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Located near the main council tower, it's obvious from the Lyrania is connected to wealth. The building is large and lavish looking, fancy seeming from the outside. The inside is an entirely different matter. Being the tinkerer she is, bits and pieces of her inventions are strewn all over every room in the house.

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Xal glanced at the sheet he held in his hand which only had an address tainted the white paper. He'd been informed by one of his trusted rats that he had within his own gang that a woman had the displeasure of seeing something she was definitely not allowed to see. He huffed out a breath, the damn Dinivt played dirty despite their name, he'd much rather avoid bloodshed but sometimes to protect your own you had no choice. Anyway, Xal glanced at the posh looking building and fought the urge to snort and mutter something rather lewd but contained the urge with the reminder that he was attempting to blend in. So Xal, better known in the city as Shy Max, headed towards the entrance of the building with his loyal border collie, Cersei. "Check," he told Cersei who looked at him, raised an ear before she darted off to check around the building as instructed --mainly to stop anyone from booking it which happened a lot despite you'd think-- while Xal lifted his hand and knocked on the door then shoved his hands into his pockets as he waited for some sort of greeting or an indication that he had to come around later in the case no one was home.

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((Quick question-Would he have been one of the people killing originally btw?))

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Looking up, Lyrania frowned slightly as she heard a knock on the door. Who would visit her? Really the only person was her brother Evander, and she knew that he was busy today. So who could it be? She put down her screwdriver and her tinkering, rubbing at a black smudge on her nose but only really making it worse. "Come on, Malik." She told the big Tervuren dog by her side as he usually was. As she walked toward the door she wiped her hands on a rag, but the rag was so dirty it didn't really help. Despite her house, she was not exactly a sweet little princess-y type like her wealth and everything implied. Which was obvious the instant she opened the door. "Hey-" She started cheerfully, then she stared at him. It didn't even take her an instant to remember him. That wasn't something you forgot that easily. The problem was that she didn't really know anything about how to defend herself. And she instantly assumed he was here to kill her or something drastic, so she was instantly terrified. She started backing away, her already pale face even paler and making her freckles stand out sharper. Biting her lip, she edged down the hallway until her back hit the closet door, where she then slid down the door until she was sitting with her knees pulled up in front of her with her back against the door. With her big dark eyes and messy braided hair and the smudges of black all over her face she looked like a little kid. The big dog stood beside her, growling at Xal.

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((I'm just going to say he was because reasons))

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((No he's too busy to bother with something like that... but oh well... unless it was him they planned to kill so in that sense it would work))

Xal glanced over at the door when he heard someone approach, taking out a hand from his pocket just in case he needed to protect himself and waited for the door to open. Xal' lips curled into a smile and he was about to reply to her chirped greeting when she reacted badly. So he could assume she had seen him as well when the incident occurred, pleasant. He cringed waiting for her to scream or something but instead ended up watching her retreat into her home and soon slid down to the floor. He had to admit, she looked adorable, in a little kid sense. His gaze shifted to her large dog and smiled, "gorgeous dog," he said and then looked at her, unfazed by the growling. "May I come in? I just wish to speak to you," he said, biting his tongue so he didn't say something lewd. He doubted this girl would take kindly to it, hell it looked like she'd rather be anywhere else on earth than here. He didn't enter right away, mainly waiting for a response which telling by her shocked fearful state might not happen, but also to wait for Cersei who he heard padding right next to him, sitting down and panted from her run, her gaze on the dog and his master.

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Looking up at him, Lyra didn't look set at ease in anyway. But she gave a quick, brief nod before resting her forehead on her knees, shaking. Almost unconsciously she reached out for Malik, edging closer to him. She absently scratched behind his ears, trying to take deep breaths to try and do her best to calm herself down. It didn't help. She didn't believe him when he said he just wished to speak with her, that much was obvious. The poor girl was terrified, and that was obvious as well. At last she looked up at him again, her eyes still wide and frightened. "I didn't do anything." She said softly, pleadingly. "It's not my fault I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I didn't mean to see anything, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I wish I hadn't been there, I wish I hadn't seen anything... Please." She begged desperately, staring at him. "I don't work for the council, I'm just related to members. He doesn't tell me anything, I don't know anything, but if you need anything else I'll help you just please, I don't want to die."

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Xal grinned when she nodded, he'd rather not be forceful to this already terrified girl, if she stayed this compliant then they wouldn't have a problem in the slightest and he can get on with his very busy day. So Cersei entered the house with a short whistle from Xal and the man entered behind his dog before he closed the door behind him, and locked it so no one could stumble upon this discussion, he didn't need more of a mess to deal with. Xal repectivelt kept his distance from the poor frightened girl, truly hoping the dog won't attack him, he liked dogs, he'd rather not kill one protecting himself. Xal exhaled when she went on her little rant, shaking his head before he burst out into deep almost booming laughter at the end where she mentioned dying. Cersei looked at him, tail wagging against the floor where she sat, reacting to his laughter. Xal held his stomach, holding his finger up to single to hold for a moment. Once he sobered he inhaled deeply and pinned his blue eye that sparkled with amusement on her own frightful ones. "Chill kid, I'm not here to kill you, I'm no idiot. I'm here to ensure you don't tell anyone, mainly anyone who will spread it to the Dinvit," he stated simple, his persona becoming more serious and businesslike. He waved a hand uncaring, "I care about the Council as much as I care about sex, which isn't any shits. As long as you keep your mouth shut about what happened then there is no point in killing you and possibly having a target on my head," Xal stated firmly. He then raised a brow at her, "can you handle that?" He paused then, rethinking over what she said and snorted, "if I need anything?" He muttered and shook his head, she was sure desperate not to die, didn't she realize she could have just sold herself to be a prostitute just by saying that? Foolish kid.

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The door locking made Lyra jump, though honestly she wouldn't have expected any less. When he started laughing she flinched sharply, her terror only growing. Great. Now he wasn't just someone here to kill her, he was an absolute psycho here to enjoy killing her and draw it out. That was comforting. Not. "I'm not going to tell anyone besides... Well, I already talked to my brother. But I made him swear not to do anything about it! Since I didn't get hurt he really doesn't care but I've never seen anyone die before and I was upset when I saw him and he asked why and I told him I'm sorry!" She pleaded desperately, staring at him hopelessly. She was now about 100% sure he was going to kill her. And with torture since she had told someone. When he repeated what she had said about anything she realized her mistake instantly, and her eyes widened. It didn't affect her at all that he had already said he didn't care about sex, she had no reason to believe him so she quickly rushed to add, "Well, anything within reason. I mean I'm not going to fuck you like Mama always made me but almost anything else, I just don't want to die."

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Xal groaned and pinched the bridge of his nosem. Course she told the brother on the Council. Now he probably had to talk to him... or he could get Dagger to.. he smirked a bit having a feeling that Dagger just might enjoy threatening a Council member. He released his nose and leveled his gaze with her, his eyes suddenly sharp and serious. "Do not apologize, it's stupid, I'll have someone talk to your brother, Evander is the guy right?" Cersei at this point settled herself to laying down at Xal's feet, laying her head over her paws but kept her gaze trained on Lyra and her dog.
He rolled his eyes at her comment, "you never clarified, I swear to god if this is your reaction to ever threat you will be sinning heavily," he drawled, making a reference to gos with the whole sinning thing as well as doing nasty shit. Xal backtracked then and furrowed his brows, arms crossed over his chest and he repeated her sentence in his head, jaw clenching as he realized what she meant and found himself pissed. Not a good time to be pissed since the girl was already terrified but eh, she brought it up. "In exchange for your silence on that matter, along with your brother's, I won't kill you as well as you both will owe me a favor. Don't bother asking me what the favor will be because I won't tell you," Xal informed her, the anger still clear as day surrounding him like a thick fog. "I can assure you though, I won't be forcing any kind of sexual ineractions or anything of the like, if you don't take my word on that than it sucks to be you," he said and for a moment his anger vanished, lip twitching as he made a mental comment about sucking something else before his amusement was gone. "You'll be watched from now on, so I'll know if you disobey this, understood?" He asked, tilting his head a bit with his brow raised, as if daring her to argue against him. He was curious to know exactly what she meant by her mom comment, it was like an itch that couldn't be scratched. He had been raised by his single intersex mother, a woman that he looked up to and loved deeply but he was aware not everyone was so lucky which made him furious at those who dare thought they could abuse children in anyway.

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Lyra edged closer and closer to her big dog, half hugging him. "I'm sorry, but he's my brother. I told him as a brother, not as a council member. He won't do anything." She protested, shaking her head. She was scared by a lot of things, mostly situations like someone coming into her house and threatening her, but Evander was her brother and the first friend she had. She wasn't going to let anything happen to him. "I can't promise what he'll do. I don't want him to tell anyone, but there are no guarantees. And I wouldn't be able to promise that he'd give you a favor either." She explained, staring at him plaintively. Anger was practically rising from him in a cloud, and it was obvious it only scared her further. "You can't blame me. I have no reason to trust you." She pointed out, "I mean, I'd really appreciate non sexual stuff, but I don't have a reason to believe you when you say that." She pleaded, looking up at him plaintively. Her dark red braid fell into her face, long strands obscuring her freckles.

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Xal waved his hand at her with a shake of his head before replacing his hand on his arm. "Whichever you still told him, and that is the true threat that I am containing," he stated firmly and shifted on his feet, straightening himself to stand at his true height since he had been slumping a bit. Xal hummed, "that is why I am sending someone to discuss this with him directly, I am positive that your brother will see reason." Espeically if he tasked Dagger with this assignment, hopefully this won't cause too much of bump. Fucken sakes, Dinvit needs to get the fuck out of their way. "Either way, I have not come here to discuss your brother, and even if you may have no trust in me, it truly only effects you. You can either make yourself sick with worry or get over it," he said and paused so he wouldn't end up blurting out a comment for the whole sucking thing. He needed to stop using that word, at least until he dealt with this. He sighed before he couched down to stroke Cersei. "So, I'd rather not ask again, do you understand? Will you keep silent and offer a favor to me in return for sparing you life?"

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Looking up at him with her dark eyes, Lyra but her lip hard. It was obvious she was thinking something over, but it was also obvious there was really only one option for her to choose. "Yes. Alright, fine, I understand." She agreed with a sigh, looking down. But if she was going to see him again she didn't want to be shaking in fear, so she decided that she would make herself trust him. Swallowing hard she shifted forward on her knees until she was close enough that she held out a hand for him to shake in their deal. "Lyra. I'm Lyra. This is Malik-" she paused to look back at the dog and when she moved her shirt shifted and moved, showing the beginning of an electrical scar on her lower back and the ends of one on her shoulders. "Malik also knows, but I didn't think that the four legged kinds were the kind of witnesses you were worried about." She gave a tiny, anxious smile as she looked back at him.

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Xal stroked Cersei's fur as she thought to herself, allowing her to take time, he was a patient man, occasionally. Xal chuckled, "intelligent choice, though I already sensed you were smart," he said and flicked his gaze around the place. He could smell it all, as well as blatantly see all her tinker pieces. Xal heard a noise and glanced back at Lyra to see that she was closer to him now and putting on a brave face making him smirk a bit. Xal nodded his head in greeting and glanced at Malik but his gaze was drawn to the interesting markings he could just catch glimspes of. Curious. Xal chuckled, "unless there is someone who can communicate with animals I don't think I have a problem with him," he stated amused. He straighted a bit in his couched stance and took her hand with his to firmly shake her hand. "I am Max, often called Shy Max, this gorgeous girl is Cersei," he said releasing her hand and instead began ruffling his pups fur who glanced at him panting, tail wagging.

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Instantly Lyra's attention was focused on the dog, and though she smiled briefly at Max her gaze went right to Cersei. "I must admit it'd be nicer to meet the pair of you if it wasn't in this situation, but we can salvage something positive from this. After all someone with a dog like that can't be all bad, right?" She chuckled, carefully holding out a hand for the collie to sniff and then lightly scratching behind her ears. Malik moved forward beside her, studying the intruders with simple curiosity now that there wasn't as much fear coming from Lyra. "He won't bite you I promise. And he loves it if you scratch him behind the ears." She explained, shifting uncomfortably. She reached back and removed a screwdriver from her back pocket where she had been sitting on it and been really uncomfortable because of it. A possible weapon she had completely not even considered. She set it on the counter, but of course her gaze caught a glimpse of something she pulled down into her lap. It was a mass of wires threaded together and around each other to create a bird. She flicked a button on it and the bird flapped its wings and opened its mouth as if to sing. She smiled for a moment before the wings sped up uncontrollably. She sighed slightly, pulling at one of the wing feathers, which instantly made the whole thing collapse into a pile of wires and other mechanics from the insides. She was a huge perfectionist with her own stuff. She set the wires and metal back down onto the counter above them, returning her attention to Cersei and happily stroking the dogs head.

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Xal knew his name was, well the name he went by didn't fit him. He was anything but shy and frankly didn't look like a Max. His name meant a lot to him, a constant reminder of the path he took to support his mother, to remember what it meant to kill which was the main reason he avoided it as much as possible but in his line of work...Xal pushed those thoughts away and chuckled, "depending on the situation I doubt we would have met otherwise," he stated. He didn't meet too many people besides gang members or those who visited the diner his mother worked at that he helped out at as much as possible. Xal stared at her, looking offended, "hay, I was great before I got the bitch too," he stated, smirking a bit. He could not let that opprotunity pass. Cersei hesitated when she held out her hand for her to sniff, glancing at Xal and he only nodded which made Cersei sniff the woman's hand but truly began to suck up when got scratched causing her tail to wag and for her to lean slightly into the touch. Xal had spent much time training Cersei, he was also basically an overprotective father so he trained her to ask permission before the dog did most things.
Xal turned his attention to Malik and grinned, he did adore dogs so he held his hand out for the other dog to sniff and once he knew the dog didn't mind, he scratched the large dog behind the ears. Normally, he wouldn't act like this in the presence of someone other than his mother, at least he'd act more lewdish or cruel depending the audience but from her reaction, it seemed that she wasn't too aware of the reputation of Shy Max, plus they had a silence code as of current. He should probably mention before he left that any talk of his visit or her even seeing him was forbidden. If Divint found out that she had encountered him, she would have a far worse fate than this interaction which in many terms wasn't that bad in the least.
Xal drew out of his thoughts when he heard something and he turned to see her with a pile of wires and other mechanical pieces. Xal raised a brow, wondering what he had missed when he'd been giving Malik some loving. -Don't you dare- He then proceeded to watch her return to petting Cersei. He watched the girl for a moment, examining her carefully. "I should probably mention, if you tell anyone, even your brother about your interaction with me and what exactly was said and done here today, you won't only have to worry about me."

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Shifting her position slightly, Lyra smiled as she bonded with the dog. Then she reluctantly removed her hand, having an idea. She reached for the wire and started twisting it again, wrapping it over itself to create another design, sometimes using the screwdriver to adjust parts of it. She spoke as she worked, "I'm ignorant, not stupid. I don't know anything about gangs and stuff, but after having my brother and myself threatened, I figured out pretty quickly to keep my mouth shut." She said dryly, glancing over at him as she picked up the small motor that had been in the bird, beginning to put it in the current design. "Believe it or not, I'm not an idiot. I do know who you are, Max. I just see no way to distinguish what stories about you I've heard are real. I figure someone as well known as you, people will make stuff up and things will get exaggerated, so I'm waiting to judge you on my own terms." She explained, looking over at him. She was a nice person, and it took her a while to judge people by her own terms. Stories and reputation she took into consideration, but she wasn't stupid enough to believe all of them. After another moment she checked over her wire creation, examining it for any flaws. It wasn't finished, she knew. But it was easy to tell what it was even with just the front half of it done, a sculpture of Cersei. She smiled, reaching in and starting to hook up wires from the hinged mouth to the motor.

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"I distinctively recall calling you intelligent moments before," Xal drawled, pointing that fact out, "nor do I recall calling you stupid. I thought I'd be considerate and inform you of that fact just in case," he stated with a shrug. "Besides, you should educate yourself otherwise you could meet other people who aren't as friendly as me," he informed her. He flicked his gaze to look at her, watching her as she began fliddling with the machanical pieces and wire. He raised his brow in surprise, mainly because she had such a dull reaction for knowing who he was, but whp cares. "Well you've hit the mark there, should state that any rumors of me being some man whore is false," he muttered and had to wonder why some people were desperate for attention to make shit like that up. "Since you know of my reputation, you must be aware that I cannot allow it to be tarnished by someone spreading around I have a soft spot for dogs," he said with a wink, lightening the mood which was something that he often did with his hilarious jokes. He glanced at what she was doing and sat himself down on the floor to watch her. This only offered Cersei the chance to put her upper body onto his lap and rested her head on his thigh. Xal immediately began stroking Cersei and spoke, "can I ask what you're doing? Exactly," he added since he didn't appreciate vague replies when he was curious about something.

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"I'm not involved in that world. I don't have a reason to learn it. I wouldn't be involved in it now if it wasn't for a complete and utter accident. It was a case of wrong place wrong time. Now I will actively avoid dark alleys instead of just not caring about them." Lyra chuckled, using the screwdriver to bend a piece of the wire more sharply. "What am I doing? Well, I don't really like to sit still. I hate it, actually. And it's almost impossible for me to do. I've always liked to make things, and it's how I lived with myself when I was younger. It was easier to think about what I would make next rather then everything else. So I'm making something. It's habit, and I'm good at it. Keeps my hands busy. I like dogs too, and Cersei is gorgeous. Inspiration I guess? So I'm making a thing using her." She explained, lifting up the wire statue pointedly. She gave almost a sheepish smile, looking embarrassed. Great. She just told a big gang boss that she did arts and crafts. They were really impressive arts and crafts, with wire and electricity and danger, and was the reason she had an electricity scar all over her back.

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"You live in the world so you're involved whether you like it or not, isolation only gets you so far," he pointed out. Plus this place just screamed money from the outside so anyone needing cash could find a way to break in and if they were desperate enough, would kill if her if they viewed her as a threat. Xal began laughing at her words, shaking his head in amusement, "dark alleys aren't always the places that should be feared, especially in this day and age, and office building could be as dangerous as being in on a street during a turf war," he said, knowing that it was the Council and the Resistance fault for that, mainly of course. Xal silently listened to her as he stroked Cersei, feeling quite comfortable in the girl's presence, he didn't feel the need or desire to forcefully be someone he truly wasn't. It was a nice change, plus he kinda was exhausted from the last few days so this was his resting time. Xal smiled though, "thing using her is probably the worst combination of words you could have used... no, there is probably worse," he mused with a smirk. "But don't be embarrassed, it's cool. What kinds of things do you usually tinker up?" He asked, purely curious and frankly wanted a break before he had to go off and do other shit.

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"Well luckily I don't go to offices either." Lyra chuckled. "I usually stay here or getting stuff for my little inventions, or if Evander makes me go somewhere with him." The girl smiled as she looked over at him. "I guess it depends. I can fix almost anything, but I really like making things." She explained, standing and obviously beginning to look for something. She shuffled through a stack of papers on the table, sending a couple flying. A picture of her mother floated down to the ground to land beside of Max, but she didn't seem to notice. At last she discovered what she'd been looking for buried under papers and pulled it out triumphantly. "Here." She smiled, sitting back down across from him, still not noticing the picture. She was far too focussed on what she'd gotten. It was a bird a lot like the other, only more older seeming, and this one had metal plates around the wire. It was starting to rust in some places, and when she pushed the button it creaked, making her smile at the familiar sound. "I've always liked making these birds, and this was the first one I ever made." She explained, reaching over to pull another one off the table and compare the two. The second one she showed him was probably better, as she had made it a couple weeks ago, but she had sentimental attachment to the first.

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"Lucky, places like that are shit, I swear I develop claustrophobia just by entering those kind of places," Xal muttered with an eye roll. He needed to go into places like that occasionally, recently it was to HarmanKnight since he had to meet with the CEO being Aston Harman, he needed to discuss payment to get weapons and supplies. "This place isn't as secure as it seems either keep in mind, espeically looking so posh," he pointed out. He then hummed at what she said, thinking about that favor he would eventually ask of her. He watched her as she looked through the paper but his attention, along with Cersei's, was drawn to the photograph that flitted over and landed near him. He examined the image slightly, frowning from what he recalled Lyra had mentioned about her mother and he assumed that was the woman in the picture. He snapped his back to her when she spoke again. He examined the two birds she held in her hands curiously, noting the difference between them. "They're amazing," he said and cringed, "I should have used a better word," he grumbled, amazing was so lame, the word not the concept of course. He then plucked the photo off the ground and looked at Lyra, handing it to her with the image face down so she didn't see it. "This slipped away from you," he informed her.

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Lyrania laughed, looking over at him. "Then don't enter those kinds of places, silly." She admonished him, though she was grinning. "I know it's not secure, but well, it's more secure than you think. And I'm not as helpless as you think. I'm no good at fighting, but I use my brain. For instance, when you came in? I went over here for a reason." She opened the closet door behind her and reached to the side, pulling out one end of a couple of wires. "It's not foolproof, of course. And it won't always work, but if you had come any closer or tried to stab or strangle me, well, I can promise if I touch both of these to you you will drop like a ton of bricks. Trust me on that. I've gotten much worse shocks but this will give out some hurt." She explained, absently scratching her shoulder and the tip of the scar visible there. "Oh, tha-" She started to thank him for handing her the picture, but then she flipped it over to see who it was and stopped short. Even though it was just a picture fear flashed through her face and she crumpled it up, tossing it at a nearby trashcan (and missing, the paper ball falling beside it). She hugged her knees up to her chest, biting her lip. "It's Angelica. My mom." she offered by way of explanation, swallowing hard. Now she didn't just look young, she felt young, remembering arguments with her mom that always ended in Lyra losing (no matter if she was right) and getting some punishment for it.

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Xal snorts, "like it's that easy, when work calls for it there isn't much I can do about it," he stated with a shrug. It tended to be a complication with everyone. Xal smirked at her, "still not that secure, many people like using guns," he stated and lifted his shirt to show the pistol that was tucked into his pants. Though this caused one of his tattoos to reveal itself, a bit at the very least before he pulled what little of the shirt he pulled up, down once more. "Besides, I had someone scan the place before I entered, I can't put myself at risk like that," he teased her. At her comment of getting worse shocks his gaze went to where she rubbed, the marks he'd noticed earlier and understood what she meant immediately.
Xal's eyes widened at her reaction to the imagine before he clenched his jaw, feeling his horrible temper begin to rise, directed at this mother of her's. He whistled and Cersei got up, trotting over and tranfer the crumbled picture into the trashcan before returning to Xal. "Erm... what do you like about birds?"

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"I don't need a job." Lyrania chuckled, tucking the wires back into the closet and closing the door again. "I never said it was good, but it's better than nothing." She pointed out, then sighed. "I'm sorry, I know it was a bit of an overreaction to just a picture." She blushed, looking embarrassed. "I just... Everything thing that she did... And I know legally she doesn't have a connection to me anymore, and I know she doesn't care enough to come visit me or anything, it's really irrational to still be afraid of her. I know she's alive but I also know she doesn't care about me but she's so greedy and mean and I just can't help it. I don't get many visitors and every time I hear that doorbell ring I just imagine it's her coming back to get me again and..." She shuddered violently, glancing at the door anxiously for an instant before Malik leaned against her and she twitched in shock and fear before she realized who it was and began petting him staring down. "I'm sorry. There was no need to waste your time with all that, it's just... Well, I just don't dare tell Evander, and I don't have anyone else to talk to." She swallowed hard, shaking her head sharply before addressing what he'd actually said. She talked enough as it was but now she felt bad for telling him all this stuff he probably didn't even care about, and she was rambling. "Birds? Well it's not them specifically, they just have an interesting design. I can get my birds to hover in the air using magnets, but my goal is to get one to actually be able to fly." She explained, trying desperately to distract herself again.

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"Lucky to be you then but majority of other people do require to work," Xal pointed out and sighed. You'd think he'd make other people handle superficial things like visiting other people but he had serious trust issues that made sense being apart of a gang of course. Xal nodded at her next comment, "touche," he mused, "but you should get better especially if any of my gang members decide to take matters into his own hand," he informed her. He couldn't control everything everyone in his gang did, most of the time he could only deal out the consequences. Xal shook his head, "I've seen worse," he assured, "you can't really rationalize fear." Xal silently listened to her as she told him about her mother and yet was pretty vague on the topic. He'd have to get someone to do a background check on her and actually give it to him. If this woman was alive he should pay her a 'friendly' visit. He shook his head, "fear is only heightened by the element of 'what if'. It makes sense to think that espeically once your mind developed that fear of her. Just another reason to advance your security because the possibility will always hang over your head and plague you," he murmured. He waved his hand in a shaking motion when she apologized, "don't, I am completely extorting you at the moment to specifically waste my time so I can have a moments rest, you're doing perfect," he said giving her a thumbs up with a smirk. When he heard that she hadn't told her brother caused him to internally question her reasons why but he didn't question aloud. "Well there is no better secret keeper than a gang leader," he said with a smirk and a wink before he nodded. He'd mainly asked to distract her from the whole mother thing. He hummed with a nod and thought about it and grinned a bit, flying mechanical birds, that would definitely be something. "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

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"Well, I had to work when I was younger but not now. My dad was a council member who didn't want people to know I existed, and my mom was a conniving bitch who used that to her advantage. Of course she always blew through it all and I had to earn it back for her, but I almost died and she flipped. Well, I did die, my heart stopped but started again. So I went to live with Dad, well not quite with, he didn't want me to exist, but I've never had to work since." Lyra explained, looking at him. Obviously she had no qualms talking to him. She wasn't exactly the most secretive person ever. She'd decided she trusted him and after that she would tell people she trusted almost anything. And she trusted quickly, which was not a good combination. "The birds? I'm trying to. I can get them to flap their wings, but the trick is keeping the bird light enough but also having a big enough motor to run it. I just haven't found the right balance yet." She explained, biting her lip as she stared at her birds determinedly. Then she blinked, grinning slightly. "So.... security? What kind of security should I get to keep you big scary gang members out?" She teased, scratching behind Malik's ears. "I mean, I could send an electrical current through the front yard but that really wouldn't help." She laughed.

((Maybe since they're kinda friends now then later after he leaves someone from his gang comes after her like he thought and he finds out or she calls him or something and he comes to save her?))

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((His rat will already be watching her so he'll know once it happens so it could happen. He'd flip shit. xD))

Xal scowled with what she told him and sighed, "seemed like they're both assholes, but your mom is out of the picture now so..." he drifted off and shrugged since he didn't know what else to say about it. At least she seemed okay now and hopefully he could get the mother permanently out of the picture. Knowing his temper it wouldn't be too much of a shock but hopefully Lyra didn't find out... "Benefits, look at the benefits," he mused with a soft sigh. He could relate to the father being a jackass though so he could understand and relate that much. He thought about this and nodded, seeing the problem with that and the general struggle of trying to figure and piece the puzzle together. "Like I said, a smarty like you will be able to do this," he said firmly. If she did figure it out, you could do a lot of things with such a device once you got it working. Xal chuckled in amusement how she easily switched the topic and thought about it, "well nothing can keep me out if I want in but the other gang thugs..." he mused, stroking his imaginary beard. "Well to slow them down it would be good to get some cameras, a system to alert you of breaking and entering, lasers are nice..." he listed, "probably other things but it'll be fun research." Xal laughed, "not even that would keep us out, trust me, nothing really can so the more you have the requires time to get pass than do it and have an escape route ready as well as weapons on you at all times..."

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"They were. But you're right, she is out of the picture, luckily. But then so is Dad, he died." Lyrania explained, shrugging. It had happened under very... interesting circumstances. She wasn't stupid. One day she was explaining how a car works to Evander, pointing out the brake lines, the next day the brake lines in Titus's were cut and he was dead. But though it bothered her a bit, she wasn't blaming him. It was a good thing considering what he'd done to Evander. "I'll do it eventually." She agreed, nodding firmly. "I'm already closer than I was last month." She said cheerfully, staring at the birds. "Here." She handed him one of the birds (Though definitely not the very first one). "When I get one that can fly, I'll give you that one instead. Maybe I can install lasers on it." She teased, chuckling. "I can't fight very well. I had to defend myself somehow, but I can't fight hand to hand, or with guns, or with swords. I didn't have any access to those. I... Well, I learned with a staff." She shrugged, starting to unbraid her hair. "Not pretty, not impressive, but it works. Not really well, but I can fend them off long enough to run."

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((Awesome! I'm so glad I found her a friend omg. And a big scary killer one too lol.))

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((They're the best kind!! xD. Plus he's not that scary... if you don't piss him off.... >~< xD))

Xal hummed and nodded, he hadn't been sure of the dad situation and didn't want to assume anything so he was internally glad she informed him of it. He was also glad, the guy seemee like a major asshole but most Council members were so it wasn't shocking. So he nodded, "as long as you got someone you trust and rely on than life is good, assholes get what's coming to them," he stated. Xal laughed at what she said, thinking rather pervertedly about what she said but nodded with a smirk, "I'm sure you will," he teased mainly because of how he'd taken the statement but he knew what she actually meant. Xal was a bit surprised when she handed him a bird but he took it and assessed it curiously though he didn't know too much on such mechanics like thus but he was aware of enough. He let out an impressed whistle that had Cersei react but he patted her back to tell her to relax. At her comment he shot her a grin, "that would be fantastic, I'm holding you to that, laser being a bonus," he drawled with a wink and a laugh. He held the bird firmly but also as if the thing would break at a moments notice. Xal thought about what she said and hummed aloud. "Well I'd suggest a gun since it would be safer for you to get them dead or injured at a distance... but you'd both need practice and a gun... I assume.." He thought about this and looked at her when she mentioned the staff. "Couldn't you design a retractable staff with maybe even a hidden blade in it?" He asked, "if it's retractable than carrying it would be easier, the blade in case shit goes down... though to make it have a decent weight and firmness would be complicated I'd imagine..." he glanced up as he thought, stroking Cersei while his other hand held the bird. He shrugged and looked at her, "either way, my advice to you is not to try and be badass, a good hit to groin and you have enough time to get the fuck out of there."

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((Lyra's too sweet to piss him off on purpose xD And she'd apologize a dozen times if she did accidentally lol))

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Lyrania set her original bird down on the counter again, using her now free hands to run her fingers through her hair, working out any tangles. "Of course I will." She grinned, shaking her head at him. She knew once she had said it how it could be taken, and of course he picked up on it. It didn't bother her though, she walked right into that one. "Lasers are the most important part, are you kidding?" She laughed, "They are what's going to make it fantastic. I'll give you a remote control too, so you can chase down your enemies and laser them from the comfort of your couch." The girl teased, smirking at him playfully. Then she looked thoughtful, considering. "You'll have to help me with the staff. I can definitely make it and design the mechanics and stuff, but obviously you're a better fighter than I am. It's up to you to help me design it. I never had an actual staff, it was just sturdy sticks and stuff. So you'll have to tell me how big it should be and how heavy and how long the blade and everything." She explained, then chuckled slightly. "Trust me, I'm not going to stick around someone attacking me. We've been over this, I'm smart, remember?" She teased him, grinning slightly. It faded as she studied him curiously, "Why are you helping me? I mean half an hour ago you threatened to kill me. Now you're telling me how not to be killed." She asked inquisitively.

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((He's not too easily angered but eh, still can be scary without being angered. He's obviously just adorable though xD)

Xal chuckled and only nodded in agreement before he burst into laughter at her reaction and comments about the lasers. "Think you should worry about getting it to fly before you concern yourself with the epic lasers, though excellent ideas, I have a feeling I'd happily utilize them," he teased her. It did sound fantastic, he'd definitely find some amusement and interest. He'd mainly actually only use it for spy purposes and the laser would be utilized if discovered. He was glad she was loose and playful now, cowering terrified girls were such a drag, and a turn off.
Xal chuckled but nodded, "sure I'll help you, don't know too much on staffs but I know someone who's an expert on weapons," he said with a shrug. "I'll even help you learn how to use it," he said and winced, knowing that was going to be a blast. He held up his hands in defeat, "I'm just saying," he assured with a smirk.
Xal held up a finger to stop her, "I came here to make sure you stayed silent about what you saw. I simply used your fear of death to work in my favor. Besides if I really wanted you dead I would have killed you before you could have opened the door." He shrugged, "truth be told, the last thing I wanted to do was kill you, though other people will definitely try to."

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((I haven't decided whether I ship them or if he's like older brother #2 xD))

"Good." Lyrania decided firmly, grinning over at him. I'm glad you'll help." She admitted, sticking her tongue out at him. "Whether or not you actually want to help." She said dryly.
"Well, can you blame me for being scared? I mean I've died once. I don't want to do that again." She shuddered slightly, shaking her head. "I believe in things I can feel and hear and see, so I'm an atheist, and when I died... There was nothing. This cold, terrifying nothingness. And I don't want to experience that again. Also there was pain, since I was hit by lightning for this one, though I've given myself nasty ones before and have since. But like a zombie, I'm back!" She teased, chuckling slightly. "I have a nasty but badass scar from it though. All over my back." She half turned and pulled the hem of her shirt down on one side a bit (though the bra stayed on), showing part of the scar. It started on her back and arced over her shoulder, branching off down her arm and chest. "Alright actually partially a lie. The lightning one wasn't the one that killed me, I was screwing around with something and shocked myself with like 8,000 milliamps, and 50 milliamps is when it starts to be able to kill you. But the lightning scar is much more badass. Also, the scar from the other one connects with this one but starts, ahem, lower on my chest since I was a fucking idiot and connected something wrong and dropped the wires." She explained, shaking her head.

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(( xD. Idk either or as well))

Xal chuckled and shook his head. He had a feeling that she and his mom would get along well, after she got over her overprotective mother stage. On that thought he decided they would never meet, he didn't need that hanging over his head. Xal smirked, "of course but keep that tongue to yourself before someone cuts it off," he tsked and chuckled in amusement.
Xal shrugged in response, "not really, no one wants to repeat anything they find traumatic, I do apologize for using it against you though but.." he drifted off with another shrug. He hummed and nodded, he could relate to why she would belief that way, it was something he viewed as well. He frowned as she described it, it reminded him incidents when you get shot, it was intense. He snorted at her comparison with a zombie and leaned back to listen to her as she went on about the lightening. His gaze flicked to her scar and examined it curiously, in no sort of perverted way despite him enjoying a good lewd joke, he swore himself off relstionships when he got cheated on by she who shall not be named. "Despite it's history, it looks cool," he offered. When she mentioned how she shocked herself he facepalmed himself. "You idiot, who shocks themselves?" he muttered and rolled his eyes, shakimg his head. He raised a brow and sighed softly. "Well hopefully you've learned your lesson," he teased her.

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"I always thought it was badass. But Mama was so mad when I got my lightning one. Said it'd ruin my looks so 'no one would pay her for a second of your time.'" Lyrania released her shirt and made air quotes around it, shaking her head. "But it was covered up well enough with my shirt no one noticed until the shirt was off, and by that point they'd already paid her." She explained, looking so lost in thought she didn't really stop to think about what she had said. "It had been a long day." She protested, pouting teasingly. "I was only like 15, come on. And I didn't do it on purpose, obviously. But I wasn't really supposed to be doing stuff like that, so I heard Angelica open the door and I tried to rush through finishing and I fucked up. I haven't ever gotten one that bad since." The girl said almost proudly, grinning. "And I did finish what I was trying too finish." She laughed. "Of course she knew her source of money was leaving so she flipped and barged into the council, but at least I didn't have to deal with her anymore. And I got all the fun electrical toys I wanted, just to make sure I stayed shut up." This was all said very casually, like she didn't care at all. She shrugged in addition, pulling her shirt back up.

((They're just perfect no matter how it ends up XD))

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"Well, fuck that bitch," Xal snarled, his eyes suddenly dark and his expression twisted with fury as he clasped his hand into a fist. "If she had a fucken problem with it she should have sold herself out instead of you," he growled. That woman, the one that gave birth to Lyra, she was going to pay for being the shittest mother in history.. well there probably have been worse but the fact she was still alive meant he had to end her. Yes, Lyra was only catching a glimpse of his well known and rumored temper. He only cooled down when Cersei got up and was licking his face, sensing his anger and knew it could get bad if she didn't make him feel better. Xal groaned and pushed her gently away, "I'm okay, I'm okay," he said and stroked her in thanks. He then looked back at Lyra. He rolled his eyes, "no one does anything on purpose, but the past is the past there isn't anything you can do to change it," he murmured, "so looking at the bright side is good," he muttered but didn't say much else. He hadn't gone through anything like that and saying anything else would make an asshole out of him. He was glad she didn't have to deal with that anymore though and he was going to make sure it stayed that way. Fuck if anyonr in the gang knew how much of a softy he was he'd be so dead.

((True that))

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Lyra jumped at his sudden outburst, though she knew it wasn't aimed at her. She studied him with her dark eyes anxiously, looking worried. Whether the concern was for him or herself, however, was a mystery. "Hey, you won't get me to argue that point." She laughed mirthlessly, shaking her head. Even when she was younger she had known it was wrong, but she couldn't do anything about it. Arguing the point with Angelica would only make things worse. Lyra was Angelica's only source of income, from blackmailing the girl's father to keep her secret to the whole whoring out thing and sometimes selling her little inventions. Not that the woman ever thought they were any good. "There are many bright sides. I haven't shocked that badly myself since then. I haven't died since then. I don't have to fuck anyone if I don't want to, and I don't. Eventually who knows, but it'll be my decision. I got rich. I have a home and no chores. I have Malik. I've gained a brother. And apparently I've gained a friend." She smiled at him pointedly, poking him in the knee (the closest thing).

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Xal was well aware of the rumors mentioning his temper, unfortuantely most of them were true. He got his temper from his father and he hated it, it was basically uncontrollable once it crossed a certain line and in his line of work, it occurred too many times. Recently Cersei has gotten a technique to calm him that seemed to work but that was only during the 'early stages'. He was loud and fun until you pissed him off.
Xal hummed in reply with a nod, easing his fingers to relaxing until his nails weren't biting into his palm any longer. "I may not be a genius but I do know some shit," he hoked lightly. Xal chuckled at her comment about bright sides. She seemed to point out the benfits of what had happened to her, it wasn't something many did instead they tended to turn bitter or something of the like. Xal gave her a kind smile, "sounds like fate has finally decided to deal you the right cards," he said with a smirk and then beamed at her, "two friends," he corrected, "Cersei and I are a package deal, sorry sweet heart," he teased her with a wink and burst into laughter, mainly at himself. Truly it felt nice to be in someone's company and not worry about if he was acting too soft. There were only a few he could do that with and those times were fairly rare anyway.

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"Of course you're a genius." Lyra teased him with a grin, "Why would anyone, including yourself, ever dare to think anything different?" She teased, "It's about damn time I got the right cards. I earned it." She announced firmly, nodding determinedly. "I don't hurt people, I do help people, and I'm smart. I don't do bad things." She smiled slightly. Then gave an overly dramatic sigh, chuckling. "Well I guess if I have to be friends with her too..." She complained teasingly, pouting mockingly. With a grin she reached out to scratch Cersei behind the ears affectionately. "But only if you guys can deal with Malik too." She warned, looking over at her dog who was currently laying down. At the sound of his name he scrambled up and moved forward, shoving his head under her arm despite his height. Evidently he still didn't know his own size, as of course he leaned all of his weight heavily against her side, making her giggle and start to tip sideways under the weight.

((Since we're kind of running out of stuff for the moment maybe the next post he leaves, then timeskip a few days for my post about her being attacked and then he can save her? :3))

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((xD lol sure, sounds like a plan.))

Xal snorted, "I'm no genius, flattery darling will not get you anywhere..." he drifted off and thought about that, "unless you're a sleezy old perverted man," he said and smirked. He laughed, "no one dares insult one of the most feared gang leaders! But I'm positive most know I have a brain but no genius," he said with a shake of his head. He wasn't arrogant to think be was above everyone, he didn't have those kinds of thoughts, he was who he was and usually didn't compare himself to others because what would that accomplish? Xal chuckled at her response and nodded, "bout time indeed," he agreed. "Bad people are usually dealt with horrible cards, it only shows how weak they are compared to someone who has been given similar cards of fate but uses it for 'good'," he mused, purposely adding the quotation marks with his hands when he said good.
Xal threw his head back and laughed, "I'm sure it's so much of an effort for you," he said teasingly sarcastically, "but it's worth it," he drawled with a wink. Cersei lifted her head a bit from being mentioned and leaned into Lyra's affectionate touch. Xal grinned, "as long as he doesn't get all territorial on us, I'm sure we can develop a beautiful friendship with him," he said with a grin and proceeded to laugh when Malik basically began tipping her over. Unfortuantely his cell vibrated and he huffed, pulling it out and answered the phone. He listened to what they had to say and snarled, "fuckers, I'm on my way," he said and hung up. He tucked the phone away and looked at Lyra, "duty calls, I'll get in touch but start with those security adjustments," he advised before he and Cersei got up and headed for the door. With a wave from Xal they were gone after closing the door.

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~Four days later~

As suggested, Lyrania started adding security. It became a game for her, see how well she could do. She tested it by Malik on one side then having her walk over to the other, seeing if it would trip the alarms. It did, but obviously people were a bit more sly than a giant dog. So she kept working on it, devoting all her time to either that or designing the staff she had planned with Xal. After a stray kitten had set off her system overnight, she had it off during the night. It wasn't finished yet, so there was no point in having an incomplete and somewhat touchy system on all the time to jolt her awake at 4 in the morning because of a lost feline (that she had fed and was currently asleep on a pillow).
So when she was jolted awake in the middle of the night, she knew she was either going to kill Max or Evander or that she should have kept her alarms on. It proved to be the latter as she looked up at a masked face looming above her. She opened her mouth to scream, but he lifted up a single finger. Shocked into silence, she looked where he pointed to see her poor dog crumpled in a heap, either drugged or worse. Her glare returned to her new 'friend', and when he asked her to follow him to the living room she reluctantly did, risking glances at Malik. Unfortunately all her tinkering stuff had been cleared away, leaving her no chance for a weapon. She'd mostly been just angry before for what he'd done to her precious dog, but when he pulled out a knife all the fear came flooding back. When he came closer she did the only thing she could think to do, she kicked him between the legs and ran, pulling out her phone as she did. She frantically dialed Max's number, though it was still ringing when he caught up with her. Evidently she'd pissed him off because this time when they made it back to the living room he went cliche and handcuffed one of her wrists to her a chair with her sitting on the ground in front of it, one hand held up by the cuffs, though she palmed the phone with her other hand. Staring back at him fearfully, she tried to stay quiet. She didn't want to piss him off more. But she was too scared to stay too quiet and she spoke with him, "Please, what did I do? Just tell me what I did so I can fix it. It won't happen again, and we can just deal with this civilly." She spoke, her voice shaking. She tugged on the handcuffs, rattling them and looking at him pleadingly. Obviously he didn't approve, since he walked over and ran his knife down her forearm deeply, eliciting a scream from Lyra. She began to cry, especially when she could see his wicked smile through the mask.

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Those four days later Xal had kept in contact with her but was also updated on what she was doing etc by the rat he had spying on her. He'd also, additional to the sending the tidbits on staffs, had been working on a very importantly plan on how to deal with her mother because he was still pissed. Either way he'd had a good few days, made sure his rats were aware of the movement of each member of his gang that was with him when the killing occurred that Lyra happened to see just in case one of them planned something. He was home late the fourth night after Lyra and his interaction when he knew something was wrong. Seconds after he got a call from one of his members that one of his rats had been killed and he had assigned that one to watch one of the members that had been there that day when Lyra saw them. He hung up immediately and dropped everything he was doing to grab another gun and his keys when his phone rang again. He was too busy to check it so he didn't and headed out the door. What caught his attention was it kept ringing even after a few moments. He quickly checked it to see it was Lyra and accepted the call and muted it on his side so he wouldn't be heard. He got into his car and was driving to her place as he heard her plead and then the scream that spiked Xal's temper to the extreme. He parked a block away from her house and passed the rat that had been knocked out by whoever had her. That bastard was going to pay dearly.

Xal entered the house through Lyra's bedroom window, entering skillfully and silently. He paused upon entering, seeing the signs of a struggle and his gaze landed on Malik and he immediately rushed over to the dog. He checked to see if he was breathing and his heart was beating, fortunately both was occurring which put his mind slightly at ease but he didn't, couldn't spend any more time with Malik to see what had happened to him to put him this way. He silently crept through the house towards the noise with his hand clasping his gun and his finger twitching eagerly against the trigger.

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There was nothing Lyra could do at this point, and she knew it. She was shaking like a leaf as she looked up at him, the handcuffs around her wrist rattling with her trembling. Then he snarled at her like a feral dog and froze, forcing herself to relax her wrist and stop fighting. She knew she wasn't a good fighter, but survival instinct was doing its best to beat out logic and she was struggling to keep herself from fighting.
"Please. Please, I'll give you anything. Just let me go." She pleaded, and it was too late by the time she remembered how Xal had pointed out those words could mean. She stared back at him with her wide dark eyes, and as she watched his gaze she was suddenly regretting her tendency to wear sports bras and short flannel shorts to bed. "Anything, hmm?" He purred in a raspy voice that sounded far too much like someone trying to sound like batman. She froze for an instant, then shook her head sharply as he moved closer to her. "No, I mean, almost anything, just please don't-" she protested, practically begging him now. Obviously that pissed him off because he lashed out, back handing her hard enough to draw blood. Her hand flew to her cheek instinctively, dropping the phone beside her. She was used to getting hurt, accidentally giving herself minor shocks and the like. But she rarely cut herself, and usually she didn't bleed, she just burnt with the electricity. As she pulled her hand away from her cheek she stared at the blood now running down her pale arm in almost a state of shock, her breath catching in her throat. Especially when he bent down to the phone and picked it up, glaring at her. "Oh, poor thing, stupid enough to call for help." He tsked, making her pull her knees up in front of herself defensively. "And poor Max too. Well we'll just have to teach you not to do that again, hmm? And we can show him it's not nice to be soft and give out your number to girls who are supposed to be dead now." He mused, bending down to her level. The next thing she knew pain exploded in her chest, above her rib cage, and this scream was gurgled a bit with the blood rushing into her lung.

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Xal came in too late, he knew that as soon as he heard a familar sounding scream that gurgled in the end. His vision went red and he didn't care any more, the last thing on his mind was if she saw him in state that would influence her view of him or scar her mentally. He entered the room to see the sight that only furthered his fury. He came silently up behind the asshole and grabbed his wrist and trapped it behind his back. "Teach her a lesson eh? I shouldn't be soft," he hissed and pushed his arm up until he heard a nice sounding snap. "I think you're mistaken, you shouldn't have fucked with me," he snarled. He then shot the man's legs, grabbed his knife and stabbed his forearm that didn't belong to the dislocated shoulder. Xal then went to grab some wire, tied the fucker up and hissed at him to stay put before he went over to Lyra to check her wounds. He was planning to torture the fucker for a long time before killing him, a rat was going to watch him to make sure he didn't go anywhere. Xal shot off the handcuff, scooped her into his arms bridal style and quickly headed out of her house, needing to get her to a doctor before she became critical. The asshole was going to pay! He'd tell the rat he sent to watch the asshole to bring him to his place, he didn't want him at Lyra's any longer than necessary.

((Should we skip to when they return?))

((Skip to when they get back?))

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((I'll skip about two or three hours then?

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((I can do the skip, my post was quite short plus she'd probably be unconscious or drugged :) sound good?))

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((Sure :3 go ahead. And don't worry about size it's fine :P (I could tell a size joke here but I'm trying to restrain myself)))

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((Okay... size joke?))

~Few Hours Later~

Xal soon returned carrying Lyra in through the threshold and towards her room. He glanced towards where it all went down and saw the whole place was put back in order. He'd have to thank the rat for being considerate. He sighed as he made his way to her room, much more calm than he had been before. He'd taken out his anger when she was being operated on he had left knowing he couldn't do anything so he went home and tortured the fuck out of the asshole until he killed him and got rid of the body, returning in time when she had finished. He was glad she was alright but when she was better he was grilling her for being a stupid idiot but that could wait. Xal entered her room and laid her down in the bed, tucking her in and recalled Malik and winced hoping the guy was okay. He glanced around to see if he was still laying on the floor.

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