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Does She Cheat?

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Lauren (aplpeach) I read the description for this book. It says that he wants a woman who is married. I want to know before I try, is she really married or does she just say that. If she is married I need to know does she cheat. I wont read this if I think there is cheating involved. If you don't want to post a spoiler for others feel free to send me a private message. Please let me know. I am dying to try this but I don't know if I will like it. I can;t stand cheating in books

Sanne Heremans I just had to review it for Scandalous book blog. She is in fact really married - she doesn't actually cheat. It is a fantasy of hers that she can engage in a threesome, and here hubby got here one for her b-day. While she doesn't actually cheat fysically (only doggy style with the other guy) she does cheat mentally.

I found it a bit boring at times - since it was more a summary of facts rather than a good story. Oh, and do not expect a HEA.

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