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Looking For Recs?? > Looking for enemies-to-lovers suggestions of a specific type.

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message 1: by Bisaster (new)

Bisaster | 2 comments Well I've been trough numerous pages on goodreads on the topic and I did find a lot of good books but I may have skipped over some that have what I want.

Now onto what I'm looking for: Basically the Hero and Heroine are equals or the same, as in they're both rich or geniuses or both work in the same line of work(like lawyers or something). Anything goes as long as they aren't both ordinary and share that trait. The book must have the POV of both characters otherwise I just can't force myself to read it, just like Wallbanger, so the double POV might be the most important thing in any romance book I read thus please don't suggest anything with single POV no matter how good it is or how close to my description it is.

What I really really am looking for though is both of them sleep around a lot, womanizer x seductress or playboy x playgirl?, anyways you get the gist of it, I really want something along those lines. I might have a fantasy about a bet on both parties to seduce the other, each of them being oblivious about the fact that the other has the same bet, but this is just optional. All of this womaziner x seductress can be without the enemies to lovers thing, if you know of anything of the sort just suggest it.

Some books that I remember of the top of my head that fit this more or less are: Nicola Marsh - Marrying the Enemy(not exactly what I was looking for but it was close), Legal Affairs Story series - Sawyer Bennett, Ruining Mr Perfect - Marie Harte, Perfect Couple - Jennifer Echols, Julie James - Practice Makes Perfect, Tell Me Something Good - Jamie Wesley. I think that's all that fit what I want to a certain extent, I didn't like the big wealth difference in "Tell me something good" but I could live with it since it wasn't in your face.

Thanks, I hope you guys can help.

message 2: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
I was about to suggest the Neighbor from Hell series, but you've already read that. You can try: She Went All the Way, Something About You, Fiance by Fate(the h/H aren't life-long enemies but they can't stand each other initially), Her Best Worst Mistake(they're not in the same profession and have quite different goals), What I Did for Love(I haven't read this one, but they're both in the same profession and don't quite like each other so it's worth a try).

Historical Romances (just in case): Private Arrangements, The Last Hellion, The Devil Who Tamed Her

message 3: by Bisaster (new)

Bisaster | 2 comments Thanks a lot.
All of these have double POV right?

message 4: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
I read She Went All the Way a couple of years ago, far as I can remember it mostly had the female POV.

All the others have alternate POVs.

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