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ideas? btw, i dont go past kissing. not even skipping just my charries dont cross that line.

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i have a setting idea. so like do it here. say two best friends (boy and girl) going to malaysia for college are put in this building which turns out to be haunted, and the pressure drives them together? heres the story behind the place (based off real place)

Ipoh - St. Michael's Institution - A group of Catholics missionaries arrived in 1912 and began to build a school next to the famous Kinta River. It did not take long for the missionary brothers who run the school to have enough funs to erect a huge school building with unique French structural design. When WW2 broke out, the school was used by Japanese secret police and as their headquarters. Lots of torturing been carry out. In this unique building, there were many tunnels which had been seal off and these tunnels are used by the Japanese to torture prisoners and storage of food. Most sightings occurs in the Chapel on the fourth floor of the building. A Brother dressed in black robe, holding praying beads in sitting position facing towards the door which accessing to the brothers quarter in the early am and without a head. Those who had witness it are asked to kept it a secret and not to scare others fearing no parents would register their children in the school. A real skull produce in the school biology lab was found in the school back field.

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sweet, charries?

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u wanna be the guy or me?

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sure :)

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Can you make your character? I got to go practice for the talent show

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probz not

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{First name} Jack
{Last Name} Montégro
{Nickname} -

{Age} 17
{Date of birth} February 14th
{Place of birth} San Antonio
{Time of birth} (why does this matter?) 2:48 pm

{Gender} M
{Sexuality} Straight
{Crush} None
{Relationship status} Single

[Real] (i only do real. sorry.)

[Hair color] Dirty blonde
[Hair style] Straight with a light wave in it, shaggy-ish short
[Eye color] grey-green
[Skin color] lightly tanned

{Dressing Style}
He's very country. He loves his jeans (varying shades and a combination of torn and not) and his plaids. Occasionally he'll wear a plain white tee (alone or under plaid). Some of his common clothes colors are:
dark green, brown, blue, dirty yellow, red, red, black, navy blue, white
He HATES suits. Last time he wore a suit was to his mom and step dad's wedding and even then he intentionally destroyed the jacket in cow pies the day before the wedding so he wouldn't have to wear it.
He literally has a collection of sneakers in the following brands:
and colors:
neon green
olive green and black checked (vans only)
Oh, and he loves his cowboy hats in these colors:
With various prints

Jack is nice and friendly as well as very outgoing. He has a slight old fashioned chivalry considering he has four older sisters and is always protective and respectful to women. He's very intellegant and strong, but tends to be laid back and only gets involved when asked.
He's a die heart country boy and loves to be out in the sun working on a farm doing anything. He has a connection with animals, in particular horses and cows. He loves to play guitar and sing country music. Despite his tastes, he's very talented.

I like to kinda keep this secret and spring it out at random moments to increase drama. I hope it okay.

Mother, Caitlin Montégro:

Father, Samuel Montégro:

Five sisters, Mary-Anne (25) , Rose (22), Claire (20), Fawn and Fawn (18), Lou (16)-pictures respectively

the twins

2 brothers, Jesse (21), Micheal 15

3 brothers in law, Connor Jackson (26 married to Marry-Anne), Daemon Mason (25 married to Rose), Simon Andrew (20 married to Claire)

1 sister in law, Becky Lawerance (19 married to Jesse):

- country Music
- Singing
- Being outside
- farming
- family
- running
- friends

- posh people
- cities
- know it alls
- being stressed
- fear to be yourself

- Doesn't give up
- Fighting
- Pretty good at singing
- Fast

- writing
- fighting
- terrible driver because he's used to the open feilds where he drives his pickup
- acting tough

{Significant Object}
his cowboy hats


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do mind i left out the history or should i go back and add it?

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u mind starting?

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Maybe them arriving at their new house.

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Jack smiled and gave her a reassuring hug. He knew about her father and said, "Don't worry. You safe now. Your free now." He had a slight southern accent as he followed her into the house bringing in their luggage. He winked at her you pick your room first.

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He followex, "Luckily theres wo."

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He picked one across the hall and aaid, "Then let's unpack. Last one done has to make dinner AND you can't burn it!" They always had little competitions between each other. He was alittle OCD so he knew his room would stay pretty clean.

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He organized his things by color, brand, and style. He worked quickly sorting all his clothes in the most eye appealing way, reds on the the left and black on the right. Then he put up his pictures of all his family memebers which took up a lot of wall space followed by his posters of Tim McGraw, Braid Paisley, Carrie Underwood, the Band Perry, and a few other country singers.

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He finished first and popped into her room, "You doing alright in there? Oh, Heaven! What are you doing? You realize I didn't pack a ironing board or a ladder right?" He gestured to the undergarment that had made its way to the chandelier.

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"How the heck is this done? You have underwear on the ceiling and noway to get it down! We just got here and your rooms already a mess! Look, you cook, I'll clean or living with you will drive me crazy."

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((going to bed))

He started organizing her things the same way he had done his, except for her undergarments which he just shoved out of si gh t in a drawer feeling awkward.

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He followed her down, "All clean. The top drawer has you socks. Middle drawer your girl stuff and bottom your underwear. They aren't as neat as everything else."

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He blushed, "Um, uh, i mean you extra essentials." Even with six sisters he'd never felt comfortable with talking about the 'monthlies.'

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"Whatcha makin."

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He smiled and sat at the table, "As you say. You excited about school? College. Man, never thought I'd get this far from the farm."

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He ate, "This is great. But ya. I'm used to our small little town I only came into for school. Here even the air tastes different."

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"He's gone now. Don't think about him but say whatever you want. He has no power."

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"Never said it was, Nikki."

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"I'm sorry," hee said knowing this was a rough topic.

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He cleaned up but left her unfinished foos for her.

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(nxt day?)

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He woke up the next day at 6:30 to the alarm on his phone. The song was "Truck Ya" by Tim McGraw. He grinned and still in his pajamas he knocked on Nikki's door, "Wake up sleeping head or I put on 'Two Black Cadillacs' by Carrie Underwood!" He grinned and went back to get dressed. He put on a blue plaid shirt and a pair of dark grey ripped blue jeans.

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He came back down and blinked, "You never ate? I thought you'd come back down?"

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He sighed and hugged her, "I shouldn't have mentioned it."

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Jack sighed and held her arms length, "I still shouldn't have. Did you sleep at all?"

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"Luckily today is only orientation. I'm making sure you sleep tonight alright? I didn't endure living with 8 other siblings to let my friend deprive herself of basic needs while we're in college." He smiled.

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He hugged back, "Now breakfasts on me this morning. Hashbrowns and bacon with syrup!"

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He pulled out a pan, some frozen hashbrowns and poured them in with some oil. "You want to start on the bacon?"

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He tossed the potatoes, together, "These'll be done quick."

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He loaded them up on plates, "Unless your bacon takes to long."

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He handed her a plate and sat down, eating.

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He wolfed down on his favorite meal.

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"What? They only thing better is if it was homemade and I had known the pig."

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"Move to my house. The only one who don't is Daemon and his some posh English guy. No clue why she married him."

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Jack said, "Ready to go?"

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He opened the door for her like a true gentleman, "Ladies first."

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He led her to his dirty ol' pickup truck and climbed in the drivers side.

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"I think it's illegal here in the city."

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He laughed, "Now you know how I feel." He pulled out and drove to uni speeding a little.

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He asked, "What's your major going to be?"

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"What's your major?"

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