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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA-Fantasy. Starts with a halfling boy watching from his window as a fairy lady dressed in red knocks on his neighbour's door [s]

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kass (velmakelly) | 2 comments Hello! I only read the begging about 2 years ago, so the details are kinda fuzzy. The boy was short and olive skinned because he came from a troll bloodline or some magical creature like that. Magic and mixed bloodlines were frowned upon. The street where the boy lived was poor and he wasn't allowed to go outside because people would know right away he was a halfling. One day a fairy lady comes in, wearing a red dress/coat if i remember correctly, and she knocks on the door of the boy's neighbour. Twice. The boy is watching her from a window, hidden. The lady goes into the neighbour's backyard and notices the boy looking. The boy is called by his mom to return to his chores. He has a sister.

And that's all I remember! I've tried endlessly to look for this book under the fairy and elves tags but it hasn't come up. Thanks in advance!!!

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kass (velmakelly) | 2 comments YES!! thank you so much

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