The Giver (The Giver, #1) The Giver question

Dislike or like the giver and why did you dislike or like?
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I disliked the giver and I disliked because it was a school book and it made no sense to me

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I didn't really like it. It was so...complex. The worst part of it was when they go killing babies just because there's a twin

I liked things about it, but mostly I didn't like it that much. It had alot of potential and an interesting premise, but it just sort of fell flat. Alot of things were unrealistic, and I feel like the plot could have been much better developed.
And I really didn't like that it was supposed to be dystopian, but is actually fantasy.
I can accept magical worlds or magical discovery in a normal world(like Harry Potter), but I think it's stupid to have a story that is supposedly reality, but oh yeah, there's magic and stuff. No one knows why or where it came from, but some people have magic.

Even so, this one is better than the others in the series.

Amanda That's true. The transferring of memories seems impossible to explain. But does the unexplained equal magic as a fail safe in such novellas? ...more
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Kristen If left unexplained, I can't see how it's anything else. I was waiting for them to get to the part about how any of it was possible, and they just did ...more
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I really enjoyed this book. I agree with the post before mine, the idea of striving to perfection and what it can lead to. It questions morality and asks us where we draw the line.

i loved it i read in elementary school and i loved it wasnt confusing just had alot stuff going on

Liked it. The book makes the question perfection, morality, and life. Its a book that lets you think about being different or the possible assimilation factor. There are always questions, that come up and make each reader think about different things.

I do agree with many readers though, when school forced me to read it and analysis it their way it was tough to sit down and read The Giver even when I had read the book several times before.

liked it - it was one of the first YA foray's into a dystopia society - the idea of perfection and striving and what it can lead to

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