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A Crown of Swords Read Along Part VI

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Susan (nrlymrtl) | 110 comments Welcome back everyone! This week Sue is our host over at Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers or please join us here at Goodreads. http://coffeecookiesandchilipeppers.b...

This week we covered Chapters 25-30. Spoilers Below!!!

1. It would seem that we have the identity of the Watcher from last week, but Moridin is not the name of any of the Forsaken. Is he a new Forsaken, just as Shaidar Haran is a new type of Myrddraal, or is he a reincarnation of one of the dead ones? Were you surprised that Moghedien was allowed to live and do you think she will ever escape the mindtrap?

2. So, Valda has proven to be a rapist as well as a murderer: lovely! Do you think that Morgase will successfully evade the Seanchan and do you expect her to tell anyone about her renunciation of the Lion Throne?

3. I guess we can assume that the Seanchan were that storm that Nynaeve could detect. What did you make of their attack on the Fortress of Light? Our previous impression of Suroth was that she was wildly overconfident about capturing Rand: do these latest events change your opinion?

4. Sneaky! Although I hate a writer doing this, I was happy to discover that the fight between Rand and Perrin was a way to distract their enemies. How successful do you think Perrin will be at finding Masema and subduing the Dragonsworn? I am getting truly sick of it, so any ideas on how and when the whole Faile / Berelain thing will be resolved?

5. Fancy NOT telling Loial about the subterfuge: I could hold that against certain people, even if they are the Dragon Reborn and a sexy blacksmith! The Asha’man travelling with our favorite Ogier seems mighty untrustworthy: are they all like that or am I getting paranoid?

6. Tylin manages to snare her ‘little rabbit’, although it seem to scare him half to death. Was I the only one chortling away at Mat’s discomfort? It seems that the plan to use Mat’s Ta’veren luckiness has paid off, but will it be that easy to simply find the Bowl?

7. Can Elayne’s chin get any higher? Whilst I find the Aes Sedai totally irritating, I am amazed that Elayne managed to browbeat them so successfully. Is this the end of the super girls being treated like idiots? How will Nynaeve cope with this sudden change in their circumstances?

8. Ooooooo, Moghedien tried to totally kill someone in a little boat. Is there any doubt at all that it is Nynaeve? Will Lan get there in time to save her or will she pull her braid out trying to make the water get out of her way?

Leah | 20 comments I know its terrible but I hope that the Faile/Berelain situation is resolved by Faile dying and Perrin ending up with Berelain. Mostly because I don't think Perrin will ever even think of another woman so long as Faile is alive. Am I the only one that doesn't like Faile? I just do not care for her. And its not like I like Berelain, its just that I like her more then Faile.

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Natasha | 14 comments I'm completley of the opposite opinion, down with Berelain for me. I think Faile is much more honorable and smart. Plus shes his rightful wife.
I was so happy to see Elayne browbeat the Aes Sedai finally! That was probably my favorite part of the book to be honest. Aren't they stronger in the Power anyways? Plus they're my favorite characters aside from Egwene. But I wonder if it will last once they get back to the rest of the camp...

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