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Wasn't there suppose to be a new Simi story in this?

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K Whatsherface Don't get me wrong. I loved this book and 'House of the Rising Son' was amazing. It might even bee my favor out of the dark hunter short stories but I thought I read somewhere we were getting a new Simi story in this.

Melia Cryer-malone I thought the same thing. I think I read on Sk's facebook page that she was going something else with the story.

Margie There is a story with Simi its "A Dark Hunter Christmas".

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K Whatsherface I know but A Dark Hunter Christmas story wasn't new. I think it was first released as a ebook back in November 2003. I also heard that it's in the back of first edition Dance with the Devil book (but since my my copy of Dance with the devil is not first edition I don't know if this is true). This story was and still is free on her website.

I first read this story back in 2011-2012 around the time first got addicted to the dark hunter world. I do love A dark hunter christmas.

I have nothing against Sherrilyn Kenyon making this book most reprints because a few of the other short stories she printed with this I had trouble finding and love have them all together. I think the only one of her dark hunter shorts that didn't make the cut was Dragonswan but that was due to copyright. Beside like I said in my first post, House of the Rising Son was Amazing! And one of the new stories. And Kenyon already puts out more books then most authors so I can't complain :)

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