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Which character are you most like? Who's your favorite?

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Annabel I think I am most like Ivypool in the books of the later Warriors series. I like how even though she made a big mistake in training with the cats of the Dark Forest, but still found the heart to spy for Thunderclan because it's where her loyalties lay.

Omen of the stars:
First book: The Fourth Apprentice (Warriors Omen of the Stars, #1) by Erin Hunter
Last book: The Last Hope (Warriors Omen of the Stars, #6) by Erin Hunter


Celest I'm not sure, I see a lot of my good and bad qualities in each cat I have come across. I think maybe a cross between Tallstar and Yellowfang though would be me. I have too many favorites to list though. Way too many X3

The Moon Rider I think I'm Yellowfang because I'm a fighter at home. I am also independent at times.

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I think I could be Cinderpelt/ Cinderheart. If I was a warrior cat, I would want the best for my clan, yet I seem to always have boy trouble.
Cinderpelt/ Cinderheart is me. All the way.

Liam I think I could be Whitestorm. I help other people in times of crisis and would've made a good leader

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That is so true
I seem to have leadership qualities

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