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Sarah Oxford (sarahloxford) | 1260 comments Intervention by Mia Kerick

Genres: YA contemporary gay romantic fiction


My name is Mia Kerick and I have recently written a work of young adult contemporary gay romantic fiction called Intervention, published by Harmony Ink Press. Intervention details the developing relationship between two eighteen-year-old boys: Kai, a free-spirited and sexually aware senior in high school, and Jamie, an introverted and sullen freshman at the local arts university. Both young men work at Coed Joe’s, a college coffee house, where Kai is the musical entertainer and Jamie is a waiter. After being rudely rebuffed and subsequently ignored when he approaches Jamie to ask for a date, Kai becomes aware of the harsh circumstances, of Jamie’s life. In specific, he discovers that Jamie has been sexually abused in the past by his much older stepbrother. He devises a “musical intervention” that uses the lyrics of the popular songs he sings at the café to touch the troubled soul of his coworker. As Jamie gradually emerges from his shell in response to this intervention, Kai gains a new understanding of what physical closeness in a relationship really means.
The sexual heat level of Intervention is rather mild, with no descriptive detail of sexual relations, however, the fact that Jamie had been sexually abused by an older stepbrother throughout his high school years is a topic that is addressed. The fact that the two young men are gay is not the focus of the book. The focus is on the growth of these two young people as individuals, and on their mutual recognition of the beauty of a trusting relationship in which a sexual relationship is not the primary goal.

The available formats for Intervention are PDF or paperback. Please comment below with your email address and preference of format. Mia is generously allowing 10 reviewers to read and review this book. Only the first 10 members to sign up will be able to participate in this Read to Review. The deadline for this Read to Review is 2 weeks. Mia would like reviewers to post their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Once you have finished reading and reviewing, please post the links to your reviews in this thread.

Please do not sign up for this Read to Review if you are unable to meet the required time-frame. If after signing up you find that you will not meet the deadline, please send me a message as soon as possible.

Directions for how to sign up to read and review a book can be found in the Reviewer Directions - Read to Review thread.

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All questions regarding Read to Reviews can be posted to the Questions - Read to Review thread.

1. Shauna ✔
2. Stephanie
3. Ali
4. Josie ✔

Shauna (plankwalkinjack) I would really like to read this book! Mobi or pdf please!

Stephanie | 55 comments I'd like to read this book.

mobi or pdf

message 4: by Ali (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ali | 13 comments I would really like to read your book please! it looks great. ali.raphael@yahoo.com
pdf or moblie please

Shauna (plankwalkinjack) I really liked this book! Here is my review!

message 6: by Mia (new)

Mia Kerick | 10 comments Shauna-

I was dying to see your review but when I pressed on the link the page for Intervention came up. Can you check the link? This is the first time I've asked for reviews out of the M/M romance community and I'm really interested to see how you perceive it!!



message 7: by Mia (new)

Mia Kerick | 10 comments Oh, ignore that. I found it when I pressed rated it 5 stars. THANK YOU!! I'm going to go read it carefully now!!

Josie (josie9814) josie_9814@yahoo.com pdf :)

message 11: by Mia (new)

Mia Kerick | 10 comments Josie- I'm sending it out right now!! Thanks for your interest!!


Josie (josie9814) Mia wrote: "Josie- I'm sending it out right now!! Thanks for your interest!!


Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read and as promised here is my review.

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