn't tell Alex what she was going to do and just went with her plan.

Taking her hand off his leg, she hit the plate and sent it crashing to the floor. Before he could react, she grimaced and hit his ankle hard but not enough to injure it anymore than it already was. "Alex!" she shouted in fake surprise and then turned back to look at him with a smile. "And now you fell over the table and sprained your ankle," she told him, providing him with an excuse. "And you were walking because you wanted to help Jason find the guy I was with because he was taking so long. Okay, play it cool and you've gotta come see me," she said hurriedly, leaning in and kissing his lips quickly, winking as she stood up from her seat just in time.

"Wow, what happened?" Jason asked as he walked inside and looked around the room.

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Hanna cringed when she realised that she'd made a mistake. She really hadn't meant to hit him that hard and she felt absolutely terrible that she'd hurt him that much. She opened her mouth to apologise but Jason walked in so she shut her mouth and shoved her hands in her pockets as Alex started explaining how he hurt his ankle. Jason looked shocked as Alex explained but then he started laughing, feeling kind of bad that he was but she really had to.

"Jason, go get him some ice," Hanna ordered, sticking her tongue out at Jason when he rolled his eyes and walked out of the room to get Alex some ice. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry, I really didn't mean to hurt you," she whispered in a rush, placing her hands the sides of Alex's face and pressing her lips to his. "Can I make it up to you later?" she asked, biting her lip and worrying whether or not he would be okay with that after she just hit the sprained ankle he got from jumping out her window.

Jason walked back in with the ice and handed it to Alex right after Hanna had moved away from him again. "No actually. I didn't. Han, what did he do? Jump out your window?" Jason asked with a laugh as he sat down. He didn't know how the guy Hanna had been with left without him knowing but he did know that she had been with someone. "Hey, you didn't see anyone when you were coming in did you?" he asked Alex, not knowing that Hanna was silently busting up laughing behind him.

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Jason frowned, tapping his fingers against his lips as he wondered where the guy could be. He really didn't care that much about catching Hanna's flavour of the month but since the guy had just disappeared instead of awkwardly running out of the house, Jason was more than curious to know what happened to him. "Somewhere else in the house..." Jason mused, studying his sister carefully but she just gave him an innocent smile in return and shrugged at him. "Somewhere else in the house. I totally bet he is," he decided before turning around and walking out of the room.

Shaking her head, Hanna sat down next to Alex again with a smile on her lips. "He is so easy," she laughed, taking Alex's hand and lacing her fingers with his and resting their hands on her leg. "I really am sorry. It was kinda funny but I'm really sorry. How bad is it?" she asked, biting her lip, her eyes filled with concern as she pulled one of her legs up under her. She loved how it felt to just hold his hand, like they just fit together. She knew it sounded cliche but she really didn't care.

"Sure, I'll grab your guitar," she replied, leaning in a kissing his cheek quickly before standing up and going to get his guitar. Part of her was wishing that they could just tell Jason so they could hold hands in public, so he could put his arm around her, so she could kiss him whenever she wanted to. But unfortunately, Jason wasn't ready to hear that yet so Hanna knew she was just going to have to keep it quiet. She walked back into the room, guitar in hand, a few moments later and handed it to Alex, sitting down next to him again.

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