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message 1: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Van Loke (jevanloke) | 3 comments I joined the author program and added my book Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace. I went in to edit the description and it tells me I only have permission to edit metadata.
Please help me find where the disconnect is. I know I should be able to edit the books profile but I am new at this and a little confused.

Thank you!

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments You have not yet been added to the author programme,

if you had then the author profile would have good reads author on it

When did you apply? it can take a while depending on number of requests for it to be approved

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments If you post what you want in the description someone will change it for you

message 4: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Van Loke (jevanloke) | 3 comments Thank you for the quick reply Paula.

I thought I was already added. How do I tell if I am or not?

I applied about a week ago.

Thanks again!

message 5: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments A claimed author profile looks like this one

The profile you claimed does not as yet - once GR approve the request yours will have the same Good Reads Author on it.

A week or more is not unusual

Did you use the link below to request the approval?

message 6: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Van Loke (jevanloke) | 3 comments Yes. That is the page I submitted.

Again, thank you so much, Paula, for clearing that up for me.

Very Grateful! Hope you have a wonderful day (or night) depending on where you are!


message 7: by Sima (new)

Sima Mittal (mittalsima) | 6 comments How do I add an image....not sure if it is the same as book cover to my book , which I just added today....

It is called 'Doing the Right Thing Isn't Always Easy'.....

Please help!!

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments #7
Sima, someone else added cover to your book. :)

You have an author profile on GR now. You can claim it by following this link. It may take a couple of weeks to get added and once done, your user profile would be merged with the author profile.

From next time, please start a new thread as this is linked to another book.

message 9: by Sima (new)

Sima Mittal (mittalsima) | 6 comments thanks ...

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