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message 1: by Jen (last edited Aug 09, 2015 10:47AM) (new)

Jen (jenius05) | 279 comments Mod
This folder is for discussion and review of the Historical Fiction BOTMs.

At this time, there is no moderator for this thread. Until such time as there is a moderator, nominations will not be accepted. If you would like to moderate our historical fiction thread and BOTM, let me (Jen) know and I will get your set up. Thank you!

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Lavern Winters (grandmapeachy) | 50 comments Mod
Now there is a moderator. Me, Lavern Winters. I am looking forward to being the moderator for this section. Currently scheming for appealing activities for participants.

message 3: by Lavern (new)

Lavern Winters (grandmapeachy) | 50 comments Mod
My apologies to everyone for not keeping up to date in this group. I'd like to recommend for December 2016 an historical fiction based on a real person. I've read the book and will have my full review posted by December first.

Ludwika: A Polish woman's struggle to survive Maxi Germany by Christoph Fischer.

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