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The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, #2)
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. Week 33: Trilogy (2) > The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

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Hannah Norman (hannahnorman) | 49 comments I read The Maze Runner for the first book of a trilogy and really enjoyed it, thus I choose the second book to continue for trilogy week 2.

I am impressed with this series. Granted, they aren't the best written books, but they are SO entertaining. I keep having second thoughts about what I think about the characters and WICKED.

I will definitely be reading the third book to continue the 3rd trilogy week.

Ashley (bibliophrenia) | 112 comments I feel the exact opposite from you. I HATED this book - it was absolutely painful for me to read. So much, that I DNF'd a little after 40%.

I'm happy you liked it and hope you enjoyed the third.

Hannah Norman (hannahnorman) | 49 comments I am so sorry you hated it! You have great strength in being able to dnf a book. I always have to go to the end...no matter how much I hate it!

I did enjoy the full series. They are definitely not the best written, but I find them entertaining.

Ashley (bibliophrenia) | 112 comments I totally understand how you feel! I try to push through instead of DNF-ing a book. Maybe I was just grumpy that week ;)

I'm happy you enjoyed them. I'm not usually a YA fan and it seemed a little more on that side that I'm comfortable with, but I also had very high expectations starting the book, which is likely a large part of my problem.

Which of the three books is your favorite?

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