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Why didn't I read this book sooner?
Sam Sam Nov 27, 2015 05:38PM
The Host
I wish I had read this book back when it first came out! Now it isn't really popular any more and no one ever talks about the awesomeness! :(

I actually liked it better than the Twilight series. I was really disappointed that the movie got panned so badly. It wasn't my favorite, but I did enjoy it and thought it was worth seeing. The book is better.

I had the same feeling, when I got around to reading it.
I usually don't pick up a book, just because it's written by an author who've writtenn a good book before, and that's what kept me away from 'The Host', but when I finally read it, I absolutely loved it!

If you ever wanna hype it, just write to me; I'm always up for Host hype

Sara I like the whole sequence where she is trying to comfort Walter as he is dying and she saves Kyle after he tries to kill her. Jared seems to see her c ...more
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I had watched the movie when it came out, but had never read the book. I finally decided to read it and wish I would of done it sooner. The book is amazing, I loved everything about it and was jumping out of my skin in some parts. I think everyone should read this.

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I loved The Host. My friend and I had both read Twilight, and she told me about The Host. I read it and I loved it. I saw the movie with my friend and we were obsessed for a while

What is everyone's favorite scene or character? I am super in love with Ian and how almost perfect he is. And I love his very few flaws cuz they make him seem more realistic.

After much pondering, I have decided my favorite scene is Walter,s funeral. You really get a clear picture of each person in the scene. Close second would be shortly after when Ian gives Wanda Cheetos and she is super excited. :)

My favorite book of all time and I too read it way after it's hype! Feel free to send hype my way, I'm always looking for a fellow fan of The Host to fangirl with!

I loved Jared and Ian personally, but I think I like Ian a little bit better because of his acceptance and love for Wanda!

I had the same problem, Vanessa. It picked up after Jeb found her. I understood why she needed that though to build and understanding of the character.

Sara For me it picked up when she went to go see her comforter and she and Melanie were in agreement for the first time.
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I actually really liked this book. It took me a while to get into it...but after the first 100 pages (you have to have faith) I absolutely fell in love with it. I found it so interesting that she chose Wanda as the protagonist. Naturally the enemy, the reader empathizes with her anyways. beautiful story line

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