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Sword & Laser nod from G.R.R. Martin

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message 1: by Nokomis.FL (new)

Nokomis.FL (nokomisfl) | 316 comments George R.R. Martin likes The Expanse, James S.A.Corey and the Sword & Laser podcast

message 2: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneychakara) | 179 comments thought this was a new episode. however, i do like to rematch the old shows every now and then. plus its pretty cool that GRRM is writing about it on his blog.

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim | 477 comments Well technically it wasn't GRRM, it was one of his helpers.

message 4: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneychakara) | 179 comments tomato,tomato as the saying goes.

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Richter (stephenofllongbeach) | 1318 comments I found this group one year ago, but I really hated the fact I could not talk about Tigana because I loved it so much, and yes I want to marry it. Plus Simon Vance is the gold standard in audio narration in my opinion.

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