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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Gahh sorry it took me forever to make! I fell asleep last night, but I'll be on all day!

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Hecate Sorry I had this huge event for my school over the last two days and there wasnt any wifi!

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) No, it's cool, don't worry about it! We were planning on doing the high school for spies RP right?

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Hecate Yes! I believe so. I'm really excited about it. How many characters do you want to have?

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) At least two, boy and a girl each. I just like keeping it even that way, if you're okay with it :)

message 6: by Hecate (new)

Hecate That's totally fine!

I tend to get super crazy about characters and I make a ton… so yeah. I think this is going to be super fun. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to rp with you :)

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Of course, thanks for wanting to RP with me! Sorry it's taken me hours in between each reply; I've been busy all day. If you want to make more than two characters, please have at it :) Also, are we planning on any romance at all? It's totally if not, but if you'd like to, what kind of boundaries would you like set?

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Hecate Awesome! I love having multiple characters! :) and romance makes it fun. So we are doing it.
Umm… I used to go all the way, but I don't anymore. I go to about taking off clothes and the. Skip.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Alright, sounds perfect to me! So if things get that far, just let me know, and we can skip! I'm working on my characters and the school info right now, so I should have that posted really soon!

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Hecate Awesome! I'm so excited!! :) I'll start my stuff soon!

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Here's the school info. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask/tell me!

Harvey Academy for Extraordinary Young Men and Women, a boarding high school, appears to be a prestigious, expensive school that only accepts the brilliant and rich, but it's dark stone walls hide plenty of secrets. The school colors are crimson, gold and black, and every student is required to wear their "casual uniform" (boys: khaki or black pants/shorts, crimson, white or black polo; girls: khaki or black pants/shorts or crimson, gold and black plaid skirts, white, black or red short sleeve button down; any pair of shoes; jackets, hoodies, vests, etc. are allowed as long as they are uniform colors and/or have the Harvey Academy crest) Monday through Friday, and "formal uniform" (boys: black pants white oxford, gold tie, and red blazer with Harvey crest; girls: uniform skirt, knee-high black socks, white oxford, gold tie, red blazer with Harvey crest; formal shoes, i.e. ballet flats, high heels, loafers; no jackets, hoodies, etc.) on designated days, including when the students travel outside of the school. Students are allowed to wear almost anything on the weekends (sweats, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.).

What most outsiders see as the school for rich stuck-ups, Harvey Academy is, essentially, a school to train certain spies. Whatever you're good at, Harvey will fine-tune your skills until you're wanted at every agency, school and business in the world. Computer hacking? They've got a class for that. Cracking codes? Multiple courses for that. Self defense moves that were made illegal by the CIA in the 80's? Learning 25 languages? Reading three chapters of a textbook in under a minute? A covert operations to teach you what it's really like in the field? All part of the curriculum. But the most important thing is secrecy. Some kids accepted into the academy have parents that have no idea what the CIA and MI6 really do, and unfortunately those kids can't tell the truth about what they learn at school.

The castle-like school is placed in the Rocky Mountains, tucked away in a small town of Eagle. The school provides dorms for all their students (all students are required to dorm, no matter what grade, and must have permission before leaving school grounds), boys in one wing and girls in another. Curfew is at 11 PM on weekdays, 1 AM on weekends; any student caught in the opposite gender-designated wing will face the consequences. Harvey features an extravagant, two-level library, spacious classrooms, a spotless self defense gym, large formal dining room for all meals, a gorgeous courtyard, six acres of forest within the school boundaries, and plenty of secret passageways and hiding spots if you know how to get to them without the teachers finding out. Each dorm houses four girls or boys, and the school as a total of four hundred students: a limited one hundred per grade.

These students are dangerously smart; they have to be to get into the school. Every secret you tell is safe with them. They've been keeping secrets their whole lives.

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Hecate Oh my goodness! I'm so very excited for this!!

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Hecate Are we just starting out with two characters? And what ages do you range from?

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Gah my laptop died while I was making my character. I'm starting out with two or four, I haven't decided yet, but it's up to you how much you'd like to start out with. And my first character is a junior, 17, and my second will probably be 17 or 18, most likely a senior. Not sure about the other two yet, but most likely a sophomore and/or freshman

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Hecate Well, I tend to keep my characters around 17/18. Mostly because I am 18. So that's where mine will be. I'm still working on them. Do you like detailed characters? Or is it okay for one-two paragraphs on them?

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) It's totally up to you! Whatever you're most comfortable with :) I'll post my first one in a sec so you can see how I'm making mine

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Hecate Awesome!! Can't wait to see it!! :)

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Please, don't feel obligated to use this outline or anything. I spent like days on this character; that's why she's so detailed and has so many pictures, but please don't feel like you have to have as much detail and as many pictures.

Full Name: Elizabeth Rachelle Stonem

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Effie/Effy; her best friend calls her Chelle occasionally

Age/Date of Birth: 16/ 10/31

Grade: Junior

Sex: Female


Effie has long, thick chocolate hair that's always brought out her hazel her eyes. She has a reasonably fair skin tone that can get tan, but burns if she can't find the fine line. She has petite features and a curvy build and the faintest bit of muscle tone in her thighs, abs and biceps.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Belly button piercing; she has a decent-sized scar right under her eye from a fight she picked back in high school, plus a bunch of others from multiple fights.

Personality: Effie has a flaring temper that sparks up at someone simply looking at her wrong. Being the vengeful type that she is, she's willing to pick fights with pretty much anyone, and is never afraid to tell someone off. Deep down, she's terribly insecure about all of her physical attributes, but does her best to cover it up with a "fight me" mentality. She's never had to really work hard when it came to school; it seemed like everything came naturally to her. She can be a total sweetheart if you catch her in the right light, one that will kill you if you tell anyone she cried at the end of Marley & Me. But truth is, no one really knows who Effie really is. She's terribly secretive and incredibly good at bottling up emotions, and even her closest friends don't completely understand her.

History: Effie grew up in Bristol, England as an only child. She's always had her short temper but used to have a much more positive look on life. Towards the end of middle school, Effie lost both her parents in what she was told was a tragic car accident while driving in the rain around Christmas. She went through it almost silently, stumbling through her junior year like an anxious zombie, while her aunt and uncle took her in. It was then she found out that her parents weren't what they said they were. They had both worked for the MI6, and the "tragic car accident" was actually a dangerous mission gone horribly wrong. Their bodies were never recovered, so to this day she doesn't know if they're even dead or just in hiding. She was accepted into the Harvey Academy and had to move to the US, something that was oddly rough for her.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: She won't admit it, but it's clear Effie has a drinking problem. She's never turned down a drink, and even when she was threatened to be expelled her freshman for a nasty, drunken experiment in the chem lab that consisted of way too many chemicals she didn't know the names of, she still continues to drink. It doesn't matter if it's a Sunday night or Wednesday afternoon during lunch, she's up for whatever she can get her hands on. It started mainly when her parents passed, and she'll lose it on anyone who so much as says the word 'alcoholic' in her direction. She's also been smoking cigarettes since she was in sixth grade, and will take any drug is offered to her, though she has her favorites. Harvey, being a private boarding school monitored by spies makes it rather difficult for her to smuggle in whatever she's craving, but she has her ways.
She was diagnosed with depression after her parents' death, and if she forgets to take the medication she's still on years later, she'll feel the effects a week or two later.

Likes: She loves parties and dancing and drinks as much as the next high school girl, but she also likes to spend too much time making music. Violin is her favorite, and she loves to put an electronic twist on whatever she creates. Effie loves horror movies, horror games, and the like.

Dislikes: For someone who acts so tough, she hates bugs. Anything creepy and crawly will make her jump out of her seat. She isn't big on reading, and she genuinely hates talking about herself. It's also well known that she won't walk within a hundred feet of a water tower, and no one knows why but she said it involved resulted in another scar on the top of her foot.

Family: Three aunts on her father's side, one aunt' on her mother's (the one who raised her for a year after her parent's death), multiple cousins, and no siblings.

Pet(s): Both her mother and aunt were allergic, so she never got the chance to own any.

Sports: None

Other: She does have a British accent.

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Hecate I love it!! I will use the outline… but it won't be as detailed. Just a paragraph or two.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Full name: Maximilian Jakob Bishop

Nickname(s): Jack, Max, Jake, Augustus (see below)

Age: 18

Grade: Senior


Height: 5'7"

Weight/Body type: 145 lbs; muscular

Eye color: Bright blue

Hair color: Jet black

Personality: Jack is an outgoing individual. There is no comfort zone with him; he's comfortable doing anything and hardly ever gets embarrassed. He's got a positive attitude and kind heart and is rarely seen without a smile on his face.

Birth marks/Tattoos/Piercings/etc.: None

History: He grew up with his mom in the small town of Eagle in the Rocky Mountains, never knowing his father. He lived in a house just a block away from the black stone walls that guarded Harvey Academy, never knowing what actually went on in there until he graduated middle school and got his acceptance in the mail. When he learned he had been accepted into a school for spies, he immediately jumped at the opportunity. Not a single member of his family knows what he's actually capable of, and what the school walls hide is still a mystery.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Jack earned his nickname "Augustus" while he was at Harvey after the publishing of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, because he had the same type of cancer as one of the main characters, Augustus Waters, called Osteosarcoma, and it took his left leg, from the knee down. He has a prosthetic, and though he and the school board have always been worried about him not being able to make it in the field, he's been managing just fine if he had his real leg or not. He was declared cancer-free during his junior year, and his doctors have no concern of the cancer returning.

Family: Mother, Charlotte, and a little brother and sister, twins named Finn and Paisley.

Other: He particularly good with languages. Though he's met the senior requirements of being fluent in at least twenty languages, he can speak almost thirty, and can easily blend in to whatever country of his choosing.

((Jesus it scares me how I have a gif for everything))

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Hecate Full Name: Lennox Guleigha Vern

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Len; Gewls; Leigh; Vern

Age/Date of Birth: 17/ June 16th

Grade: Junior

Sex: Female


Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 132lbs

Eyes: Light Green

Hair: Rich Brown

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: No one would know it unless they got up close and personal, on her lower hip, under clothing of course, she got an underage tattoo of a saying 'The stuggle is only apart of strength'

Personality: Some would say she has this quirky personality, meaning she's always making jokes and quick remarks just to make sure that daily life isn't taken for granted. She's one of the best actresses you will ever meet because she doesn't want people to know her past and it's safer that way. She maintains her friendly ways every day making sure people know she loves them.

History: Lennox was an accident child and by that, I mean this girl was born to a criminal and a spy. Her mother was the bad guy and her father the good guy. What had happened was obviously the result of Lennox. Her mother had been in prison and her father had raised her. Shipping her off to school. Not just any school however, she had trained most of her life but now being accepted into one of the top spy schools in America… that was something.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Please, she's the daughter of a spy who was clearly too horny when he got together with her criminal mother. They weren't even in love. She believes herself to be a big accident.

Likes: She likes to be involved with anything that makes it so she doesn't dwell on her past. Only things that push her towards her future. She loves one on one combat, but even more so just chilling behind a computer.

Dislikes: She dislikes her mother and father for doing what they did.

Family: Mother(criminal), Father(spy), Step-Mother(spy).

Pet(s): Yolanda- her little cat.

Sports: If hacking into a company database in less than two seconds counts as a sport, then hell yes!

Other: She has this secret obsession with loving to eat waffles.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((Probably for awhile. I'm working on my third now :) who needs sleep amiright))

message 23: by Hecate (new)

Hecate I don't want to sleep with all this excitement going on! Working on my seconds character!

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Full Name: Rebecca Michelle Allaway

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Bex, Chelle to Effie

Age/Date of Birth: 18/ 1/5

Grade: Junior

Sex: Female


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 108 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Bex has a black bass clef/treble clef/heart tattoo on the outside of her wrist (see here).

Personality: Bex has an on-fire personality. Bubbling with energy, she's up for anything and everything. She hates sitting in her room by herself doing nothing; she would much rather be playing some sort of sport or messing with someone else. She things everything is hilarious and wouldn't have it any other way. She has a very positive outlook on life.

History: Bex grew up in Bristol, England, just a block away from Effie, with her younger brother, Scott and her mother and step-father, never knowing her own father. She moved frequently until she was 8, mainly because of her parents jobs with the MI6, when they settled down in Bristol and she began making friends. She knew about her parents and Bex's whole family knew about Effie, so after the death of Eff's parents, Bex made sure to become her friend, knowing how hard it was to be in this kind of family. She never saw her parents, but she couldn't imagine what it would be like if they were dead. So she's been Effie's rock through the majority of her life.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Bex has actually suffered from schizophrenia since she was little. It made her life a living hell until she was able to get on medication as a teenager, and since then (as long as she takes her pills) she seems as normal as ever. Still, the side effects of the disease are still present and she has to see a therapist regularly to make sure everything is on track. It's actually a major secret her family has kept from the CIA, MI6 and the school board. They know they would treat her as if she was "defective" if they found out.

Likes: Her ideal scene is just being surrounded by friends, or even strangers for that matter. Being alone terrifies Bex: one of the reasons she loves boarding school. She has the most fun when she's out with friends. She also loves music, any kind of music really, and oddly enough reading. She adores getting lost inside the plot of a good book.

Dislikes: Bex doesn't dislike much; she's a very easy going person. Small annoyances, like someone chewing gum too loud or tapping their pen constantly, may put her in a bad mood for a few minutes, but she hardly ever takes anything personally.

Family: Mother (Elinor), Step-father (Maximus), Older half-brother (Scott, 22; works out in the field with the CIA)

Pets: A ten pound, flemish giant rabbit named Barbie that took weeks to convince the headmistress to allow her to have.

Sports: Nothing too serious, but she'll play whatever.

Other: She has a British accent too. Her area of expertise in the spy world is disguises. With her knowledge of over 15 languages and nearly every color wig available to her through the school, she'll spend hours dressing up to be someone else she's not, and she's really good at it.

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Hecate Full Name: Zander Christian Leafers

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Zan; Chris; Leaf

Age/Date of Birth: 18: February 29th

Grade: Senior

Sex: Male


Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 182lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: sandy blonde.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: tattoos in his left arm.

Personality: Very charming. Zander charms his way in and out of people's lives and it has lots to do with the way he was raised. His mother and father both were that way which drew them to each other and eventually ended with divorce. But he didn't let that bother him. He was always in a good mood, pushing things that hurt him out of the way because he didn't want to deal with things like that. He refuses to be brought down.

History: he watched closely as his mother and father raised him and his little sister Kieera. They were always happy for the outside world and fighting when no one else could see. Zander was just quiet. He would sit on the hallway and watch with a sad look in his eye. He never wanted that but every time he got a girlfriend, it would happen. Which is why he was seen as a player.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Addictions… it's a secret for everyone else but Zan is actually addicted to having sex. Well, people know he plays girls but they wouldn't understand his problem when it came to being a horny eighteen year old. He indulged with porn and did some pretty kinky stuff. He would die if others found this out… which is why he uses his intelligence to keep that secret under lock and key.

Likes:he likes to be out in the world, exploring and working out. He loves to work out.

Dislikes: his secrets and lies are a big problem to him and it makes him sick to his stomach to think of all the crap he does.

Family: Mom, Dad, little sister.

Pet(s): none

Sports: football, wrestling.

Other: eh… to be rped.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Full Name: Sebastian Carter Turner IV

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Carter, Seb, Ace

Age/Date of Birth: 18/ 8/24

Grade: Senior

Sex: Male


Ace has dark brown hair he keeps in his short, tousled look. He's got a huge smile with perfect pearly whites; it crinkles his eyes as his laughter fills the room. He often plays with his hair to keep his hands busy.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: One night while on a surprise trip in Dublin, he got a tattoo on his bicep of a Celtic tribal symbol (see here) and for a drunken mistake, it turned out to be a really well done drunken mistake.

Personality: Ace is very easy going and light hearted; he could always be the one to be relied on to tell the best jokes and stories. He's at ease in any situation and makes plenty of friends. He's a complete gentleman to women, mainly because he's afraid to get into anything serious. He may be flirty with you, but it will take awhile to be able to convince him that you're not out to get in his wallet or pants. There's plenty of other emotions bottled up in the loud teenager, but everything is masked by the face of humor, and though many may think they know him, no one really knows Carter.
[image error]

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: He doesn't struggle with anything. No addictions, disabilities, disorders, diseases, nothing.

History: Ace grew up with four siblings and both his parents in the Hamptons in New York. His parents were undercover agents working for the CIA, which he didn't find out until they gave him his application for the Harvey Academy. He still holds a grudge against the fact that he never knew them, and secretly he never really wanted to be a spy and follow in his parents footsteps. He just wanted to go to a normal high school and graduate with the same skills as everyone else, but instead he's here at Harvey making the best of it.

Likes: He loves being around people. He loves parties and classes and any public place where he's surrounded by people that enjoy his presence, and he theirs. He also loves playing recreational football; he's never been up for the commitment of playing for any team. He does it for fun and as part of his workout.
[image error]

Dislikes: He doesn't like when people who are unnaturally mean for no particular reason; he can't understand why someone could have such a demeaning view on the world. He's good at the majority of his classes, except for that damn painting class one of his friends talked him into signing up for. He also would much rather walk and bike anywhere than ride in cars, and he can't explain why but he just prefers it.

Family: His mother and father, Claire and Walter "The Captain" are the proud owners of the facade of the family business that has been running in the Turner family for generations; well, ever since Ace's great-great-grandfather decided to join the CIA as an double agent sneaking into Russia. Ace's family is old money, and too many people know that. His family is one of the reasons the stereotype that only rich geniuses get into Harvey Academy exists. He has an older sister, Madalyn or Maddie, is out of college and spending her free time on a beach somewhere in Florida, offering her best advice she can to Ace through emails and texts. His three other siblings are Joyce (13), Wayne (9), and Rosalie (6).

Pet(s): He's had dogs in the past, but doesn't own any now.

Sports: Again, mainly football, but will play whatever else he can learn quickly.

Other: None.
[image error]

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Hecate Oh my gosh ! Dave Franco!!! <3 we shall be best friends now!! I love your characters! Man, I wish i was faster. I really wanna start this now n

message 28: by Rosaleen (new)

Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Yay! And thank you :D don't worry, take you're time. Like I said, I'll be on like all night so I'm in no rush

message 29: by Hecate (new)

Hecate Awesome. I'm still being quick about it anyways. Sorry that mine aren't too long. If I was on a computer I would totally fix them. I will on Sunday. :)

message 30: by Rosaleen (new)

Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) That's fine! I'm super excited to start this :D

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Hecate Full Name: Kieera Aleciah Leafers

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Alias- Anya Seavers

Age/Date of Birth: 17; November 5th

Grade: Junior

Sex: Female


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 100lbs

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark hair

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: absolutely none.

Personality: With drawn from reality, she is always in her own world, which is probably why she sucks at pretty much everything that has anything to do with the school. She needs a tutor because she is failing. Which we will get more into with history. But anyhow, she is quiet and hidden, reserved. Nothing like her brother who is so outspoken it's embarrassing.

History: From a young age she was bullied so she hid herself to be safe and sound. Her family had no clue of this, but it made it so that she went to a different world. She began writing and creating this new unrealistic life which only could cause more damage than good but she didn't care as long as she didn't listen to the fighting. Anyways, she's always getting hurt because she doesn't know what's going on in her classes and by hurt I mean physically when it comes to combat. She knows the only reason she passes her classes is because she participates and it gives her a D-.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Her lack of realistic views. The way she starves herself. Everything about her is a giant mess.

Likes/dislikes:If she wasnt so consumed with darkness, Kieera would be in love with the idea of being an artist. But she can't escape her reality enough to do that. She also hates herself for not being more outgoing to it falls under dislikes. She's a broken toy and it's all her own fault.

Family: mom, dad, big brother.

Pet(s): none.

Sports: none

Other: She's attempted to kill herself twice and failed both times.

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Hecate Me too!!! It's going to be so fun! :)

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Hecate Full Name: Lincoln Coles

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Link

Age/Date of Birth: 18; April 1st

Grade: Senior

Sex: Male


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 176lbs

Eyes: blue

Hair: medium brown

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.:

Personality: Link knows his a bad ass. (Pardon the swearing. I don't know if you like it or not) He came out of the womb being an awesome person and from day one made friends like no other. He even started regular high school as a freshman and found himself being recruited when he was a sophomore. He has this sweet side though that ya only get on good days and the rest of the time he's pretty quiet and stoic. He likes to keep everything neat and tidy because if it's not that someone can get to you and kill you. Being in spy school has trained him in ways that would shock a person. He climbed his way to being number one and he damn well plans to stay right up there.

History: Like mentioned before Link started out as a normal American boy, he went to regular school all up until he was 14, and why you ask? Well, he did stuff people couldn't do. He had a talent for hacking computers when people pissed him off. He had a talent for kicking literal ass when people would get in his way or hurt someone he cared about. He was that type of person and someone watched him. They all watched him. And even though he was recruited he still had to work just as hard to get to the top of the laser. He trained more in a day than peop who had been trained for a lifetime. He works hard everyday and pushes himself to be better.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:
Anger issues?

Likes: He likes to be on the top of everything. The man has a problem, but he wants to have a top rank, high status or it's like he has failed someone.

Dislikes: …

Family: Mother, Father, cousin Lolly, sister Abbigal, brother Thomas. (To be mentioned on a later date)

Pet(s): a turtle because he loves them.

Sports: none


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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) I have, like, no boundaries. So cussing or anything of like doesn't bother me at all. Years on the internet will do that to you.

Are we good to start? I'll make the first post

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Hecate I don't know if it's years on the Internet that broke me. I used to be pretty good about no cussing but lately… people piss me off. Anyhow, I can't wait to see your post! I am in love with this idea!

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) *SQUEALS*

okay just one more thing. Should we have our girls sharing a dorm and our guys in another? Since there's four to a room

message 37: by Hecate (new)

Hecate Yeah! That works perfect!

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Sweet!

"Eff!" Bex shouted as she pounded a fist on the bathroom door. "Effie, hurry up! The welcome dinner started five minutes ago. You know how badly these people freak out about being late." The blonde looked at herself in the full length mirror hanging off the back of the door, fidgeting with the buttons on her stupid blazer. She didn't mind the uniform most days; it was just the formal uniform that bugged the crap out of her.
Effie walked out of the bathroom five minutes later, and before she could say anything, Bex grabbed her hand and started pulling her downstairs, shouting a "C'mon!" to the two other roommates, Kieera and Gewls, to follow her lead. It was the first day back from summer vacation, and the stairway leading down to the dining hall was empty since everyone else had already made their way to the dinner.

Jack sat beside Ace at the long table designated for the seniors, both of them observing the girls that sat a few chairs down and wouldn't stop staring at them. The teachers and headmistress and headmaster had yet to make their appearance, though it was already five minutes past six o'clock. It was strange for them to be late; they were very particular about time.
"I'm starving," Ace groaned loudly, resting his head in the crook of his arm on the table. "Why can't we eat while we wait for these teachers to get here?"
Jack snickered and shook his head at the kid, his eyes watching the double doors for the line of staff to enter, but instead he watched four girls practically sprint in and sit themselves down at the junior table.

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Hecate Gewls wrapped her dark hair up into a messy bun on the top of her head, fixing her boyish suspenders. Despite the uniform, she managed to make sure she wasn't a total drag for the dinner. She was back for her junior year, ready to go. Meanwhile, Kieera waited by the door for the other three girls, flinching at the loud knocking. Bex was sweet but scary as shit sometimes.
Moments later they were making their way through the door and down the stairs.
They were late, but not later than any of the administrator and that didn't bother Gewls. She sat at the table, lookig down at the fancy plates. Always the fancy plates. "Thank God they didn't see us come in late." She whispered to whomever had sat next to her.
Kieera made sure there was space between her and the other girls. They see sweet and all but she didn't think she could handle the closeness. She feared of what school would be like. Having to tutor some more with someone she didn't know.

Link placed his forearms on the table. "I honestly think that when my stomach is empty, I am a less patient person." He mumbled to himself, before watching Zander roll his eyes from across the table.
"Your complaining is what makes me impatient." He replied jokingly. Never in a million years would he say something that rude. Well, to one of his roommates.
Link glanced at Ace. "If they aren't out here in like two seconds I say we go through th school. Find a secret tunnel and then locate Taco Bell?" He offered. Because, damn it sounded like a good idea. He wanted to eat. It had been too long.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Bex nodded silently in agreement with Gewls, placing her napkin in her lap as she eyed the empty table where the school board was supposed to be, and something told her it was because of them that the administrators were equally late.
Effie sat on the other side of Bex, between her and Kieera, eyeing the nervous looking girl with suspicion. Ever since she showed up, Effie had been wondering what exactly was on her mind; she always looked like there was too much going on in her mind for her to keep her focus on much.

Ace's head popped up and he nodded at Link, completely serious. He knew where a few of the secret tunnels were, but he knew someone who knew where all of them were, and he figured it wouldn't take much to talk that someone into sneaking off campus. Jack looked slightly concerned as he watched his friend tense up beside him, like he was getting ready to jump out of his seat. "Two..." he started counting down, eyes locked on the doors at the end of the hall, but before he could reach one, they were swinging open and in walked the staff. "Dammit," Ace grumbled, going back to slouching on the table.

The headmistress, in charge of the girls' division of the school, took to the podium first. The room full of students fell silent, and Headmistress Morgan Cornell smiled. "Good evening students," she said into the microphone, and a drone of "good morning headmistress" replied from the students. "I trust you all had a relaxing summer. School is tough, especially when you're training to work for the CIA or FBI or what have you, but I know you're all as eager as I am to start this year off on a good note and work hard." She smiled, making sure they all got the subtle "behave or face the consequences" threat. The nods in return assured her. "And of course, make sure you make our incoming freshman feel welcome."
Headmaster Jameson Kelly took her place to list off a few new announcements, finishing with the same line he used every year. "Attending Harvey Academy takes a great deal of time, energy and effort to receive the results you, your family or your future employers desire. We are all here to see you succeed. May this year be as great as the last!"
"Alright, dinner is served," the headmistress announced into the microphone, and almost instantly the long tables of teenagers emptied as the all rushed towards the buffet-style table to fill their plates.

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Hecate It was hard to try and not mimick the headmistress, well it had been when Gewls had started. But then she was caught and embarrassed in front of everyone, so she managed to stay stoic until they were all done talking then she leaned over and whispered to Bex, "They shouldn't be too hypocritical about us anyways." Despite that they weren't in trouble at that moment but they most likely would be before the semester ended. She cleared her throat and properly placed her napkin in her lap as well. Being here they were taught manners. Like how to properly sit, stand, look and eat. Everything you could possibly think of and they were learning it first hand.
Kieera felt the eyes on her, but shrugged her shoulders as if to push Effie out of her personal bubble. She hated that she was constantly watched because she wasnt like everyone else. She looked down at all the utensils, debating if she was actually going to eat this time. She knew water was key neccessity but that didn't mean she wanted it.

"Shit." Link put his head down in defeat. Why did they come in? He wanted some normal food for once. But they were going to eat something healthy, which wasnt too bad. Maybe later they would sneak out least the head of the schools cut to the chase and let them start eating within five minutes.
Zander sighed deeply. "Hopefully they decided to give us over portioned food tonight?" As a growing man, he seriously didn't feel like he ate enough but the situation was whatever. He glanced over at the tables, eyes scanning through all the freshmen, who were clearly nervous, to the sophomores who had more experience and finally to the juniors who worked almost as hard as the seniors. He found his sister immediately, sitting with her roommates and of course she wasnt participating in their conversations. He didn't know what was wrong with her but he did assume she was broken like the rest of em. But it wasnt his place to talk since he was probably going to get into the pants of a freshman tonight. Some of them were bound to be a virgin and that's exactly what he was going for in this day and age.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Bex stood up as soon as possible, taking her plate with her, eyeing Effie who was still openly staring at Kieera. She sighed and rolled her eyes, wondering if she should pull Effie away from the poor girl, but before she could grab her, Effie was getting up. "Is it me or did the seniors get hotter over the summer?" she murmured as she eyed the table of tall, muscular guys with a devious, classic Effie smile.

Ace stood up almost immediately when the headmistress allowed them to go, and Jack followed his lead. "If not, we could always go get a pizza from town," he replied to Zander with a shrug.
Beside him, Ace sneered, his eyes locked on the long table of food. "Or six. Six pizzas might get us through the night," he corrected, again completely serious. Right now, though, he was up for anything that would fill the empty spot.

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Hecate Throwing herself into the other two girls conversation, Gewls grinned. "You know those boys work their asses off to become as sexy as they are." She threw a look over at all the senior guys. It was always fun with the older guys. Her sophomore year had been a giant party.
"Some are cute." Kieera mumbled quietly to herself, slipping off of the bench. rarely making any sounds, she had scared a couple of girls who had been right over her shoulder.

Zander nodded. "Let's do it. I mean, what damage could it possibly cause? Besides raising hell." He said simply, smiling mischeciously because he wanted to go so badly. He almost wondered what would happen if he brought an outsider girl into the school. He would probably get thrown out.
Link made quick strides in front of the guys. "This salad isn't going to
Satisfy. I say we buy ten pizzas." He replied,chewing on the inside of his cheek, he gazed over his shoulder and immediately noticed some of the junior girls staring. It wasnt hard to feel their eyes on them. But damn.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((So sorry I disappeared last night! I fell asleep on my laptop lol))

Bex quickly looked away as one of the boys caught them looking, but Effie didn't pull her eyes away for a second. "I love high school," she muttered with a satisfied sigh, still smiling at the boy from across the room before she looked back at Kieera.
"If they don't stop feeding us salad for dinner every night, I'm going to have to make a petition that we teach the chefs what the word 'pizza' means," Bex complained as she neared the table, filling her plate with a chicken cesar salad. She glanced over her shoulder again at the boys across the room. One of greatest things about a school for spies was that every guy was required to be physically fit for the job, and it made them quite easy on the eyes.

Ace gave a shrug to Zander. "Nah, it won't be too bad. I mean, using secret passage ways is forbidden outside of History of Espionage class, and using those same passages to break out of the school will probably result in expulsion and memory wipe tea so we have no idea that spies exist." He shook his head and laughed. "What could possibly go wrong?" Still, the idea was sounding rather appealing. He hadn't been much of one for rules anyway, and it wasn't like the school knew of all the entrances. Hell, in a structure this big, no one knew about all of them.
Jack furrowed his brow at Link, waving a hand in front of his dazed-looking eyes. "What are you staring at...?" He followed his gaze to the group of junior girls and nodded quickly. "Ah," he said in understanding. He knew two out of the four that were standing there, only Effie and Bex, but the other two were new faces to him.

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Hecate (It's fine! Finally gave me the courage to go to sleep myself, only to get up two hours later for school... But anyways here I am ready to go.)

Kieera shrugged when she felt Efflie's eyes on her once again. She didn't understand why she was being stared at but it was happening. She grabbed a tray, before pulling a regular garden salad off the shelf.
"You are too quiet." Gewls muttered to Kieera before her attention turned elsewhere. "I think we should. Why couldn't we have like… healthy pizza? I just can't do this whole salad thing any more. Don't they know we need damn protein?" Her eyes flickered over to the guys. She would have been embarrassed if she were normal. But she embraced the states.

Zander grinned. "I obviously don't care because I am going to lead this mission. Nothing like grease to make a guy happy." He picked up one of the salads and looked it over. He didn't understand but what the hell. He grabbed a bottle of water. "I was think of finding a freshman to have some fun with. Anyone's thoughts?"
Link rolled his eyes at Zander before he looked away from the girls. He didn't know Gewls but he knew Zander's sister and the other two. It would be an interesting year.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) "Healthy pizza," Bex sneered as she headed back to their table. "There's no point in healthy pizza. I need something dripping with grease and fat and oil, something that will make Madame Delaney faint at the sight of it." Madame Delaney was their etiquette teacher, and anything that was above 100 calories made her cringe.
"How hard do you reckon it would be to convince a group of drooling teenage boys to sneak out and get pizza with us?" Effie reasoned as she walked beside Bex, deciding she wasn't going to even bother with the salad and instead headed back to the table with an empty plate and water bottle. Bex looked back at her best friend, confused until she followed her eyes to the group of boys they'd been admiring earlier. She smiled. "Not hard. What do you say, Kieera? Gewls? You up for a little extra credit CoveOps mission?"

Jack frowned at the choices - or rather, lack there of, before grabbing a chicken cesar and deciding to pretend it was a plate of spaghetti or something.
"How about you stay away from the freshman," Ace offered Zander with a laugh. "The sophomores are more... variety anyway." He chuckled at the look of confusion Jack gave him and shrugged. "It's true."
"Or you could simply go talk to the junior girls that were just staring at you?" Jack offered as if that was the obvious choice as he headed back to the table.

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Hecate The two girls sat down rather quickly, nodding at the proposal. Hanging out with some attractive men always sounde like a plus for Gewls but when it came Kieera, she would just stay with her brother because he was one of the guys staring.
"You gonna go ask?" Gewls asked, following the three girls stares. She pile if she had to but she wasnt all gung hoe at the minute. She set her food down then sat herself down, pulling her skirt down so too much thigh didn't show. She started eating because she was hungry and salad would satisfy for two seconds.

Zander ran his hand through his hair, following the guys. "Freshman are innocent, sophomores… aren't as fun. But you're right when it comes to those juniors. They sure are hot." He found himself waving in Effie's direction. Yup, that would for sure swoon the girl, if she was a freshman but she wasnt.
Link crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm waiting to get pizza guys. My stomach should be able to handle it for two more damn seconds." He had to persuade himself that he could wait or the struggle would be a long one.

(Sorry they are short. I'm at school. But I ill try for longer.)

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) (Nah, it's totally fine, I get it :))

"Effie will," Bex said quickly, nudging her friend as she sat down beside her. "Won't you, Eff?" The blonde smiled at her before taking a reasonably big bite of food.
Effie merely glared at her before going back to staring at the boys, eyeing Zander as he waved to her. "Why don't we send Kieera?" she asked, looking at the quiet girl beside her.
Bex elbowed her again. "Because I'm not cruel. It was your idea, now you go ask them."
Effie glanced back at the boys one final time before she gave a loud groan and got up from her seat to saunter towards them.

Ace laughed as he sat down, Jack at his side. "The thing with girls from our school is that they could totally kill you if they wanted to," he said to Zander, mostly as a warning. They'd known him for awhile, and knew that he frequently hooked up with girls, which resulted in a lot of nights being stuck in the common room until he was finished doing whatever it was he was doing with whatever girl.
Jack looked up from his salad in time to practically choke on it as he saw Effie walking towards them. Rarely did the girl willingly talk to anyone she didn't plan on fighting later on, so he was slightly concerned as she walked over towards them.
"Speaking of deadly girls," Ace murmured as he watched Effie, forcing himself not to check her out. She was incredibly hot, but she had a dangerous reputation that he did not want to be apart of.

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Hecate (Will you be on at midnight?)

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) (Yeah, most likely)

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