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Andreas Corelli

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Lisa So who was he? Do you think he was an angel or the devil? And what was the purpose of the book he wanted Martin to write? These were some of the unanswered questions at the end of the novel that leave me wanting!

Paul Vilarino I Agree, the Devil, he did say his father had kicked him out of his house.... but why do you think the book was commissioned to start WW2, why not WW1....

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Robert Adams It couldn't start WWI because it was over by the time that the book takes place. If the book was written to start WWII and it was placed in the library then how did WWII start?

Andreas was definately a supernatural being but I don't think he was the devil. I believe that he was trying to take over that position.

Maybe he is L Ron Hubbard and the book is Dianetics.

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J Hahaha Yeah, Robert but there was no mention of anyone jumping on the sofa. hahaha

I did not see him as the devil, maybe an evil spirit or demon that just liked to push people to see how they react. Sort of toy with them in a bad sense.

Erick Corelli is the Devil. The purpose of writing the book was not so much of wanting to bring about a world war or an apocolypse, but rather to corrupt the author of the book. The desire for Martin to become a writer is what Corelli plays on.

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Pam Corelli is an angel who has been banished from heaven, and doomed to wander the earth for eternity. More out of boredom and loneliness than malice, he amuses himself by playing on the capabilities of humans to do evil. (He's the devil.)

I thought that it was implied that Martin's book contained the framework for the start of the Spanish Civil War or WWII. And I assumed that the collection of Lux Aeterna volumes indicated that Correlli had for centuries been recruiting people to craft, from the seeds of his ideas, worse torments for humanity than he could devise on his own.

Myriam Corelli is not really the devil but more of a prince of darkness, or a tool of the devil's, if anyone has read The Prince of Mist, Corelli kind of reminds me of the 'magician' who will get his wish no matter what in the end because for him a deal is a deal.
Martin's book was in exchange of a new life or an extension at least and Corelli would have never given it if it wasn't in exchange of something that would be useful to him and since he is a force of evil he definitely would want power or control over others, thus he'd want to cause trouble through a war, I feel like there might also be a reference to communism because of all the talk about a new 'religion' or set of beliefs.

Nathan I think he was a figment of David's imagination. David was going mad it was getting worse as he aged.

Kristin I think I'll join Team Devil on this one :D I love the subtlety of this book, and at the same time there's really a lot happening in the story.

Lauren Good Pretty early on I started wondering if Corelli was Lucifer or just a figment of David's imagination. (Forgive my length and BEWARE OF SPOILERS here...)

For the Lucifer argument -- look at the name alone: Lucifer means "light bringer" and he has how many people write a religious tome called "Lux Aeterna"? Really? Lucifer was cast out of heaven for trying to be more glorious than God, and Corelli says he wanted to be God when he grew up. And I think Lucifer was responsible for Adam's fall in Milton's Paradise Lost, just like Corelli tempts or corrupts our hero (more or less).
For the "Fight Club" theory (all in David's mind) -- Aside from everything the policeman said, all of reality that didn't match David's story, I kept going back to the moment in the alley when David saves Isabella from the two rapists. His side of the story is non-violent, but when he gets home, there is blood on his hands, and the next day they are found beaten. How did that happen? I also think he shot Don Pedro at the end.

The part I simply cannot figure out is what happens after the book ends. He rears Cristina? Really? And then what? She goes off and lives the same life again? Because in order for him to see the picture that was taken at the end of the book, that's what has to happen, right?

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Meg I agree with both sides, devil and figment of David's thoughts. Although Corelli does say a few things that make us believe he is the devil, it could be possible that Corelli is real and is the devil, yet David blacks out and recalls a more romanticized version of events. Corelli could be playing his hand in David's sanity and others see the devil in David since he sold his soul (hence the lapel). However, in the end I think that David is in hell because he did sell his soul. Corelli is making him suffer the same fate over again, losing Christina. And what is a worse fate than that? I would also like to say I liked the theory someone had behind the mannequins, in that David's wasn't yet finished because he didn't complete the project.

Jordi I think the essential idea throughout the whole book is that this is a retelling of a faustian tale. Which for those who are unfamiliar with the term comes from the story Faustus in which Faustus (the character) sells his soul to the devil.

Another aspect that has been alluded to is that Lucifer can be translated to Light Bringer. What was not mentioned is that the Latin translation of Lux Aeterna is Light Eternal.
Selling his soul to become the writer he want's by writing a glorification to the devil and selling all that he "Has".
Classic Faustus.

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Eva I think that Corelli is an angel and specially the angel of David,as many people believe that everybody has an own angel to protect you and to show you the way if you have a heart to listen it. For me he is David's angel who came to show him that everything in life is possible,but not everything is right and you have to pay the price for everythng that you want to happen.The angels come to show him that the only impossible thing is to live your life twice but even so he gives him the opportunity to do even this.Maybe Corelli had had the same story,maybe he wanted to live forever and got it but with this had become miserable and he wanted to show David that sometimes its not good to get everything that you want.He gave him the eternal life with relief because someone want to be his heir.

Nathan Here's an interview with Zafon where he describes how David was going mad, that the point of the book was to thrust you into its dark corners and let you figure out what the hell is happening.

Christopher Mendoza I think he's a devil. He killed her just for fun.

Licha Devil. But I also think he may have been a figment of David's imagination.

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Ash Chuan Nathan wrote: "I think he was a figment of David's imagination. David was going mad it was getting worse as he aged."

I too think Andreas Corelli is a figment of David's imagination. I think David has a split personality. If you read Prisoner of Heaven, you find out that David loved to chew on sugar cubes! Didn't Andrea Corelli love sugar cubes in The Angels Games?

Susan Since the Prisoner of Heaven has the character of David and it does not match up with the end of The Angel's Game, David has to be imagining things. He is goinging crazy in The Prisoner of Heaven.

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R.M. Brand Ash wrote: "Nathan wrote: "I think he was a figment of David's imagination. David was going mad it was getting worse as he aged."

I too think Andreas Corelli is a figment of David's imagination. I think Davi..."

That is a good point. I often wondered the same thing.

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Alex Maxwell Having just finished this book I thought for a long while that David had been possessed by the Devil (Corelli) - like the exorcist - after agreeing to do the book for Corelli, the irony in which David regains his health but loses his idealism... and the weight of his guilty conscience plays with him for the rest of the book. Many times during the second half of the book David behaves like he is mad, possessed which can blind reality and I am sure that he committed some of the deaths but not all of them.

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Domingo Hui I think David is exploited or manipulated by Corelli. Corelli offers him a great fortune and health. In return, David is commissioned to write a book. That's the deal with the devil (Corelli). But, in fact, like what many people said, Corelli is a figment of David's imagination. Personally, the brain tumor that David suffers from is actually something like a curse. Marlasca has the curse too - his son dies and he meets Corelli, the devil. The curse makes him do and think about crazy stuffs (just like Grandes thinks David is making up the whole story; in The Prisoner of Heaven, David is mad as well). That's why after the brain tumor is "cured", things start going complicated - David also sells himself to the devil (or the curse).

Michele I Just finished this book last month, It was recommended by my librarian. I have to say that I got more insight into the deeper meaning of the story by reading the posts. I had no idea that David's book was going to be used to cause a war. I did think of Corelli as the devil, but I also thought that David was going mad. Hmm more to ponder. Thanks to all for the insight.

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Claire_D Could it be that Corelli and Valls are the same person?

In the Prisoner of Heaven, David Martin left Daniel a manuscript entitled The Angel's Game. David explained to Daniel that this novel was his story and he will find answers in that manuscript (particularly David's relation with Daniel's mother). This was also the story David was trying to write in the prison where Valls was forcing him to write or to finish something. It was also apparent in the Prisoner of Heaven that there was some sort of connection between Valls and Martin.

Also, the mansion (Gruell Park) where they brought David in The Prisoner of Heaven (presumably to be executed),was the same area where Corelli was living or meeting David in the Angel's Game.

I'm at a loss though about the ending. :-)

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Jayne Povah I think Corelli commissioned the book to start WWII, and that it's possible that, in this fictional universe, Hitler finally took him up on it. After all, Hitler's Mein Kampf led to the Holocaust and helped cause WWII, and he spoke of "doing the work of God" during the war.

I also wholeheartedly agree that Corelli is the devil. The devil wanted to be God, and many of his violent acts mirrored satanic rituals.

Corelli also gaslit Martin by planting "evidence" that none of the weird happenings and encounters were real. He had Martin second-guessing his sanity. Also, in Christian lore, the devil makes corrupt or false promises. I think there's a very good chance that the devil gave Martin the brain tumor in the first place, and then took it away. This made Martin think that Corelli was helping him by restoring his life.

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Gretchen After reading Prisoner of Heaven, I think that David Martin was schizophrenic, and Corelli was only figment of his imagination. I think that all that time he spent by himself in that creepy old house with no human interaction exacerbated his mental fragility.

Laura David has a mental illnes that is causing him terrible headaches, and eventualy drives him crazy, in the process... He does find Marlasca's book, who happens to have his same initials (but how hard can that be?). The book "speaks" to him since each book has its own soul, then he creates his own world, around events that are truly happening in his life. He's in love with Cristina, who marries his best friend! But he chooses to face reality by creating events beyond his control. The boss seems to predict every move David will make (like when he tries to kill him)
Though I don't know how to explain his wealth. He clearly didn't have a dime before meeting Corelli.

Shyam M very complex and confusing. if david was imagining and acting on behalf of Andreas Corelli then what about Diego marlasca? has he also imagined about Andreas Corelli? he says he would show the manuscript to the boss himself and reap the rewards. why was the inspector so determined to kill David? What happens to christina at the end?

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Domingo Hui Shyam wrote: "very complex and confusing. if david was imagining and acting on behalf of Andreas Corelli then what about Diego marlasca? has he also imagined about Andreas Corelli? he says he would show the manu..."

David and Diego are more likely to be cursed or in something similar. Their identical initials suggest that i think Andreas Corelli is nonexistent.

Giovanni I don't think it was all in David's mind... If anybody read "El príncipe de Parnaso?" Corelli was there too, doing exactly the same thing he did to David.

Shyam M Giovanni wrote: "I don't think it was all in David's mind... If anybody read "El príncipe de Parnaso?" Corelli was there too, doing exactly the same thing he did to David."

after considering a few details it makes me think that David was imagining and acting on behalf of Corelli, for eg., the inspector confirms that there was no bank account in the name of David with 100 thousand francs in it. and he also says that he saw david wearing the angels emblem on his lapel. David as Corelli kills all those people who comes between him and the manuscript including Christina. Diego kills people but only who might expose his secret. also at the end David sees Corelli only after he starts writing again after a long time and brings Christina back to life.

Giovanni Well, that is also another possible explanation! But I don't think there is just one solution to the figure of Corelli: this is one of those books which makes us talk over and over again

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Joan Wow! I just finished listening to the audio book yesterday and went searching through the discs to see if I missed one. Or maybe my mind wandered for a minute at a crucial time in the story. I never considered WWII as the outcome of the manuscript. Where do you all get that idea? And if Corelli was an alternate personality/figment of David's imagination, why did he not age in the 15 years passed at the epilogue? About to start Prisoner of Heaven. Perhaps, as some have suggested, it will shed some light...sure hope so.

Butterpaws If Corelli is really an angel, he is one who embodies both darkness and light. Like Lucifer who used to embody the good and had darkness within him, Corelli seems ambivalent. Like a genie that offers to make one's dream come true, Corelli uses Sex appeal (i.e. Chloe) to lure David in. Not only that, he does not hesitate to do away with Barrido and Escobillas in horrifying ways to achieve what he wants.

I personally don't think Corelli is a figment of David's imagination. When David was critically ill with his brain tumor, the people around him like Sempere and Isaac (the keep of the Cemetery of Books) commented about his physical condition. Right after the "operation" Corelli performed on David, the people around him, e.g. Sempere and Isabella noticed the instant change in him.

Butterpaws Giovanni wrote: "I don't think it was all in David's mind... If anybody read "El príncipe de Parnaso?" Corelli was there too, doing exactly the same thing he did to David."

Hi! What is the title of the book in English? Thanks!

Butterpaws The more I think about it, the more I think Corelli is not part of David's imagination. If David is Corelli, shouldn't Cristina react negatively to him when she sees him in the sanatorium?

If David was the person who hurt her, Cristina wouldn't have blabbered to the doctors about someone else who wants to hurt David.

And Cristina's presence in the sanatorium is not a figment of David's imagination or a result of his madness because both Vidal junior and senior paid good money to have Cristina found.

But what really puzzles me was, what does Corelli have to revenge on David? How would the punishment of eternal youth and giving him a young Cristina befit "revenge"?

Also, what became of the writing deal or contract? There was no mention of the writing or has the contract been automatically dissolved when Corelli is aware of David's knowledge of his unscrupulous deeds?

Giovanni Hi Ang! I read it in Spanish so I don't know exactly the title in English. It's a short story which is part of the special edition of The Prisoner of Heaven.

Andrea Holmes The only question I have in the book is this:
(This is the last time when David is a the police station with Grandes.)

I took the key and walked to the door. Before leaving I turned round
briefly. Grandes has sat down at the table and was looking at me, his expression blank.

"That brooch with the Angel," he said, touching is lapel.
"I've seen you wearing it on your lapel ever since I met you." he said

Ricardo It's very ambiguous, there are many possibilities that match/explain Corelli, but I think we can gather most in a few groups (Assuming knowledge from this book alone!).

If you prefer the paranormal/spiritual approach, Corelli is likely the devil or an evil spirit/fallen angel that influences people, making them choose life over morality. Backing this is, of course, all the paranormal descriptions of Corelli, him always being one step ahead and, obviously, being able to grant David immortality/cure his brain tumor. It is also mentioned a few times some of the "victims" (at least regarding Marlasca) of Corelly feel they have been invaded by a parasite. It's unlikely the house has anything to do with it since Corelli contacts him regarding his "gift" before he moves in. Corelli is therefore an evil entity which exists to influence writers to create books capable of starting wars.

If you prefer the more logical approach, David either has the brain tumor which messes him up, or never even had one and is just plain crazy/psychopath/mentally ill. The unealthy lifestyle just makes it worse, making him imagine/hallucinate many parts of the story (Corelli and everything related, the brain tumor, not remembering murdering people, etc). This fits since, assuming Grandes is not lying and Marlasca wasn't able to cover up everything, the doctor who diagnosed his brain tumor was dead long ago; there was no 100,000 bank account; David ordered his own gravestone; the witch was also dead long ago; Corelli's house has been unocuppied for a long time; the place where he goes to recieve his first gift from Corelli (Chloé) was destroyed in a fire long before; etc.

In both Corelli doesn't exist physically. In the "logical" approach, Corelli is just part of the excuse to not blame himself for the things he's been doing. Maybe sort of an Alter Ego.

In a different approach David has also lost it, but only after the main events. We find out, in the last few pages, that the book's story was written by him in the beach house. He lived most of the story without the paranormal/unlikely details, but added those to cover up (probably genuinely believing it happened that way) for his murders and morality flaws.

The book is so open in this part, it leaves lots of room for speculation and interpretation, and I think that's the point. After all, every book has a soul, the soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it, so it's very likely it is what you make of it :)

Laura Maybe it is based on the idea of the 'inner beast', like shown in Lord of the Flies? I was confused when he was told that he always wears the angel broach, so maybe it is just the bad side of David that takes over his life?
Absolutely loved the book!

Karen Grace You all answered my question. Haven't read the other books yet and I think I need it. To understand more of the story

ramoncia Nathan wrote: "I think he was a figment of David's imagination. David was going mad it was getting worse as he aged."

Had the same feelings, David was just insane ;).

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G Aenanias Has got to do with everything in his mind. Has Zafon addressed this? Haha

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Alex I've read all the three book from the cemetery of forgotten books collection and this is what I understood:
- Corelli pictures the Devil or just the evil in a society or the evil part that exists in every human being
-he is a negative character that represents that type of person who want to control the others (that dogma was his plan to do that)

However, I've understood that he was not an actual person, but a figment from David Martin's mind or the representation of evil in the world if we consider that he is The Devil

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why is no one paying attention to the fact that David was the one wearing the angel lapel the whole time as pointed out by Victor( the police man ) . I agree with the fight club theory mainly because of the angel lapel, also the fact that Andres Correlli disappeared whenever David's life was hectic and returned just after things started to cool down. Also the fact that David remembers a peaceful interaction with the guys who try to rape Isabella but comes home with blood definitely points to fight club theory. As for the little Christina at the end, i believe David made her up, he was beyond crazy by the book ended.

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Alex Malcolm wrote: "why is no one paying attention to the fact that David was the one wearing the angel lapel the whole time as pointed out by Victor( the police man ) . I agree with the fight club theory mainly becau..."

If you read the third book, The prisoner of haven, you will start wandering if David is mad or not and if Andreas Corelli is not just something he imagined.

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Alex I'm thinking that Corelli could be a dark David. Taking in consideration that david martin was ill,we could think that he had moments we he was a diffrent person with a diffrent character. This could explain why David had the angel ring and why he was the only one who spoke or saw Corelli.

Karthik Rao He seems to be a recurring character in quite a few books of Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

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Dia I think Corelli only existed in David's head. In fact, he only interacts with David. And Grandes said the angel's brooch was always on David's jacket, meaning he *was* Corelli all along.

"If David is Corelli, shouldn't Cristina react negatively to him when she sees him in the sanatorium? "

First, the book is narrated in first person, so we see what David wants us to see. We see his side of the story. No one else was in that room with Cristina. We don't know really what she actually said to him. And besides, I remember that Cristina never saw who hit her. She was reading David's manuscript, then she said someone hit her. So maybe she didn't see who it was and didn't realize it was David.

And what about all those murders? The people were killed shortly before David arrived. Isn't that suspicious? No one died long before he showed up. I think that's another clue that David and Corelli are actually the same person. I think David killed all those people.

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Rose I see that Zafon's work, "El príncipe de Parnaso?" is mentioned. Additionally, Corelli appears in "The Watcher in the Shadows" pub 2013. Make of that as you will. Since no one has mentioned it, I am, despite the age of this thread.

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