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Masoud Nabi Dialogue is very important in this book because it is one of the main ways we (the readers) learn about What NASA and the public are doing while Mark is on Mars trying to survive.

Edwin.Florez I think there is dialogue in the book.

Edwin.Florez Obviously when the people at NASA talk to each other to figure out how to bring Watney home. Also when the crew talks. Do you think when Mark communicates with NASA is dialogue even though it's through a computer? Do you think when Mark talks in his video diary that it is dialogue even though he isn't talking to anyone?

Patrick S. Hi masoud.

Patrick S. The dialogue is very important in this book because that is how he survived. Using dialogue the people helped make a plan to save MARK.

Masoud Nabi dialogue is also important when the Ares 3 crew is told that if they bring Hermes to Mars they could have a chance to save Mark. Bur NASA wasn't going to do it the crew has a choice whether to mutiny against NASA or follow their orders.

Edwin.Florez I also think that Mark's humor helped him stay alive. To be alone on a different planet for a really long time is really hard. I think if he wasn't funny and he didn't try to talk to himself he could've went crazy. I think that is also why dialogue was really important.

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Ritvik Yaparpalvi I think that the thoughts that mark have are like dialogue to himself. It shows that he has determined tone to get himself in contact with Houston. That determination in his voice drives him to do his work. I think he might succeed.

Edwin.Florez I agree. Like I said before that since he was able to be funny to himself it kind of helped him not go crazy. If he just talked to himself without doing anything knowing that he was going to die he would've gone crazy before he even died or if he died.

Masoud Nabi Dialogue is important, but it is also not a major feature because about 60% of the book is on mars and Mark is alone and it would be weird if he were to talk to himself out loud. That is one of the reasons that everything we read from his part of the story in his log entry.

Masoud Nabi hi pepes

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Edwin.Florez Hi

Masoud Nabi overall dialogue is important because it plays an important role in saving mark from the MAV and Mars

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Ritvik Yaparpalvi I agree masoud that he really does not talk to himself because that is kind of crazy. But I really believe dialogue is important. Dialogue is a key part and really builds character for everyone. It shows their tone and mood and what kind of personality they have. I think an important part of the book that shows dialogue is the meetings. If things get to out of control, there is some language. This brings out the characters of Venkat, Mitch, Bruce, Annie, and Mindy. These are important people and they habe a lot of dialogue in meetings.

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Edwin.Florez I still think he does talk to himself. When he is on Mars and he doesn't have any communication he talks to himself.

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Edwin.Florez It still is him talking to himself out loud.

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Ritvik Yaparpalvi yah true

Masoud Nabi but then why would it say "Sol 45 Log" it is a log not him talking to himself. the closest thing to talking to himself are the audio logs but those are still technically logs.

John (Taloni) Taloni The "log" thing works fine for a book but not a movie. So he's talking to the camera as if it were another person. It worked fine. At least it's not like Tom Hanks talking to a ball.

Masoud Nabi I agree

Papaphilly Masoud wrote: "but then why would it say "Sol 45 Log" it is a log not him talking to himself. the closest thing to talking to himself are the audio logs but those are still technically logs."

I liked Tom Hanks talking to Wilson. There is both a human an surreal touch to the whole thing. I would expect mark Watney to talk to himself and not just for the log. It can get too quiet when you are by yourself for long stretches and humans need interaction.

To answer the question, of course there is plenty of dialogue in the book. All dialogue is a conversation and that conversation may be verbal or written.

Masoud Nabi yes but i was talking about when he is just writing the log not talking to other characters

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Edwin.Florez Ok.

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Ritvik Yaparpalvi Ok. :)

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