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Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 307 comments NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

This is another double-up week for me. I'm not much of a Christmas person, so I did not pick a traditional Christmas book.

My first book I've selected is NOS4A2. While this story does not take place during Christmas, part of it takes place in a location called Christmasland. This will be dark and probably a bit disturbing, but that's Joe Hill.

Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 307 comments I LOVED this book! I could not put it down. Joe Hill did a great job in developing the characters and creating a beautiful story around a terrifying idea. The ending really took me by surprise. The graphic novel that accompanies this (Wraith) was pretty decent also.

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Laura | 599 comments Mod
I don't remember if you've mentioned reading his other books but I would strongly recommend any and all of them. I know I'm planning on reading In the Tall Grass for the novella theme in 2016. I also read 20th Century Ghosts for the short story collection. This was one of the only books that I've ever read where I genuinely enjoyed trying to find the theme of the story. Totally converted me to short stories.

Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 307 comments The only other book I've read of his is Heart-Shaped Box, but I also have Horns on another reading challenge. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'm going to add these two to my lists as well.

Erica | 214 comments I read this one too and couldn't put it down!

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