The One (The Selection, #3) The One question

The excerpt at the end of "The Guard"
Liana Liana Feb 07, 2014 05:14AM
I just read the excerpt at the end of The Guard. What did you think?

While I thought it was funny and entertaining, it doesn't give me much hope that America has wised up. In the last book, she got into a lot of trouble because of her anger and jealous emotions and I don't want to see her making dumb mistakes again.

I also think that what she did was really foolish and didn't like how Maxon just left laughing...hello, confusing! She just needs to sit down with him and have a chat being honest that she doesn't know what to do instead of fumbling around.

I agree. If she thinks she needs to seduce Maxon in order to convince Maxon that she is the one for him, she is going to get no where in the Selection. She totally made a complete utter fool of herself. Now she has also ruined her reputation. What she has to do is show Maxon that she true, sincere feelings for him. She also, seriously needs to fess up about Aspen. I kind of feel like Maxon already knows the connection between America and Aspen. He just waiting for to tell him the truth about it. Maxon has been honest with her, she needs to do the same for him. If she had done that, she would have already won by now.

I agree that she needs to be honest with him and stop risking her life by stealing Aspen kisses in the dang palace. Also I hate the fact the she blew Maxon's secret with the Illea diary and the secret room.

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