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Torrance Public Library So this just came into our library ... we are figuring out what to do with the inserts. Does it matter where in the book you encounter the insert? If so, we need a little numbering system of some kind. If not, we will put them all in a pocket at the end. I'm going to read it this weekend, but from other readers, do you have to encounter the inserts in certain places? How have other libraries done this? Thanks!

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Amanda A lot of them don't need to be in specific pages but there are a lot that do too. I would keep them in the specific pages. I guess if you number each item with the page number and then have them in a pocket. Here is another Goodreads thread where somebody already has them numbered.... https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

Andrew Brenycz The placement does matter - usually each insert will be mentioned at it's location in the book. Some of them would have no context without the location.

I write a tiny page number on them all for when I inevitably drop the book and spill everything. Or more likely if a friend picks up the book wondering what it is and everything flops out.

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Kaz I got my copy through our library system. What they did was include a small office envelope with a list of numbered contents and page numbers. On the actual inserts they stickered them with the page numbers and included that in the original black S. casing for the book, so it comes as one unit.

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LB I wondered about this, how libraries are going to handle this. There is a BIG trust factor that goes along with this book. I got it from my local library, which got it from another library in their network. When I received it, I was not only shocked to see it came in a box, but also that there were postcards and other objects within the book. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first recipients of the book, but I imagine as the book is taken out more and more, some of these objects will get lost or ruined. And while the marginalia is so cleverly designed, what's to stop some thoughtless reader from defacing the book with their own marginalia and letting the next reader think it's part of the book?

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