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message 1: by Zeni (new)

Zeni Taubl | 308 comments So I came across a word when I was reading and I didn't know what it meant. It struck me so hard that I actually stopped to Google it, which is not normally something I do. Now I waited until I finished the chapter and grabbed a small notebook and wrote the word and it's meaning down. But all of this got me to thinking, what do other people do when this happens to them? So now that is what I am asking the rest of you guys.

message 2: by Om (new)

Om Chand | 1 comments I read most of my books on kindle. Kindle has this feature to show the meaning of a word that you select.

message 3: by Groovy (new)

Groovy Lee I pretty much do what you do, Zeni. I stop and look it up or else it will bug me and I wouldn't understand the context of the sentence unless I know what that word is!

That's a good feature on Kindle though...

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth Roberts | 36 comments Yes, it is one of my favorite Kindle features, along with the ability to directly connect to a corresponding Wikipedia article for in-depth background on people and events as you encounter them in a book

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 4248 comments I google a word if I don't know it. This does happen sometimes, especially if I like the 'sound' of the word

message 6: by Jagoda (new)

Jagoda | 4 comments What I usually do (when it comes to english books, of course) is avoiding those words as English isn't my mother tongue. There are plenty of those words that I don't understand and checking all of them would be impossible UNLESS I am really curious and the word seems like I would use it in essay or short story Or basically something that caught my attention.. Though, when it comes to polish books I chceck unidentified words in dictionary :)

message 7: by Rokkan (new)

Rokkan (rokk) | 141 comments I read a lot on Kindle, but today I decided that if I had to look up the meaning of a word I'd take the time to write it down in a notebook. Which is actually a diary I bought but never started in... There are worse things for a disused diary to become, I'm sure!

message 8: by LaLine (new)

LaLine | 411 comments With printed books I use a 3x5 card as my bookmark and keep a pen or pencil close by. Then when I see I word I don't know I write it down on my card and look it up after I finish the chapter or reach a natural pausing place. I hate interrupting the flow of my reading just to look up a word.

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