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Read Lois Winston’g blog about where I set my mystery trilogy, Murder at the Jersey Shore. Would you vacation there?

Here is the link: http://www.anastasiapollack.blogspot....

Richard Brawer

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Anna Loan-Wilsey For my historical mystery series, I purposely set each book in a different historical location. For example, book one A Lack of Temperance takes place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas while book 2 Anything but Civil takes place in Galena, Illinois. I draw from each town's own history for plot ideas. I have had dozens of readers tell me they have visited some of my settings after reading my books and dozens more say they plan to. I'm thrilled because most of my settings are special to me and I'm glad to introduce these historical gems to more people.

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Amy Peterson (amylpeterson) | 26 comments The setting of my book Something Furry Underfoot is my animal-dominated house, one that would send Martha Stewart running the other way and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval people laughing their fool heads off. At one point, my living room contained plastic drainage tubes to imitate the underground tunnels that hedgehogs love. Our plants have plastic covers on them, secured with duct tape, to keep the ferrets from digging in the dirt, which I personally think matched nicely the duct tape holding pieces of wood to the cupboard overhangs to keep the ferrets from disappearing in the cupboard crawl space. In addition, we had rubber bands on our cupboard pantries (more anti-ferret techniques), patches of carpeting missing from our back bedroom area (courtesy the ferrets and the dogs), and some scratch marks on the door frame of the former 'bunny bedroom.' None is better, though, than the more recent chew marks in the door frame by our bedroom, which our two nine-month-old puppies chewed through to the wall. My book invites people into my house to experience what it's like to spoil all manner of pets. It's humorous, touching, and with 50 tips, you might even learn something about pets. Some proceeds benefit animal rescue organizations. Check out more at

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Sierra Wallace (electric_gurrl) | 3 comments I set most of my writing in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area, but my novel that wound up getting accepted to be published takes place in a variety of western locale, such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Yellowstone National Park and (of course) Portland. One of the first readers was on a family trip to Las Vegas and e-mailed me saying she had gone to see the Luxor because it was the main location of the book. The settings of Exquisite Corpses aren't as focused as locations in my private writing, which incorporates all of the best parts of my hometown of Portland and some quirky towns near Ashland. I used to set many of my works in Washington, including Port Angeles, but then I read Twilight and decided I had to stop.

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Stan Morris (morriss003) Sarah's Spaceship Adventure is set in the Mackenzie's Rock universe. The solar system of Saif contains two planets; Junior, a gas giant, and Marl, the only inhabited planet.

Many people live in a humongous asteroid belt called the Hoop. These asteroids are experiencing cultural drift, and unfortunately many accept slavery, especially an asteroid named Agsha. Other asteroids are violently opposed to slavery, especially Mackenzie's Rock. Slavery is banned on Marl, and the Marl Space Police try to prevent the slave trade in their area of space.

Marl has two continents. It is governed by city states that have different forms of government ranging from democracy to dictatorship. The Church of Marl is the official church of many cities. The Church teaches that a Great Captain landed at Landing and gave the people of Marl the gifts of technology and law, after they had evolved to the point that they could accept these gifts.

In reality, the Church recognizes that the Great Captain is a myth. There is a sect in the Hoop called Captainists who believe that the Great Captain is not a myth. They believe that humans did not evolve on Marl. As evidence they point to the fact that no primate evidence exists prior to 150,000 years ago. They believe that humans evolved on Earth, and that the Great Captain moved a huge number of people from Earth to Marl when Earth became corrupt. They believe that the Great Captain will return one day, collect all the true believers, and return them to Earth which will be restored to a place of beauty and peace.

Most of the people of Mackenzie's World believe that Earth is a pleasant myth.

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Brenda Elliott (brelliott) | 11 comments My story, Courage Times Three. A Novel, covers over a century's time and many locations. On the lighter side, much of the story covers the beauty and magnificence of beautiful vacation hot spots in Paris and Marceilles, the rolling lavender fields, the fabulous Estrellas, Italian cobblestone streets, etc.

Grape trees covering hills of France as wineries. Mansions boasting of marbled floors, fabulous flower gardens. Winding staircases covered in red to enhance their swaying beauty.

Moving on to the beauty of autumn in upper New York, the skyline of New York City, the beautiful Great Lakes and their many wonders. European cargo ships, known as salties, boldly make their way into the Port of Duluth, the westernmost port connected to the mighty Atlantic. Lilacs all in bloom in early Spring with massive fields of wildflowers. Wildlife can be captured by keen eyes who know what a treat they will receive watching these animals living in their own environment.

Minnesota is filled with scenic pleasures from the densely covered wooded areas to the prairies. Thousands of lakes dot the countryside while huge iron ore mines provide miniature Grand Canyon's over a 100 plus mile span. Minnesota provides a state of wonder for some of Mother Nature's most inspirational beauty of snow drifts, hoar frost delicately covering each little branch and twig on deciduous trees. Evergreens heavily laden with winter's latest snowstorm.

So much to read about and envision for yourself if you pick up this story, Courage Times Three.

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Susan (mysterywriter) | 43 comments My Waterside Kennels mystery series is set in the Ozark Mountains near the Victorian village of Eureka Springs. (Anna Loan-Wilsey and I have that in common!) Emailed comments and reviews indicate the setting is popular with local readers as well as others from far-flung locales.

Bestselling author Bethany Campbell wrote: "The Ozark mountain setting is vivid as both a realistic background and a place haunted by legends."

The first book in the series includes treasure legends, and I've met quite a few people at book signings who want to know where to dig! (Who knew treasure stories would be so popular???)

The next book in the series (due out later this year) will include ghostly legends, to include the famous sightings at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.

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Amy Peterson (amylpeterson) | 26 comments Actually, I hope people don't find the setting of my book to be of interest because the setting is my house and it's not a house Martha Stewart or the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval folks would smile upon. My book is Something Furry Underfoot and it's about raising a whole bunch of pets my husband always wanted. If you show up to my house, you'll see the remnants of our "ferreting day"s, including rubber bands on the kitchen cupboards, plastic lids covering some of our plants and secured with duct tape, and a gob duct tape on the kitchen overhang near the floor so the ferrets wouldn't continue getting inside the cupboards--as in the dead space around the dishwasher where nobody could reach them. Down the hall, you'll see some carpeting that the ferrets clawed at such that there are tiny triangles of bare wood floor. Around the corner in the former bunny bedroom you'll see scratches on the door frame, and, from our latest two puppies who came after Something Furry Underfoot was published, you'll see chew marks in door frame--through to the wall no less--around our bedroom door. With that as a warning, feel free to stop in for a visit by way of Something Furry Underfoot, my humorous, touching memoir about raising hedgehogs, ferrets, iguanas, frogs, dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, lots of small rodents, a domestic duckling, mynah birds and tropical fish. You can find my book as a paperback or e-book at

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Stan Morris (morriss003) Something Furry Underfoot Something Furry Underfoot by Amy L. Peterson

Here is the link to Amy's book

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Georgiana Derwent (georgianaderwent) | 16 comments My books Oxford Blood and Screaming Spires, are, as the name of the first in the series suggests, set in Oxford, England. I'd definitely recommend it as a place to visit. There's so much history and tradition, and so many beautiful buildings. I went to university there and absolutely fell in love with the place. The setting is absolutely central to the books.

Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers, #1) by Georgiana Derwent

Screaming Spires (The Cavaliers #2) by Georgiana Derwent

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