Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra #1) Scion of Ikshvaku question

Do you think that Amish did justice to the great epic?? Why / Why not??
Uday Sankar Uday Nov 29, 2015 02:02AM
I just finished reading 'Scion of Ikshvaku' by Amish Tripathi. Unlike its predecessor 'The Shiva Trilogy', whose premise was 'What if Shiva wasn't a god', this book was a reiterative story of the Ramayana.

It would be unsound to reveal the (known) plot and hence, I wouldn't, for now.
However, I can say that as i went on from chapter to chapter, i felt the plot weaken. My enthusiasm which started as a thick block of ice, quickly trickled down to drops of water and finally evaporated by the time I finished reading it.

I was really excited about the 'Scion of Ikshvaku' and even pre-ordered it! It took me only three days to finish it. So as far as the book goes, there were some things that i didn't quite like! As opposed to the 'Ramayana' we all know, the Laxman in the book was the main character, the characteristic personality of whom I could not fathom.
Being a fiction, I didn't expect it to follow the whole plot, but, changing the ideologies of a character is not what i had expected.

Somehow, I caught myself comparing the latest edition of the Ram Chandra Series to the Shiva Trilogy. The storyline in the Shiva Trilogy was totally foreign for me so, I found it more interesting and gripping.

So far, I'm a bit disappointed but, jumping to conclusion at this point of time will not do justice to the author. Lets just wait for the other instalments and then pass our judgement!

i went into this book with an open mind and blocking off the original Ramayana story from my mind, I must say l loved it from the beginning had me captivated just like the first time i read Immortals of Meluha,a beautifully written story awesome characters and a formidable antagonist against our hero. loooved it

I found Amish's way of retelling the great epic truly amazing bcoz he is successful in making the epic feel more realistic and lively as he did his best to erase those 'stereotypes' set in our minds about the characters. The same incidents are put forth more reasonably and in a more practical way; in a way it happens in practical life. The way in which simple plots are spun into the story makes us accept that yes, he definitely pinned it.

Amish has not done justice with the Scion of Ikshkavu. The characters are too predictive and the plot is nothing out of the ordinary. Most of the characters sound too confused and there is not a lot to take away. It was a little disappointing to read it. However I will wait for the next book and looking forward to more pace in that one.

It is unfair to compare this series with Shiva trilogy. Very few people are aware of Lord Shiva's story but everyone knows Ramayan. Hence, Ramayan is bound to be predictable. But the way the events are occurring is good.

Nope not at all. I feel great pity to our Gods as some of them are depicted as born with genetic deformity

The book itself labels up as FICTION. So are you expecting a true story? No. The thing which we expected was how differently Amish relates the epic with his own imagination. I have read it inside 3 days and found it way too interesting. Let's not talk about justice and injustice. Grab the book, enjoy the way it is planted.

Sahir Sheikh you are correct my good brother, i mean these amateurs coming in here after reading one mythological fantasy and speaking ill of the a brilliantly wri ...more
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