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Raven's Gate (Power of Five, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. science fiction five kids trying to find each other in time to save the world [s]

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HUNTER (hunterssquirrley) | 5 comments i am trying to figure out the name of a book I read about two years ago. It's about five kids. In the beginning of the first book the main kid out of the five gets in trouble for a cop getting wounded because he was breaking into a warehouse. So they give him the option of going to jail or going to live with this old lady. He chooses the old lades house. Her house is in an old village and her sister or friends plan on sacrificing him to raise the darkness in an abandoned factory. A journalist comes to investigate after he gets a tip. The boy then goes to live with the journalist. A group comes to find him and inform him of whats going on. they tell him they think one of them is in asia so the boy and the reporter go to asia. there is an evil company in asia. the leader of the company in asia went to a physic when he was young who told him he would be killed by a boat so he never left asia. Just to later have a tornado send a boat through his window in his office which is called the nail. one of the kids goes uncounted and wakes up in the past were the kids past self died.
(the five kids all have supernatural powers the first mane boy can see the future, the boy from asia can heal, there are a per of physic twins that are both boys then there is a girl but i do not now what her ability is.)

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HUNTER (hunterssquirrley) | 5 comments i am sorry i now that the description is mixed up there are adopt 4 or 5 different books in the series and the i mite have put the description in a mixed up order

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Daphne | 247 comments I think this sounds like it: Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz.

and I forgot to say, there are four sequels.

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HUNTER (hunterssquirrley) | 5 comments thank you that is it i have been trying to remember that book for three months now thank you that is it

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