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The Revenge of the Shadow King (Grey Griffins, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 3 kids play card game with goblins, creatures in game become real [s]

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Kate | 2 comments Pleeeeaaaase help!
I can not find a book I read about 4 years ago. It was a children's or YA series, possibly a trilogy, about 3 kids. There were 2 boys and a girl. The kids played a D&D or card style game that had goblins and monsters in the game. I think they played it in the back of a comic shop owned by a friendly old man? Anyway, soon the kids discover that the goblins and creatures from the cards are becoming real and showing up in their town. They have to fight the creatures. They also find out that their old friend who owns the shop is a knight, I think? There's a big knight organization.
I think the title of the first book in the series is something like "the goblin king" (no, not jareth ;)

Things that are probably/may be from this book series, but I may just be confusing it with another series:
The main kid is named something like Max, and he's rich. One scene I think was in the book that really jumps out to me: the kids are in his room, and he has a fish tank with exotic fish. The other boy accidentally pours orange soda into the tank and kills the fish.
In the end of the series *SPOILER*
Max(?) finds out his rich, great dad was actually a bad guy.
Probably from a different series, but if you know this book or think it's the same series, please reply:
There is a famous author who lives in the kid's town, but he has disappeared. He may have written books about the creatures.

If you get even a hint of some book by anything here, please reply! Anything would help.
Thank you!

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 98 comments Not sure if this is it. Read it years ago but maybe?The Revenge of the Shadow King

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Kate | 2 comments That's it! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) | 98 comments No problem! I read it in like middle school and in college now. Didn't even know I remembered it until I read your description.

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