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message 1: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
">>Twins, male and female (either both bi or gay), that are basically celebrities. But maybe no one knows they're twins and think they're together. And maybe they do a shitton of crazy things at parties, but are also able to handle themselves and are actually masters at weapons and such?"

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

So . . .
KT's >> Sasha Luss
Maska's >> Kellin Quinn
Elf's >> Reinaldo Berthoti, Dylan Fosket, or Richard Harmon

message 3: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I like any of them. :)

message 4: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
The last two might work better? Idk >~<

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I think Richard Harmon would probably work the best as a medium between Sasha and Kellin hen.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

So, surname.

message 7: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Do we want them all to have the same one? I mean since people assume they're all dating would it be better for them to have adopted different last names? Like one took step-parent's last name, one stayed the same, one took mother's maiden or something?

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah that is probably right, but maybe we should figure out the one they started with and then the ones they ended up adopting.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Clair or Cleon or Clyde for his first name. And maybe Aiza for his surname?

message 10: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Okay sounds good!

Well we could have them have the same surname but their celeberity alias all have different surnames?? They'd have contacts to keep their real identities a secret right?

I like Clair or Clyde.

message 11: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I like Clair

And Aiza works for me

message 12: by [deleted user] (last edited Nov 22, 2015 09:15PM) (new)

Maybe their celebrity names are all fake but no one except them know?

Also, maybe they encourage the rumors a lot?

I'm totally going to use Clyde because Bonnie and Clyde. Maybe his fake surname is Clair?

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Because Clair sounds more elegant, but I like the homage of using Clyde.

message 14: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Exactly! It would benefit them, I could see them originally doing it since they didn't want to feed off each other's fame kind of thing?

To keep identity for sure, maybe other reasons who knows....

You should roll with it, I like it. :) Personally like the name Clyde. :)


message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

That works for me.


Haha no CC. Clair as fake name, Clyde as actual name.

message 16: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod


Dammn xD. Lol jk. *nods* so Aiza for their official last name or Clyde's fake surname?? >~<

message 17: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I kinda like Cintra (Cin for short) or Cyn for my girl. Opinions?

message 18: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
So like could be Cintra or Cyntra kinda thing?

But yeah sounds like a great name! *should look for one now...* >~<

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

ƘƬ ~๓ครợยєгค๔є ợยєєภ~ wrote: "I kinda like Cintra (Cin for short) or Cyn for my girl. Opinions?"

I like. I like the full name Cintra, but for the shorter version, I like the spellig Cyn better. So maybe Cintra, nickname Cyn?

ӍдѕҞᾇ wrote: "Awesome!


Dammn xD. Lol jk. *nods* so Aiza for their official last name or Clyde's fake surname?? >~<"

Either or, depending on general consensus.

message 20: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Works for me. Is it a better real or fake name?

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)


message 22: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
>~< ermergerd the indecisiveness!

What letter, any letter just give me a letter

message 23: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I'll say real, since it's pronounced Sin, so if they slip up and call her Cyn in front of people they'll assume it's a pet name or something

message 24: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Should they all start with C then? xD

message 25: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Their real names that is

message 26: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I think that works :P

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Sounds good

message 28: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Also how old should they be? Early twenties I assume?

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, and maybe Aiza is Clyde's fake name? Because Clair Aiza sounds cooler than Clyde Aiza.

message 30: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Sure, go for it. Just means we have to decide a last name for them all

Probably early twenties.

Okay i will look at C names

message 31: by KT (last edited Nov 22, 2015 09:53PM) (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
I was screwing around on tumblr and came across a thing and researched and now I want it. I was thinking maybe Cyn has Triple X Syndrome, where basically instead of two X chromosomes like average, women with this have three. They rarely show all the symptoms so hers would be tall stature, dyslexia, and some of the personality ones like anxiety and low self esteem.
What do you guys think?

message 32: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Calixtus, Carmin, or Celestiel(nickname: Ceil).

Sounds good! I think you should do it

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Go for it.

message 34: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Cool it's happening then.
I like Calixtus or Celestiel.

message 35: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod

Mhmmmm. I think I'll have his fake name: Leif Celestiel
And his real name Calixtus _____ <~whatever their last name will be. Sound good y'all?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)


message 37: by KT (last edited Nov 22, 2015 10:25PM) (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
For Cyn I think her chosen name will be Vail Summers

And I have aan idea for what she'll be like but I don't want her to be too cliche fuck this is a struggle.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

What do you want her to be like?

message 39: by KT (last edited Nov 22, 2015 10:29PM) (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Well she'll be pretty nice and sweet to people, but she doesn't like large groups of people. Severe agoraphobia. Tries to avoid talking to people whenever possible, but she's really nice when she has to. Really good at keeping her anxiety in check, mostly because of her avoiding people so much. She'd rely on her brothers a lot to be basically her only family and friends. She has really low self esteem and depression but she doesn't hurt herself or try to kill herself because she's worried it'd upset her brothers and she figures that it's better for her to suffer than for them to. Not exactly shy, just scared of people and assumes they'd hate her.

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay. What exactly is she going to be famous for?

message 41: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
Probably something like painting or writing, and when people actually saw what she looked like then she got hired as a model too?

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay, cool

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

So Clyde's the actor then.

message 44: by ӍдѕҞa (last edited Nov 22, 2015 10:44PM) (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Sounds like a great idea, you sound go with it :)

So guys, what age and birthdate? Who's gonna be the eldest and which the youngest?

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Like early twenties. So maybe 22 or 23?

I think Clyde's going to be the type to intentionally make enemies to increase his popularity or be very nice to achieve the same goal. I feel like he likes being around people well enough but prefers to tell himself he's only using hem. Maybe he’s pessimistic too?

message 46: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Mhmmm 23 sounds good, KT?
Date, time and eldest etc. Any ideas?

Oh interesting! I'm interested to see the outcome. He should definitely be. :)

>~< all I know still is that Calix is a die hard romantic. Currently working on Florence so I haven't really been thinking on that yet >~<

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

13 for the day?

I think that if anything goes wrong, Clyde's first thought is that they're all going to die. Also, he will refuse to get in cars.


message 48: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
Sure! Now which month *humms*

Damn. But I like :)


message 49: by KT (new)

KT (queenlykt) | 866 comments Mod
How about October? OH and can it have been Friday the 13th because why the hell not?

This is going to be an interesting family I'm very excited xD

message 50: by ӍдѕҞa (last edited Nov 23, 2015 07:33AM) (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) | 1876 comments Mod
I like it! We should roll with it. :D Times, who should be oldest and youngest.

For sure! I was planning to integrate a lot of Sleeping with Sirens' songs into his profile so his personality will be interesting and hopefully the history as well.
Which brings up the question of general history.. what should it be?

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