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Which is better, the Divergent series or the Hunger Games series?
B. Howerton B. Jan 27, 2014 05:41AM
I've read reviews of both the Divergent series and the Hunger Game series. I am very intrigued by the range of opinions out there. I have a very definite answer to the question I'm posing, and can tell you exactly why I think that way, but I want to see what everyone else thinks. Discuss.

I love the Hunger Games more. Divergent was amazing but for me the rest of the series went down and crashed and burned.

Leah Exactly
Apr 27, 2019 08:43AM

Honestly, I think the Divergent series was better than the Hunger Games series.
I agree with Tina that there is no love triangle in Divergent (which I didn't like in Hunger Games.)
While Hunger Games and Divergent are both future set and have a similar concept (main character lives in a poor society), Divergent was easier to understand and more believeable. While Hunger Games flet like it was thrown together and was all about revenge.
I don't know about you, but it does get old (and annoying) hearing all about Hunger Games. It feels like the Twilight stage all over again.

I really enjoyed both series, but if I had to pick, (sorry) I would pick The Hunger Games. Something about the plot and how each book was extraordinarily compelling drew me in. Also, I HATED the end of the Divergent series. It got too confusing for me, as well as unsatisfactory.

I preferred Divergent over Hunger Games. Both excellent... but I found yet another love triangle in the Hunger Games just tedious. The one on one relationship between Tris and Four was less so.

I think the tension between the two before they were "together" made for far more entertaining reading. Authors should try and stretch that out longer in general... before the protagonists hook up.

Having said that, I think either of these stories would have been just as enthralling, if not more so, with less emphasis on the romantic plot lines.

Just my two cents. I'll certainly be re-reading both of the series in the future I'm sure.

I like divergent better, just.....I found the relationship between tris and four (Tobias) was more annoyance than that of then hunger games, in my opinion. I'm just not a fan of the endings for both books though.

Leah Exactly.... shallow...
Apr 27, 2019 08:44AM

Gloria (last edited Apr 21, 2019 05:30AM ) Apr 20, 2019 02:58PM   0 votes
One does not simply ask which trilogy is better.

But if I HAD to pick, I would choose...

(one sec i have to contemplate the biggest decision of my life...)

Okay I'm back. I decided the only possible way to do this is a point system. I will be giving each topic a maximum of five points

Katniss 4
Tris 3.5
(They both did some pretty stupid things, but Katniss just kicks more butt in the Games and the revolution)

Love Interest
Peeta: 5
Gale: 2
Four/Tobias: 4 :)
(Don't come at me Gale fans, but Peeta is really sweet. Also, he is the perfect counter to Kat's fire, which she herself commented on in the last book. Four comes off harsh, but is caring. I think for me it's just preference.)

THG: 4
Divergent: 3

(Okay, as far as it being realistic, both are a bit iffy. But since Chicago is kind of parallel to Panem, I have to give THG this one)

THG: 4
Divergent: 3

(Again, Divergent hit the ground running with the first book, but if I'm being honest, the plot started to fall apart a little bit when it came to Insurgent and Allegiant. Insurgent for me was pretty bland. THG though carried that momentum through to Catching Fire, Which IMP was the best book. The only thing that kept me from giving THG five stars was that in my opinion, Mockingjay was just a big ball of depression! I found it hard to read because half of the book was just Katniss MOPING. I mean, she has a good reason, but it just made it a bit too unenjoyable.)

THG: 3
Divergent: 4.5

(The endings were TOTALLY different. Like, whoa. I'm glad that THG got that ending. Peeta and Katniss deserved happiness after all they had been through.
In terms of risk-taking, outside-the-box endings, Divergent takes the cake. In all fairness, Divergent's ending is the most realistic. People die in war, even heroes. Most people hated the ending, but I think it was new and fresh. Something that doesn't happen a lot in YA, and I applaud Roth for taking that risk. But I just knocked a half a star off because I didn't want her to die. :( )

I'm giving each team a bonus point
Finnick exists points: 1 for each side

Final score: (canceling out Gale points)
THG: 21
Divergent: 19

With a close two point difference, I like The Hunger Games better, for just a slight preference of the world and plot.

Don't hate me :)

Both series were great but I prefer Divergent over Hunger Games. The ending of Divergent is heartbreaking yet dramatic and perfect with Tris's death. The Hunger Games had a sort of happy ending except Prim & Finnick died. I don't know. Maybe, I just do prefer stories with tragic endings. Just saying. :)

I'd be lying if i said i enjoyed them both equally. But really, I only realy enjoyed the first hunger games book, and kind if trailed off in the second and didnt make it to the third. Whereas Divergent was had a more intense storyline the whole way through the trilogy and a better love story. I prefer Divergent over Hunger Games.

I liked both pretty equally, though I'd have to say Divergent mainly because the ending of the Hunger Games didn't sit well with me. I liked both pretty equally though.

I will be a minority in this discussion and say that I preferred HG over Divergent. Both series had a weak finish in their 3rd books, so they are equal there. Otherwise, I just prefer the story in the HG better than the one in the Divergent series. I don't necessarily think one is "better" than the other, I just have a clear preference.

I prefer Divergent because of the endings.
It seems like there are more happy ending books than endings that you don’t expect to happen. The ending in the Divergent series was one of those that you don’t expect it to happen. In the Hunger Games is one of those happy endings. Happy endings get boring after a while.

I enjoyed both, but love Divergent series that little bit more.
Not sure why exactly.
It might have something to do with the fact that there's no love triangle in Divergent. Or maybe because I've not long finished the Divergent series and so it is more fresh in my mind.
Or it could even be because everyone seems to be going crazy about hunger games and it just gets kinda old, you know?

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