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message 1: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments This topic is about the 15th My Sister the Vampire book - Secrets and Spies. Have fun and remember this discussion DOES allow spoilers!

message 2: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments I finished it yesterday and I have given it 3 stars in my review.

I was disappointed with the Lilian story line and I thought the Brendan/Maya story line was rushed.

Also, did anyone else find it weird how SO many of the characters were going into weird trances: Ivy, Brendan, Lilian, Maya AND Charles *Chaz* ;) Is it some kind of vampire emotion thing?

message 3: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Yeah, I agree with you on the Lillian and Brendan/Maya storylines, but I didn't notice anything weird about Charles... he was just super obsessed with his project at the museum.

message 4: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments I guess

message 5: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Why didn't Brendan tell Ivy about the situation with Maya? I don't get it, I mean he can trust her and if he just told her in the first place it would stop all the lies and secrets and she could help him. How did he actually believe he would be able to keep it secret from her?

message 6: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 20 comments I haven't read this book yet, I have it on order, but I want to know what happens! My main question is WHAT happened with Maya/Brendan!?

message 7: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Do you really, really, REALLY want me to tell you? Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure?

Because I don't want to ruin it! Surely you want to read it without knowing what happens!?!

message 8: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 20 comments Yes I want to know I won't be mad!!!

message 9: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments OK, (i'm kind of reluctant to do this...)

spoiler ;)

Maya turned out to be his cousin :0 huh


*deep, calming breaths*

Her mum had been banned from Franklin Grove for eating an artichoke........................ <--- ? This bit is SO weird!

That's all I'm willing to tell you ;) Hope that helps; tell us what you thought when you read it...

Ok, this probably made you even more confused!!! :)

message 10: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments ^ and that was NOT a joke! Those weird things ACTUALLY happen :0

message 11: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 20 comments Hey,
Ok! Thanks! I kind of figured it was a cousin or family member of some sort!

message 12: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Yeah, I found that a bit of a disappointment, I don't want Ivy and Brendan to break up, but I was expecting a huge drama and instead Brendan just said; "This is Maya, my cousin" AND THAT WAS IT!!!!

message 13: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Also, I agree with you about the staring, I mean I know she's his long-lost cousin and he's obviously curious about her. But Ivy was trying to talk to him!!!!! (it is SO not like Brendan to ignore her like that) Plus, Brendan and Maya HAD JUST TALKED why do they need to stare at eachother non-stop??? Sorry, I was just annoyed about that bit.

message 14: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments I'm currently re-reading this book and I know we've said it countless times before but I'm disappointed with the Brendan/Maya storyline. It was fine that she was his cousin but I felt the scene in which it is revealed had major problems with it.

Firstly, I am extremely glad that Brendan turned out not to be cheating on Ivy, and that he was so horrified by the idea, but it kind of felt like his reaction was a cover-up for the fact that although he may not have cheated, he did lie and go behind Ivy's back. For instance, the bit where Maya told Ivy that Brendan talks about her all the time, and when Brendan said Ivy would never lose him ("I'm yours, Ivy Vega") seemed almost like overdoses of relationship cuteness just so that we would forget all the complications that led to this moment which, in the light of Maya really being just Brendan's cousin, don't make much sense. I mean, when you think about what the real truth was, there really wasn't much reason for Brendan to lie to Ivy, let alone act all distant towards her. I really think this storyline should have been thought through a little more on Sienna Mercer's part.

Something I did like about the revelation chapter (Chapter 5) was the way that Ivy's vamp senses (and honestly, just her senses in general) went all funny in the light of her emotional stress over the possibility of losing Brendan. Also, even though I had some issues with the plot, I thought the writing in that scene was (for the most part, anyway) pretty good. I liked what Brendan said about their school being allergic to secrets - it just felt like classic MSTV dialogue, and I appreciated that.

I just got past the part where Olivia video chats Jackson on her phone and one of his fans comes and sees him so he has like a recorded message and speak backwards. That scene is totally golden! Perhaps one of my favourite Jackson scenes in the whole series. I do think the way Olivia and Jackson's relationship was done after they got back together in Double Disaster (MSTV #13) is really good. I seem to criticize these later books a lot and they do have their problems but you know, maybe they're not so bad. ;)

message 15: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Some good points there Daisy!

I think the main problem with this book (apart from the strange plot lines) was that the characters acted out of character. Ivy was obviously distressed about the situation with Brendan, so I can understand her acting strange but Brendan? I can't see him being that mushy.

message 16: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Thanks. I agree with you that many characters didn't seem like themselves - it seems like they were just acting weirdly just so that Sienna Mercer could get some drama, and essentially, a plot out of it. I don't know about Brendan though. He does say mushy stuff a lot to tease Ivy, so I didn't think it was that out of the ordinary for him to say all that melodramatic stuff. Plus it's obvious he cares for Ivy a lot, so it's natural he wants to let her know! I totally see what you're saying though.

message 17: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments So there's a scene in this book where Ivy and Olivia go to Franklin Grove Museum so that Ivy can secretly do some research on the Twenty-First Law of the Night. I was a bit puzzled by this scene because it seems so unbelievable that a law should be that hard to find out about. I mean, if you're not supposed to break it, shouldn't you be able to easily access information on what the law actually is??? Say, by looking on the Vorld Vide Veb. I just don't think it makes sense for laws to be kept hidden, so that scene felt weird to me.

message 18: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Huh. I don't think many people pay attention to the vampire laws because by the 5th or 6th law they get really stupid. You should still be able to access the information online though.

message 19: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments I know right?! ;)

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