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When exactly did Elizabeth fall in love with Mr. Darcy?
Anya Anya Feb 12, 2014 09:57PM
Was it when she realized that he had helped Lydia and saved her family from social death? Or was it before that...

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When she saw his enormous house. :D

Amanda Alexandre Not because of its richness, but because Lizzy met in there some people that really knew Darcy and told her he was not the asshole she thought he was.
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I don't know if I can pinpoint it exactly. Like Lizzie herself said, “I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun."

Lust at first sight.
Love comes later.


Why would she even have noticed his demeanor or rudeness if she was not interested? Do any of us spend time thinking of those who are behaving in a manner we don't care for, if we ourselves don't care? Why bother. Life is too short.

But she noticed him right away. As he noticed her. Then they began sparring. The back and forth. Darcy even said when he was confronting her with his love that he had fought it (of course adding that it was because of her family and lack of social standing!! He clearly could use some help there).

I think the sparring was to make the story interesting, and of course the whole point of Austin's theme. So there were big moments of awareness where each one realized it was love and not dislike.

It was a darned good thing they continued to meet up so fortunately and so often so they could know each other from beyond the surface so important to this time in history.

I think She Started falling in love with him when he gave her that letter while she was at the Collins' .

I'm pretty sure she started falling in love when they visited Pemberley.. by then her opinion of him had already changed a bit because of the contents of his letter to her and while visiting his home she was able to hear what a good opinion everyone had about him.
Also, in Pemberley she got to meet Georgiana and see Darcy's interaction with her, which was very affectionate, unlike Lizzie's first impression of him.

I think she started liking him when she read his letter, but really fell in love with him when she visited Pemberly, not just because it was such a pretty house, but also because she saw a totally different side of him.

I beleive she was at his feet when she learned of his particpation on Lydia's marriage!

you know what they say, "between love and hate lies a very thin line, the true opposite of love is indifference." And boy that girl is ANYTHING but indifferent to Darcy. She can't stop talking about him, thinking about him, plotting against him and almost stalking him at one point. lol. So its hard to pinpoint when the hate suddenly morphed into love. I think it kinda snuck up on her out of nowhere and by the time she realized it was happening she was already head over heels for the man. :)

To me, the starting point was the ball at Netherfield - they sparred at each other while graciously dancing, and even though none of them would ackowledge such feelings, i think they´ve sparked from there.

By the time she visited Pemberley, her heart had already changed towards him, and she was willing (more than willing) to accept his attentions but always considering that she had already refused him and, therefor,that he was beyond her reach, beyondher wildestandmost romantic dreams.

I think it may have been after he admitted his love for her. Sure, at first she was surprised and angry, but after he left that scene I think she started thinking of him in other way than she did before. As Charlotte says at one point, she feared that Elisabeth will start liking him if she knew she had an impact on Darcy of such nature that he fell for her. She tried to deny her feeling because she still thought he was an awful person, but after receiving that letter I think she became more opened to the possibility of him being someone she could love.

He was interested and he had money. When she claims to love him, let us be honest, we're not convinced. If Wickham had been similarly well off she'd have 'loved' him. What she claims is love gives off no more heat than Charlotte's idea of love.

kellyjane I wasn't thinking that you were slurring Lizzy. Maybe it's that I seem to see more in her than you seem to see. And I don't put much into the 'verbal ...more
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Its when she visited Pemberly with Mr and Mrs Gardiner. There she saw the different side of Mr. Darcy who was well behaved and friendly. Slowly she came to knew the real Darcy and how he helped her foolish sister marry that retarded Mr.Wickham.

She fell in love with him when went to visit Pemberley and realized how rich he was!!! ;)
Seriously, I think it was when she found out about him helping out Lydia, when she realized that his kindness could overcome his pride.

She definitely started to feel differently about Darcy after reading the letter, but I think she fell in love with him when she visited Pemberly. That was when she realized just how much more there was to him than she had believed.

I think that Lizzie's feelings for Darcy underwent an arc, from indignation and contempt at first, to a grudging respect after reading his note following her refusal of his first proposal, to a greater tenderness of esteem and gratitude after visiting Pemberly, and finally surrendering all of her remaining reservations after learning of Darcy's role in Lydia's marriage.

And in that arc, it seems to me that she began loving Darcy at Pemberly, although she didn't acknowledge it to herself. She had already learned to respect him, and then suddenly discovered how considerate and even magnanimous he coud be. After that she was actively thinking about whether Darcy still might love her. And eventually in that, she realized it was because she loved him.

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