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message 1: by Laura, Mod (last edited Aug 19, 2015 09:54AM) (new)

Laura | 599 comments Mod
The 2016 Reading Challenge will continue the concept of this year's challenge, with 52 weekly topics. Users then choose a book fitting each topic in order to complete the challenge.

How polls will work:
The topics for the 2016 RC list will be determined through 13 mini-polls. Each user will vote for their favorite 4 topics in each mini-poll, which will then add up to the 52 topics (13 polls x 4 topics/poll=52 weekly topics).

Seventh poll:
Voting ends August 26

- One vote per poll per user

Survey Link

The current running list of themes can be found in the first post of the Announcements thread.

*The survey will navigate to the home page after you submit but results have been recorded

message 2: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (pikakejazz) Question: a "campus book" is referring to the setting of the book (a book that takes place on a campus)? Or is it referring to something else?

message 3: by Laura, Mod (new)

Laura | 599 comments Mod
I interpreted it as being a campus setting but obviously Jeanie can feel free to step in and correct :)

message 4: by Charity (new)

Charity (faeryrebel78) That's how I interpreted it as well.

message 5: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine (pikakejazz) Charity wrote: "That's how I interpreted it as well."

K, sounds good! I voted accordingly. Thanks Laura and Charity!

message 6: by Zaz, Mood Minion (new)

Zaz | 1387 comments Mod
Same for me.
It was easy to choose my top 4 this time, but it was more difficult to rank the other topics.

message 7: by Shelly (new)

Shelly Hmmm. Four really good ones, and the rest were less than. I voted, but not getting my hopes up.

message 8: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie (lewisia) | 28 comments Jasmine wrote: "Question: a "campus book" is referring to the setting of the book (a book that takes place on a campus)? Or is it referring to something else?"

Sorry, not been online much today and have just seen your question. I meant a novel based partly or totally on a campus (university, college etc). I hope that helps you choose.

message 9: by Grace Meredith (new)

Grace Meredith (koreantrash) A book that takes place underwater? That would be so AWESOME!

message 10: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 319 comments I may have voted twice. The first time my connection was bad and I am not sure my selections were recorded. Sorry

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