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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments One can keep a secret, especially if they're dead.

Dear Abby,
My name doesn't matter as well as my current wearabouts, the only thing that matters is the fact that I have more secrets that I can count. One is that I haven't really smiled for the past six months. Sure, I can fake it, I can laugh, but none are as strong as I used to be able to do. (Well, unless I'm with two perfect people who get me out of my funk) I'm not free anymore; I feel like Aladdin when Jafar had that guy throw him over the cliff into the ocean. People can notice at school when I look down and usually they're pretty nice. Even the people who I don't usually get along with even take time out of their totally toobliar day to ask if I'm alright. It's nice, since I know that even though they act like total jerks normally, they still have good in them. People in those cliche movies always say that they only ask to make themselves look good.

Sorry to break it to you, but people are usually good on the inside. More of the human race is actually good, even if they don't seem like it. The girl with the football player boyfriend that look as if their lives couldn't get easier? His parents are getting a divorce and they fight everynight. Her mother is actually an alcoholic and her father is a man whore. The girl who just yelled some rude things to her best friend and made her cry, that was because she had an emotional overload. The reason they're still friends? She said she was sorry and that she didn't mean it. Get the picture, we're all going through stuff. Even me. The girl who has the best guy friend in the world and just adores his girlfriend who is also my best friend. The girl who doesn't look like anything is wrong is actually falling apart piece by piece.

I'm alive, that's the important thing. I'm not planning on going anywhere soon if you're wondering, but one night can change fate forever. So who knows, maybe I won't write another letter to you, but just know that right now I'm doing okay, that I'm alive.

Al/Alex/Alexa is a 16 year old high school student with the heart of gold and has the smile that could scare away anyone's dark thoughts. The sad part is though, that that smile doesn't really shine all that much. It's mostly hidden inside her heart. Sometimes it claws itself out when she's around the two best people in the world, Mace/Macey Weston and Rosie/Roe McHenry.

Her hobbies include bass guitar, singing, drawing, painting, and taking spontanious photos that are good enough to be a professional's.

Personality includes sass and whitty humor. She is down to earth and very forgiving. She is very smart though she doesn't think it. She is a very nice person to have around, almost a perfect friend. Though, nothing is perfect. When you get into her head you get to see the dark and dirty stuff, the things she hides away and gets to her from time to time, though not all the time. Well, right now, it's happening more and more often.

She needs someone to reach out and pick her up, show her the light and bring her back to the real world.

That's where you come in.

Guy B is everything that she looked for. He has a great family who are supportive, even if they fight like every normal family does. They always stick together when it needs to go through though. Sure, this guy still has problems, but he is more walking on the light than anything. He is the shining sun that is the savior to our hidden diamond. He is the person that reaches out and the hand that she takes. This time she doesn't deeper into her hole of depression, but gets lifted up. They complement each other perfectly, and even though they fight, they know for a fact. "You're worth it."

-I would like a detailed roleplayer, paragraph or more. I would also enjoy having a detailed character sheet.
-Yeah, I'm the girl, since I named her and gave her personality and everything.
- I have a good feeling that this story will go really welll and that it'll be fun. We can add drama into it but this rp is supposed to be real. So there is good, there is bad. I want to have fun with this, so they can go out and have what any teenager would want.
- The guy, you, can be anything you want. Scientist? Doctor? Football player? Nerd? Computer Wiz? Artist? Musician? You get it. You can be whatever.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Okay I guess we start on our characters then. Thanks again for making the topic! :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments You're welcome! And yes, yes we shall. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments

"Turn it up, I can still hear myself think."

"You can call me Al for short. Or Alex. Either way works for me."

[Age] 16
{Birthday} August 8th

[Occupation] Junior in High School
[Languages] Saracasm, witty humor, real talk, and English


{Eyes} Hazel
{Hair} Brown
{Height} 5'4"

• Bass Guitar
• Controlling her emotions usually
• Painting
• Drawing
• Being very understanding
• Solitaire

○ Her Father
○ She does have depression and sometimes falls prone to it
○ The journal she writes in to vent
○ The fact she can't say she's upset very easily and she's ashamed of it more than anything
○ Puns
○ Bugs

For the most part she usually is a very happy girl that wants to just have fun with her friends. Of course, sometimes it's all fake because she can't actually get her mood up. She always has this depression that is always gnawing at her heart. The pain is always there and it burns a little worse with every breath. Of course, she can't really fake it when it gets too bad as she starts to show it on her face. That usually doesn't happen until it overflows, and recently it's been doing that a lot more. It usually hits even harder at night so she has a pretty hard time getting to sleep or doing anything at night. Which is why she is either up all night trying to get one stupid thing done that should only take her about a half an hour.

She is a very loud and outspoken person as well. If she has an opinion, she will fight for it, not wanting her opinion to go unnoticed, especially when it is something important. (Doesn't always work. She has this tendency to get ignored by a lot of people.) She loves to debate with people and finds it entertaining when people can argue like that but not get all butthurt about it. She will always fight for what she believes in and she doesn't care who you are. If you do something wrong or that isn't okay, she will tell you off right then and there and wait for you to come to your senses.

Al was born into the world without her father because he skipped out before she was even born. She grew up with only her mother and her family that lived in the town and that helped raise her. She still apparently had her father as he stopped by when she was a baby, but when she got to be a kid, he just stopped coming around.

The girl ended up growing up with not many friends, but she did keep a few close ones, the ones that she has been friends with forever, Mace Weston and Rosie McHenry. The three of them were inseparable through their whole lives, even though Mace was a year older. (They met because they live across the street from one another.

During middle school she ended up taking a liking to the bass guitar, which has got her to where she is today. Things started to get hard a she grew a liking to a guy named Lance, a boy who liked to tease her in a flirting way. He always strung her along and then broke her heart whenever he had the chance. Of course, she knew that this was happening, but she couldn't seem to get away. Even when she decided he was gone out of her life, he would always find a way to get into it, even if it was a roundabout way and destroy her. He found it fun.

Now in high school she is suffering with depression and the feeling of abandonment as her father keeps also toying with her by coming back into her life for a month and then going away like she was nothing.

"You can't just come back after 16 years and think everything will be alright!"

Right now, she is in a band with her best friend Mace who plays the guitar and they switch off as the lead singer. His girlfriend is the groopy who really doesn't know how to do anything with the instruments. So she just sits there and enjoys watching them.

✔ Longboarding
✔ Snowboarding
✔ Decks of cards, her favorite suit is Spade
✔ Painting
✔ Getting her clothing covered in paint drops
✔ Flannel shirts

✘ Being alone
✘ Bigots
✘ Rude people
✘ The dark
✘ People who aren't open minded and shut anything else out
✘ Bugs/spiders

Mother: Cynthia Waterson
Best guy friend/basically brother: Mace Weston
(view spoiler)

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments "I meet her in my dreams every night,

but when I wake up I can't remember anything about her."

Name: Luke Michael O'Hara
Nickname: none

Age: 17
Birthday: May Fifteenth


Eye Color: Peircing Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Slightly Tan
Height: 5’7 ft
Blood type: 0

Personality: Luke is shy when meeting new people at first and is normally quiet when he doesn't know anybody nervous around people he doesn't know. Once he gets past an awkward meeting he begins to show his true nature. Being the hardworking person he is he loves to work out in the fields of their farm and taking care of the many animals they have. He always loves to sit on his roof and look up at the stars since being out in the country you can see so many more stars than anybody can view in the city. Being from the south and everything Luke has a country accent at times. He also has a southern charm about him and treats everyone with respect just like his parents taught him. At times though when he gets angry it leads him to yell and become irrational, but once he calms down he always apologizes for being mean.
Likes: Animals, Farming, Astrology, Desserts, and Kids
Dislikes: Fighting, School, The City, Medication, and Heights
Strengths: Understanding, Energetic, Loyal, Hardworking, and Compassionate
Weakness: Hotheaded, Fouled Mouthed, Impulsive, Shy, and Oblivious

History: Born in the south on a farm he grew up playing in the dirt with rocks and sticks. Being the middle child of six he always helped his mother take care of his younger siblings. He comes from a very religious family always going to church on Sunday no matter what. He and his brothers learned all they can learn about farming and taking care of the chickens, cows, and horses from his father and mother since everyone had to help out with out the chores around the house. Being the tight knit family they always have each other's backs. Being the shy person he is, Luke never made many friends often being reserved around people. Now being in high school he doesn't know what he's going to do after high school and what's the future is in store for him.

Joseph O'Hara (49 years old) [Father]
Megan O'Hara(45 years old) [Mother]
Cooper O'Hara (21 years old) [Oldest Brother]
Easton O'Hara (19 years old) [2nd Older Brother]
Maria O'Hara (15 years old) [Younger Sister]
David O'Hara (10 years old) [Younger Brother]
Elizabeth O'Hara (6 years old) [Youngest Sister]

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments He's adorable. They're gunna work wonders for each other. XD

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments I'm so excited! Okay can you start? I was thinking maybe they have to be partners in a project together or something.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Oh, heh... I was thinking they adopt him. So they see the new kid and the three go up and kidnap him.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments That's such a better idea than mine! Okay I'm totally down for that. :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, I feel bad for him. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments This school was like most every other schools. You had your jocks, your queers, your gross relationships, cheer leaders, druggies, weirdos, freaks, goths, and you got it, the musicians. That's where Al comes in. She sits on the stairs at lunch, leaning on her knees as she plays her bass as Mace plays the guitar, both of them singing with a group of people around them. They weren't bad, so no one really complained about it. They actually quite enjoyed them. Al was the main with her singing, Mace backing up unless it was one of his songs. They were smiling as Ro was somewhat singing along, though she was one of the shy ones so she didn't really want to sing too loud.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Today was his first day at school and since he didn't like hanging out with his little sister Maria who was also in high school and loved to talk. He had planned to have lunch all by himself. Well, even if he had moved to a different school he would have still been sitting by himself at lunch since talking wasn't his best quality. Luke's mother had packed him his own lunch which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple which was the same lunch he ate everyday he went the school, but he didn't complain. It was his favorite sandwich and if he did his father would teach him one or two things about respect. When he made his way over to he cafeteria he saw that there was an empty table and sat down quietly noticing a band playing music on the stairs and he had to admit they were pretty good esepecially the girl play what seemed to be a guitar, but he didn't know too much about instruments to say for sure.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Al looked up right when the new kid walked across and sat down at an empty table. She pointed him out, stopping the song right then, "New kid!" She jumped off of her spot and ran over to him, skidding to a stop and leaning on the table, leaving her bass behind with the other two. Mace looked up to see him and then got up as well, taking both of the guitars and his girlfriend followed close behind.

"Oh my gosh, you're new!" She said, grinning at him and sitting down at the table with him. "I'm adopting you, okay? you're with us now. We're your friend, alright?"

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke was about to take a bite out of his apple when suddenly he heard someone running towards him and his eyes glanced up to see the girl who had been singing coming over. It left him speechless. Why would rock star girl give a shit about some country boy like himself. It didn't make sense to him at all and now her other bandmates were heading this way as well.

He didn't know how to respond to her since he couldn't say no esspically when she was smiling like that. He gulped rubbing the back of his neck nervously as his face began to best up a little. He wasn't used to talking to anyone esspecially pretty girls. "Ah, o-okay." He didn't understand what she meant by adopting him though since he already had a perfectly fine family.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She plopped down at the table with him, taking her bass from Mace. "My name is Alexa, but you can call me Alex, or Al. This is Mace, also known as Macey. And the young girl over there is Rosie, also known as Ro." She said, introducing her band mate and groupie. She grinned over at him. "We don't get many new kids.... and when new kids come the other groups get them, so we thought we'd get you first." She winked, laughing lightly with it.

Ro sat down next to her, leaning and looking at Luke, smiling at him and waving. "We got a cute one, too."

"You're taken, young lady." Mace said, rubbing her hair.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke watched as Alexa introduced her friends, Mace and Rosie, before answering his unanswered questions as if she had read his mind. It really amazed him how a girl like herself took intrest in a quiet guy sitting alone. Normally he would have wanted peace and quiet, but for once he wasn't minding talking to them since they seemed so friendly after all. His ears turned red like tiny tomatoes when Ro called him cute since normally girls found him too quiet. He let out a small sigh of relief to hear she was already taken because a straight forward girl like that would had been bad for his heart. "Nice to meet y'all. I'm Luke, but I don't think y'all would want to be my friends. I mean, I'm not exactly a musical person."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ro laughed, shaking her head, "don't worry about it. I'm super bad with instruments, it took me forever to find out that Al played the bass, not the guitar." She laughed.

"Yeah, she still has trouble remembering it. She keeps asking me why I'm playing the guitar." Al sighed. "So don't worry about not knowing music, we just like people."

Mace sat down, leaning his back against Ro, smiling as he strummed out a tune on his guitar with his lucky pick with his favorite suit on it. He had a small smile on his face, even though a lot of people thought he was just the asshole with the guitar that was just too cocky for his own good. It wasn't cocky though, it was confidence.

Alexa on the other hand had all of the guys on her tail. They thought she was sexy, but weird. They would rather just hear her sing than actually talk and spread her opinion. They thought she had the voice of the angel, and the rack of one, too.... Since she was a rocker, too, they thought she was easy. Boy were they wrong. "So, what do you like to do, Luke?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Oops, that was way too short. o.o I'll add more. I tried, but then hit cancel edit. TT))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Thar we go!

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments He was releaved to hear that he didn't have to know anything about music to hang out with them. He was also glad to learn that he wasn't the only one confused with the whole gutair and base thing. It made a small smile play out on his face glad that didn't care about that stuff just him as a person. His gaze watched Mace begin to play on his guitar and Luke had to admit that being able to do that with ease was pretty awesome. Alexa was the one who seemed the coolest as far as he could tell though.

He was surprised by her sudden question, "Me? Um, I really like to work with my hands. I live on a farm so growing crops and raising animals are pretty fun to me." He ran a hand through his cow licked, messy hair adding, "I'm not a very intresting guy though."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alexa smiled over at him, tilting her head to the side as she listened, nodding to his words to show she was paying attention, and she was paying close attention. She smiled and tilted her head to the side, happily. "That sounds like a lot of fun actually." She said, "I like animals a lot." She grinned, laughing lightly. "Do you have chickens and ducks? You know, that will let them play with their little babies." She asked, smiling brighter.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments His eyes moved from the table to Alexa when she spoke up. He couldn't tell if she was just being nice to him or really liked animals, but he didn't care. Giving her a smile he answered her question, "I don't think the duck mother will let you touch her baby, but you can play with the baby chickens. They might just fall asleep in your hand. They really love being held though." He noticed she didn't have anything to eat and pulled out the other half of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, "Do you want to eat the other half of my peanut butter sandwich?" They were friends now.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((You know they're friends when food is shared.))

She was beaming with joy, her eyes lighting up with excitement. She even let out a cute little giggle that sounded like an excited child on Christmas.

Ro looked over, "Uh oh, be careful or you might just be out a few baby chickens." She laughed, nudging Alexa who looked over at her with that mock glare.

She turned back to Luke though, ignoring Mace as he started to sing some little duck song they wrote when they were just five and had worked on it sense for fun. She looked at the food and blushed a bit, "Uh.... Are you sure? I mean, you won't be hungry?" She didn't eat usually, she forgot food was a thing and sometimes didn't eat at all. Some people called her anorexic, but she couldn't help it, she just didn't eat. That and she wasn't skinny enough to be that.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments ((XD True me and my friends share food at lunch all the time.))

Luke couldn't believe she got so excited just thinking about petting the baby chickens. He could understand because they were just so dang cute half the time. It made him excited to have her over since most people would hate coming over to the farm, but Al seemed like she wouldn't mind. He left out a light laugh after hearing Ro's comment and seeing Alex's angry face. "Yeah, you can have it. I only need to eat half the sandwich." He handed the sandwich to her making sure their hands didn't touch since he always got nervous at the idea of a girl touching his hand. He then began to eat him own half watching Alexa.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Haha, I only share with my boyfriend. XD))

Alex smiled at the thought of being able to play with a chick, then seeing Luke look happy about it made his day as well. She rubbed the back of her head, looking at the food and took it, not really noticing that he was making it so they didn't touch one another. She didn't mind of course, though, when she took the food and looked at it, she suddenly didn't have much of a stomach. She knew why it was that way, she had been going through too much recently. She forced herself to eat it though, it feeling as if the peanut butter was extra sticky and it staying in her mouth for a bit longer than usual. She finished it though, "Thank you."

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments ((Awe, that's cute.))

Luke was glad to see her eat it without any second thoughts. He normally never shared his food, but since they were his new friends, he thought it was a good time to be friendly. He gave her a shy smile when she thanked him replying, "don't mention it, but if you don't have anything going on today. I can take you over to my house and you can play with our chicks as much as you like." He felt nervous after putting that all out there. It's not like he should expect much esspically since they had just met.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Haha, yush. Then people ask for food and I hiss.))

She looked up at him, raising an eyebrow with the thought of going over to his house so soon. She smiled a bit, "I actually don't have anything planned." she said, totally happy and excited to be able to go over to his house. "My mother might not let me though, she's a bit over protective. Who knows." She shrugged. "I'll check with her soon." She said, rubbing the back of her head with a cute smile on her face.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments ((Lol that's funny.))

Luke face heated up saying, "Ah, yeah. You can come over whenever your mom will let you come over. I just thought I would offer." He sractched the back of his head embarressed. Of course she probally wouldn't get to come over today. Geez, he felt embarressed for saying that, but at lead she still wanted to come over to the farm. "Just let me know what your mom says then."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Haha, yush. Then they try and steal it. one time they ended up with a plastic fork against their hand. XD))

She nodded to him, happy to think that she might have a farm to be able to go to. She loved animals and thought it would be fun to grow up at a farm and raise the animals, to grow food, to pick it.... It just sounded perfect. She even slightly looked the part of a farm girl with the plaid she always wore with her tight skinny jeans. Though, her boots just screamed rocker. She was more of an alternative person though. She really sang anything as well.... She was a complicated individual with her music. "It sounds like a lot of fun, I can't wait to be able to go over and see them." She smirked.

"Al's got a boyfriend." Mace sang only to get smacked by both Al and Ro.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments ((XD))

Luke smiled, "Yeah, me too." His face heated up in embarresment when Mace called him her new boyfriend. He had never had a girlfriend before and wouldn't she rather have a rockstar boyfriend. They also just met, but as far as he could tell she was a really nice person. It was obvious that his family was going to love a sweet girl like herself esspically her mom since she plays the guitar and loves meeting other musicians.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She pulled out her phone and sent a text message to her mother about going with him, to which she asked who he was and that she would rather meet him first. She sighed, looking up to him, "Well.... We can run to my mom's work and see if I can go after you meet her." She winked with a laugh. She always found a way to get through this. She rubbed her arm, smiling at him, "It's alright if you don't want to. I understand." She winked.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke eyes lit up at the chance that she actually could come over to the farm. "Sure I don't mind meeting your mom, but you'll have to come with me to pick up my brother and sisters from school before I meet your mom. That is if you don't mind." They could all fit in his father's truck that he let Luke use to drive his brothers and sisters to and from school. He had never taken a girl home to his house before so he hoped they didn't ask her too many questions because he knew his whole family was going to be shocked. He didn't care though because it's not like she was his girlfriend or anything. They were just friends.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Al nodded to him, not minding that they were going to have to pick up his siblings. It wouldn't be too bad. She smiled at him, "Yeah, that would be fine. I'll go with you." She said, shrugging her shoulders. She liked kids, even if they were in middle school. She usually got along with people. Well, somewhat she did. She leaned on the table as she finished the last bit of the sandwich, though, this one was probably the hardest to swallow. Finishing food was harder than starting it. Well, that wasn't true. They were about the same. She gave him a small smile again. "Hope your siblings can hang out for a few minutes."

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments "They won't mind waiting in the car. I have to warn you. They might be asking you a lot of questions since normally I don't bring friends home," he confessed rubbing his hands together is a nervous manner. Luke was glad to see her eat the rest of his sandwich since he thought his new friend could use a little meat on her bones, but there was nothing wrong with her just the way she was. He found himself so intrested in her that he had been starring and quickly looked away shy hoping she didn't notice.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She nods to him, not seeing anything wrong with questions. "That's alright, I love playing 20 questions." She shrugged, grinning at him.

Mace looked over, "I just hope they don't play our version of 20 questions."

"If they played our version of 20 questions, I would worry what kind of screwed up stuff happened in their life." Al said back, laughing.

"Yeah.... Let's just hope you don't rub off on them, Al." Ro said, giggling.

Al turned back to see him looking at her, not saying anything though, not used to people looking at her in that way, she was used to people just glancing and losing interest.... So this was weird....

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Everything he brought up seemed perfectly fine with her at the moment which was weird. When he had invited other people over to his house before they always found excuses why they couldn't come over. It was really to good to believe that she actually wanted to come over. He smiled softly watching them talk and it became clear to him that the three of them were really close with each other. How nice it seemed to now be friends with people who seemed to be close. He didn't understand thei little inside jokes with each other yet though since he did just meet them about ten minutes ago.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments If he was serious about being friends with him, he would start to understand the little inside jokes. If course, most of the jokes were rather dirty. She was smiling happily at him, looking at the time, "We should get to our classes, do you know where your classes are?" She asks looking at the new boy. He was cute now that she looked at him. She didn't think she could have another crush though. They all ended in heartbreak and hard feelings. She would rather not screw this friendship up.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke quickly pulled out his schedule that had been folded up in his back pocket, "Um, not really... I been wandering around all day until a teacher helps me out. I've been late to all my classes today because of it. This school is too big." The country school where he used to go to had only about forty people his freshman class, so after coming to this huge school, he had found himself lost multiple times today. He looked up at his new friends pointing out his next class on the paper and asked, "Do any of y'all know where this class is at?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments The three of them looked over, Mace stopped playing his music and leaned over the table. He reached over, "I'll take you to this class." He said, pointing tot he next one. "I have that class with you, and then I'll take you to this class as well."

Ro smiled, "Hey, I have that class with you, so I'll take you to your next class." She said, grinning up at him, pointing at the one that she had with him.

Al looked down, pointing at the last class, "And I have this hour with you, so we can just leave after that." She looked at her other friends, "So get your hugs now since I won't be walking home with you."

The two of them nod, "Alright, I'll just take Ro home then." Mace said, putting his arm around his girlfriend.

"Don't make babies." Al said, laughing lightly.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke smiled at the three of them happy he had actually met them as if they were fated to meet each other. At least the rest of his day he wasn't going to be alone and he was actually going to have them take him to his classes. "Thanks y'all are really too kind." He suddenly heard the bell ring for them to go to their next class. "I guess this is where we part ways."

((Sorry for being so short...))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((It's alright. Do you still want to continue on with these?))

They all nodded and got up together. Al shouldered her bag and took her guitar, winking at them. "I'm going to run to the music room and then to my class, so I'll go ahead of you guys." She waved to all of them, "Be good to Luke!" She turned and started walking out with a nice smile on her face.

Mace looked at Luke and smiled at him, giving him a thumbs up, "Alright, ready to go?" He asked, a huge smile on his face and he looked rather sweet.

Ro walked out with them, holding Mace's hand in hers with their fingers intertwined.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments ((Yeah, I've just been extremely sleepy all day. Anyways do you want to skip to later to the last period of the day?))

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke had made it to class early after Row gave him th directions on how to get there. He had been excited to see Alexia after they parted ways at lunch. He knew this behavior was unlike himself, but he couldn't help it she was a special girl. He was sitting down by himself watching as everyone else greeted each other making him feel kinda loney. He found himself begin to look out the window as he waited patiently to see Al.

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Al got to class, fixing her hair and looking at Luke, since she saw him right away. She gave him a huge smile and got into the seat next to him. "Hey there. How are you now you've gone through afternoon classes?" She leaned on the table in front of her and just looked at him. Of course, she wasn't in her normal seat.

A boy who looked very much like her type walked up and leaned on the desk, "You're in my seat Al, it's going to cost you."

"Oh? And what do I owe?" She asked, smirking at him.

"Well, maybe a date or kiss?" He offered.

She looked at him as if she was thinking and shook her head, "No. No. I don't date right now."

"Oh, but come on. I'll fix that broken heart."

"Lance. Go away."


"Now. Go. Away."

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Luke was about to answer her with a smile when a guy walked over to her as leaned against the desk as if he owned it. He didn't like the vibe this guy he was giving of obviously being a total jerk and had no respect for women. He could let him talk to her in that way anymore finally saying in a stern tone, "I don't know who you think you are city slicker, but when someone asks you leave them alone. It's best if you just listen to them and let them be." He never been a fighter, but when it came to people like Lance who got under his skin, he wasn't just going to sit on the sidelines and say nothing.

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Al closed her eyes as she heard Luke standing up for her, her mood stopping a lot. She hung her head, her hair covering her face.

Lance looked at him with a smirk, rolling his eyes, "Come on, we're good friends, I'm not doing anything mean. Right Al?" He asked, reaching forward and pushing hair from her face only to get his wrist slapped. She stood up quickly, slapping him straight across the face. "Get the f*ck away from me."

He narrowed his eyes at her, reaching at her wrists, only for her to wince when he touched them. She pulled her arms back, falling back and catching herself on Luke's shoulders. She hung her head, "Don't do anything." She whispered. "Fights on the first day is a bad idea.... Trust me." She said, patting his shoulder. "If he really bugs you, you can kick the shit out of him later." SHe winked, trying to be strong.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke gritted his teeth this guy was a piece of shit. He clenched his fist in anger glaring holes through the guy. It was aparent that Al didn't want him to fight him. He let out a sigh seeing the guy finally walk away and he let out a sigh, "I know. My ma would kill me if I got into a fight, so for worry about it. Are you okay though? Because that guy is a total jerk." She was his major concern it was obvious that she didn't enjoy conflict and don't like it when guys pushed her around like a rag doll.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments She looked down at the ground when he asked if she was alright, she wasn't. She pushed a smile on her face, looking over at him, "Yeah, I'm fine." She looked at the table and started playing with the table, pursing her lips. "He just likes... to mess with me. He has for a long time now." She shrugged. She was alright with conflict, but there were places for it, and in a classroom wasn't a good place for it. She usually would fight, if she hadn't been beaten down as much as she had been. She sighed, "You never answered my question."

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Luke didn't believe her words for one minute, but didn't want to argue with her about it since she obviously didn't want to talk about he whole situation between her and Lance because they seemed to have a bad history with each other. "You let me know the next time that guy messes with you, Ali. No guy should treat girls like that." His eyes glimmered back to Alex when she mentioned his not answering her question. "Ah, well, you know. I'm just ready for school to finally end." He was excited to take her to their little country house and show her all the animals.

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